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Chapter Thirteen

Erika Nadine

“Dickhead, she’ll ask you two questions and we will lose.” Ana whined. Rodger rolled his eyes and gestured her to shut up.

“Who is the UK president?” I asked him and he narrowed his eyebrows before chuckling.

“Bitch Rodger, I know you don’t know it, don’t even try it!” Ana hissed and he turned to her with a scowl on his face.

“Shut the fuck up, hoe!” He huffed, “it is David Cameron.” He answered and Ana groaned immediately. I grinned and motion to take his two shots. He whined about me asking stupid questions and took his shots. I turned my head towards Mr. Kingston who was watching me, eyes filled with fondness. He looked absolutely stunning with his ridiculously long eyelashes and his sharp jaw. It was the first time he did something like that and it was so heart-warming.

I looked back at Ana and Rodger who were now indulged in a yelling contest, it most sounded so animalistic like they were about hunt the other one.

“So the last one,” I announced and their heads snapped back to me, “how many one nightstands did you have this year? Be truthful!” I warned him and he shook his head and started counting. I drummed my fingers on the table and glanced at Mr. Kingston who looked like he was trying hard to hold his laughter.

“I have two or three a week, I don’t know.” He answered truthfully and Ana’s eyes widened in fury, he ignored her glare and picked up his last shot.

“Oh my fucking god! They won!” Ana yelled and smacked his shoulder before stomping out. He didn’t utter a word, but silently followed her. leaving me and Mr. Kingston alone.

“We won, I can’t believe we did!” I turned to the handsome man beside me and smiled.

“Yes we did.” He gave me his million dollar-smile, it looked so endearing on his face. He deserved to smile often. The fact that he was always stressed because of the company made me upset.

“Sir, this is amazing, I really thought Rodger will win.” I exclaimed and he looked at me with his hazel eyes. I really didn’t expect to win.

“Call me Ryan! We aren’t working here.” My jaw almost dropped to floor when I heard his words.

“Sure sir!” He raised his eyebrow accusingly and I slapped my mouth with my hands. “Ry- Ryan!” I tried so hard not to stutter.

“It sounds amazing!” He complimented and I nodded my head. He probably didn’t know that the feelings were mutual. His hand trailed to tug my hair behind my ear. “You look gorgeous!” He complimented and I almost thought pinching my skin to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.

Who is this man?

“Ana picked this dress!” I exclaimed and he looked at me with wide eyes, I looked down at my lap in an attempt to hide my blush with my natural dark brown locks styled in soft waves around my face.

“You are really so awkward.”

“Excuse me! You make me nervous with that intimidating tone of yours.” I accused him and poked his chest with my index finger. He shook his head and started chuckling.

“I am not always serious, babe!” He chuckled, his chocolate eyes shining with a glint of cheerfulness.

“I wish you were this cute at work too!” I pouted, he just watched me, I leaned closer, my hand flew towards his shirt and I grabbed it in my fist. “Did I tell you that you look so hot?” I whispered seductively. “I’m hungry but it is sad that I can’t eat you. You really hate me so much right?”

He shook his head and caught my wrist and pulled it away. “You are wrong Erika, I don’t hate you.”

“Excuse moi! What did I do when you were slee-” He cut me off by placing his finger on my lips, he stared at me for few seconds and his thumb traced my lower lip, the world around me stopped and I was frozen. He snapped me back to reality by assaulting my senses with his lips on mine, one of his hand cupping my face and the other gripped my waist. The kiss felt like crashing waves on the dry land of my heart, it was cosmic.

I wanted to be consumed by him and melt away in his touch, for him. My hands trailed into his hair and I tugged them slightly, making him moan into the kiss. His lip traced my lower lip and I instantly gave into him and his tongue danced on mine.

I let out a groan of disappointment when he pulled back, he didn’t waste time in leaning down to plant a soft kiss on my neck. I couldn’t hold back the moan when he kissed on my sweet spot, the gentleness earlier from the kiss was long when his teeth bit down on the soft skin of my neck, harshly sucking and running his tongue over it, making sure he left his mark on my skin.

“Ryan,” An annoying voice snapped me back from a world filled with pleasure and pain, I glared at that person and it was Rodger, he looked at us with an accusing smirk.

“Since you are busy with Erika, I have decided Ana will give me a ride back home.” He announced and the CEO looked at him as pissed as I was.

“You are not fucking at my place, I don’t want sound pollution in my apartment.” He warned, his voice stern and I cocked my head to the side and grinned at Rodger.

“There is a reason New York has many hotels.” He countered, his hand snaking around Ana’s waist, both of them disappeared from our sight, my employer shook his head a small smile on his lips and looked back at his cousin’s retracing back.

“I don’t have a ride back home now!” I complained, my voice sounded husky and my throat was aching.

