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Chapter Twelve

Erika Nadine

“I’m Ryan’s twin cousin.” He grinned, and I gasped.

How much did he drink?

“Mr. Kingston, do you need a cup of coffee?” I asked him, hoping to escape from him and inform Liam to take care of him.

“No, but thank you,” He smiled again. He was constantly smiling, which I found it weird because that was something which Mr. Dick never did. I thought this man was so serious about his business, but he proved me wrong by walking drunk into the building.

“Miss Nadine!” Someone snapped me out of my thoughts, I turned around to see Mr. Kingston walking towards me in an Armani suit.

Am I hypnotized?

I turned back instantly and gasped when I saw two Mr. Dicks, one at my behind and one in front of me.

“Any intentions of working or just chit-chatting?” He snapped. I opened my mouth to spite back, but I closed it because I couldn’t do it. It was my mistake I showed up late at the meeting.

Before he could make any spiteful comments, his phone started ringing. He picked it up and excused himself. I took that as my cue to go back to my office. In fact, there were million thoughts rushing in my brain about the person standing behind me, but I couldn’t care less.




“Wow! I didn’t expect to see you here.” I turned to look at Mr. Kingston, who was now across from me on the couch, his fingertips on his lips. He was dressed in a black tank top and a pair of utility pants with a ring around his fingers filled in ink and a bracelet around his wrist. I wondered when did he get new tattoos on his fingers.

“Seriously, you’re asking me even after knowing the answer?” I glared at her, turning the page of the magazine which I was reading.

“Erica,” she yelled I huffed since it sounds so annoying when you pronounce it as Erica, “come on, lose yourself once in a while.” She started scolding, whirling around and opened the door of my closet, I rolled my eyes and look down into the magazine.

The picture on the magazine instantly made me scowl. It was him, Mr. Ryan Dicky Kingston, I skimmed through the article it says that he is one of the best business men in NYC. Unlike the rest times, he had a smile on his face, on his charming face.

“Get your ass into this dress.” She ordered me, throwing skintight black lace dress and black pumps.

“I don’t want to come.” I whined meekly.

“Babe, listen, stop being an adamant ass and get dressed.” She scolded. I rolled my eyes and ignored her.

“ERIKA! Move your ass and get dressed.” She shouted, her eyebrows knitting together.

I wanted to turn her down, but it’s easier to oblige than to win an argument, so I sighed and took the dress.

“I have come here with Ana, Sir!” I answered him with a fake smile plastered over my face.

“Shit! You still think I’m Ryan?” He whined, and I remembered the man from yesterday who showed up after lunch. “If your dick of a boss didn’t show up, we would have been fucking by now.” He whined, and I gasped. “I meant friends, not sex!” He grinned boyishly, and I smiled at him.

“You’re Rodger Kingston?” I asked him as I remembered his name and he smiled in response.

“I see you remember my name.”

“Of course sir,”

“Call me Rodger! Who knows, you might be screaming my name tonight.” He grinned and cocked his head to the side while I tried hard to hide my blush.

“That is cocky!” I scoffed.

“I didn’t mean it that way, but see your mind is dirty.” He taunted me and I rolled my eyes. In fact, he was the first person who said, I had a dirty mind.

“Let’s play a game,” I looked at him. He called the bartender and ordered thirty shots of vodka. “I’ll ask you a question and if you answer it right, you don’t have to take a shot if you pass it then you’ll have to take a shot.” He explained as a server came and placed the shots on our table.

“What if I say wrong answer?”

“You’ll have to take two shots and until you tell the right answer, you don’t get to ask me a question.” He explained, and I furrowed my eyebrows. “Are you ready?” I pursed my lips and looked back at the shots and decided to play because Ana had gone long back and I was so bored until he showed up.

“Yep!” I replied, and he clapped his hands and rubbed his plans against each other.

“Let’s get started then,” he said cooly, “Expand CBT!” He asked me the first question, and I narrowed my eyes at him. He was doing this on purpose: who the hell remembers all abbreviations and expansions. “It doesn’t have any technical terms.” He hinted me and I pursed my lips and thought of it.

“There you guys are!” Ana yelled in a high-pitched voice and hurried towards us. She took a seat beside him. “What are you guys doing?” She enquired, and he explained, I ignored them and thought of the answer. “Let’s make it intense,” she yelled, and I looked at her. She called two random blondes and explained the game and asked them to do betting. It was so hilarious that three of them strongly believed that he would win and none were on their opponent’s side.

“Rodger, I have to go ho-” Mr. Kingston stopped midway when his eyes fell on me, his expression was blank. He was dressed in green and black dress-shirt and a pair of black skinny-jeans. He effortlessly looked like a Calvin Klein model. “What is happening here?” Ana explained about how they planned on betting and Mr. Kingston heard to her carefully.

“I assume you support Rodger so I’ll get someone to support Erika so we can start betting.” She stated and got up from her seat.

“Your assumptions are always wrong.” Mr. Dick stated flatly and pulled his lips into a thin line. “I got you!” He patted my back as he took a seat beside me on the couch.

“500 dollars Rodger will win.” Ana yelled, and the girls raised it to 1000 dollars.

“2000 dollars he will not win.” Mr. Kingston grumbled, and Rodger wriggled his eyebrows.

“Let’s see!” Ana challenged, and I gulped the knot which was formed in my throat.

“Take your shot babe, I know you don’t know the answer.” Rodger chuckled, and I shook my head.

“CBT refers to can’t buy time!” I answered cheerfully, Ana chocked on her drink and Rodger looked like he was having a mental breakdown.

“CBT refers to cock and ball torture. Take two shots Eric!” He grinned evilly, I sighed, and he gestured me to take two shots. I looked at Mr. Jerk and expected him to scold me or at least mumble something, but he didn’t. He slumped back on the couch and took his phone out of his pocket and started tapping on it. I picked a shot and drank it, the liquid tasted creamy on my tongue, I crinkled my nose when I gulped it.

“Vibrator and buttplug, which one does Ana prefer?” He asked me and turned to Ana and gave her a wink. Ana always made perverted comments about Ryan’s ass, so she definitely prefers buttplug.

“Buttplug?” I answered it almost like a question, and he flashed me another evil smile and motioned me to take two more shoots. I rolled my eyes and took two shots.

“What is Krokodil?” He asked me, I shook my head and took the shot.

“Are you doing drugs?” Mr. Kingston yelled and crossed his arms over his chest.

“How do you know it is a drug? Are you doing drugs?” Rodger retorted and pulled a shit easting grin on his face. Mr. Dick turned his head aside before giving him a death glare.

After five minutes, I’m left with 3 shots whereas Rodger’s are untouched. Something which was even more annoying than losing the game was I didn’t get the chance to even ask him a question. I didn’t know if I have to feel ashamed that I couldn’t answer any questions because all were related to sex, sex and only sex.

“Rodger! Stop asking questions related to kink.” Mr. Kingston groaned and Rodger shook his head and finally gave in when he received a death glare.

“Fuck fine!” He pulled out his phone and started tapping something on it, I glanced at Mr. Kingston, he was busy scrolling something on his phone. I glanced sideways at Ana she was so ecstatic to see me lose or to win the bet, I felt so guilty when I remembered the bet.

“I’m sorry!” I apologized, and he shut his screen off and looked at me with a confused face. “I’m sorry you will lose the bet.” I said in a low voice and he started laughing.

What is wrong with him?

“I don’t give two shits about the money, I just wanted to root for you...” He paused and looked at me, he seemed at a loss for words, “and yeah, so I did it.” He said with a smile. The part of rooting for me was something which I found strange because this was the same man who would trash my work and cancel me every damn day.

“What is Kingston Textiles share price?” Rodger asked me, ticking his tongue.

“An hour back it is 275.75 EUR, which is 305.42 USD.” I answered him and his jaw dropped.

“I had to Google it because I didn’t know it, and she keeps track of these. Fuck!” He huffed, his hands flying in the air in exaggeration.

“You only keep track of sex.” My employer spat, and Rodger placed his hand on his chest as if it hurt him. I grinned at his dramatic actions. He almost looked like a baby.

“Bitch! Sex is life.” Ana yelled, “3000 dollars Rodger will win.” Wasn’t it so obvious by now, it left me with 3 shots and his are absolutely untouched.

“10,000 dollars Rodger will lose.” I snapped my head instantly towards Mr. Dick, who looked so confident. Ana was bruising his ego, and this man was raising the bet like popping a gum into his mouth.

“There is no way I can win!” I said meekly, and he turned to me. He shook his head and came closer to me. He leaned into my neck as if he was to bite my neck.

“Erika!” He sighed, but that sounded so amazing, “I know your strength, I believe in you.” He assured me. Goosebumps rose on my soft skin as his warm breath fanned the skin of my neck. “Remember, he doesn’t know shit about basic maths.” He whispered, and I hummed in response. “When I say I believe you, I mean it. Don’t give him the pleasure of winning.” He smirked, and I bit my lip in response before nodding my head.

He doesn’t know basic maths!
“Integral cos x?” I questioned and instantly bit my tongue in regret. That was a 12th grade question and who wouldn’t know the answer.

“What the fuck!” He growled, I grinned and gazed at Mr. Kingston whose lips curled into a loop sided smile. “Sin X?” He said it more like a question, and I passed him his two shots. He rolled his eyes before picking up the glasses.

“A plus B whole cube formula?” I smiled and Ana rolled her eyes. He looked at me intensely before scratching the back of his head with his left hand.

His eyes suddenly widened with a glint of excitement. “I remember it, fucking hell yes! It is A square plus B square plus two AB.” I chuckled and picked up two more shots and placed it in front of him and he scowled at me.

“Dumbass! It is A plus B complete square.”

After a few more questions, the poor lad was left with 3 shots and Ana started biting her nails, and Mr. Kingston still had the same smirk, he wasn’t over excited when Rodger was loosing but nor was he upset when I was taking shots earlier. He maintained the same expression, a little blank and unbothered.
Maybe he was treating failure and success on the same wavelength.

“Is electricity vector or scalar?” I challenged him, I felt an urge to jump into physics and I asked without thinking twice.

“It’s not a vector, it doesn’t obey vector laws of addition.” Rodger said, his fingers moving in the air as he was reasoning. At the end, he managed to pull a shit-eating grin on his face.

“Besides designing, what is the best thing Ana can do?” He asked me and I looked at Ana who was staring at me intensely. Cooking, if it wasn’t for her amazing cooking skills, I would have been starving myself to death.

“Cooking,” I answered honestly, and Ana gave me a small smile.

“Wrong answer! She is best at giving a blow job.” Rodger argued and Mr. Kingston sighed. I glanced at Ana, who almost looked like she was about to behead Rodger. I wondered why. She usually never bothered talking about crude stuff: she was horny twenty-four by seven.

“I’m the best at riding a dick!” She argued, and I gasped. So this was the reason that pissed off. I went surprised by a bit.

“Nevermind, take your shots.” I rolled my eyes and took my shots. I was so close to defeat, one question to which I don’t know the answer: I would be gone.

“How many cars does Ryan own?” He asked me and I pursed my lips.

“4!” I remembered him driving to office in four different cars in a week.

“You are nosy little thing, aren’t you Eric?” He taunted me and I narrowed my eyes into slits and he chuckled.

It left me with one shot and Rodger two.

═∘♡༉∘ ═

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