“Darling, you should be unbothered when I am here.” I looked at Ryan who had a cute expression like a kitten.

Ryan is a cute kitten!

Ryan Kingston

“Come, let’s go!” I offered her my hand and she took it and intertwined our hands, it was a small gesture but it caught me off guard, she dragged me towards the door.

The little black dress was now taunting me. I rushed out of the door and into the cold air. I pulled her hand when she started walking in different direction and leaded her towards my car, “Get in.” I commanded and unlocked the door and opened the passenger door for her, after I made sure she buckled her seatbelt I closed the door and walked around to the other side of the car and slided in, next to her.

“I want to make love to you!” My head snapped towards her, I looked at her furrowing my eyebrows in confusion.

“So you are horny now?” I huffed and rolled my eyes and turned my eyes back on the road and pushed the key into the ignition, I turned back to her when I suddenly heard her mumbling something incoherently.

“Open!” She grumbled and I watched her curiously as she unbuckled her seat belt and climbed across the console and straddled my lap. Her hands were quick to unbutton my shirt.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yelled, ignoring the throbbing ache in my nuts.

Fucking Rodger and his fucking games!

“I WANT YOU!” She demanded and unzipped her dress. It’s the alcohol taking her, I should have known it before and stopped the game, she had 14 shots of vodka. She would end up with a bad hangover and I was so pissed now.

“This is wrong!” I tried to kick sense into her drunk brain but she was so high to even know what she was doing, but she didn’t stop her fingertips started tracing my tattoos. “Sweetness... You are never drinking again!” My breath hitched at the touch and it felt like my body was ignited.

“They look so hot,” She complimented and I looked at her in amusement, “I want them,” she smiled, leaning into me closer and lowered herself onto me, almost grinding into me, “all of them.” She whispered seductively making my buddy to twitch and I took in a sharp breathe when her hands trailed to my shoulders.

This is wrong!

I sucked on the nape of her neck and she moaned in pleasure and it only worsened my growing appetite to consume her, my hand trailed behind her bare back, goosebumps rose on her skin as my fingertips brushed her soft skin. “Unfortunately you can’t have them, drunk ass.” I chuckled and caught the zip in between my index and thumb finger. I quickly pulled the zip up before she could protest.

“I want to ride you.” She pouted and it only made things worse, “I want to jump on you like a trampoline.” She bit her lower lip and it turned me on so much that it started to hurt now.

“Of course you can! Let us go home first.” I tried to convince her as she was as demanding as a toddler that wanted to be straddle waist.

“Ryan, promise me!” She demanded and I looked down at her, furrowing my eyebrows not at all aware of what she wanted me to promise. “Promise me tomorrow you won’t be rude, tonight is so amazing, it feels like flipping in the air.” I smiled at her, cupping her cheek. “I hate it when you are rude to me, when you say mean things and throw insults in my face.” She said in a low voice and her head fell to her lap, my heart ached when I heard her requests.

I frowned.

“Look at me.” I raised her chin up with my hand and I looked into her. “I promise you.” She smiled and lingered as she planted kisses on my face aimlessly and damn it felt so tingling and warm. At least I wouldn’t snap at her without her mistakes.




“Babe! Where are your keys?” I grumbled, holding her in my arms.

“Now you are going to fuck me.” She puckered her lips playfully, face nuzzling into my chest, I placed my hand around her waist to prevent her from falling on ground as I tried to unlock the door.

She is so sexy, fuck!

“Shut up!” I commanded and she pouted her lips like a toddler. I sighed and took her into her bedroom and her fingers started to play with my hair.

I looked into her jade green eyes, she leaned forward and planted a kiss on my clenched jaw as I place her on bed. “You promised to let me ride you.” She whined and spread her legs wide open.

“Go to sleep!” I scolded her, little did I expect her to instantly sit up on her knees on the bed, and gave me puppy eyes.

She gripped my shirt and pulled me closer and planted a kiss on my lips and I instantly pulled back making her groan in annoyance. “Fuck me!” She would never do this, if she was sober.

“Fucking sleep!” I hissed, tugging her heels off her feet and she scoffed.

“Mean!” She scolded me, I rolled my eyes and slid off the bed. She slid under the duvet with a content sigh as I watched her. “Suck your cock and relish it.” She muttered and her heavy lidded eyes closed and finally she was out.

“Erika, I’ve been having dreams,” I sighed and leaned down and brushed my fingers through her hair, I pushed the hair that was falling on her face, “I wanted to make it happen.” I pressed a kiss on her temples, “but you’re not sober and I don’t want you to regret it later.”

“Meannnnnnn!” She mumbled and curled up into a ball.

You don’t know what you do to me.

═∘♡༉∘ ═

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