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Chapter Fourteen

Erika Nadine

I woke up with a throbbing headache at this point it feels like I banged my head against some tree trunk. I rolled out of my bed and started walking towards the washroom.

I sighed and turned back on my heel when I heard my phone ringing. It was Ana calling me, I wondered if she wasn’t in the house where was she all night and who brought me home.

"Fuck" I heard her groan, I furrowed my eyebrows and tried to understand what was happening. ”Why the fuck don’t you lift calls Eric- ahhhhh!"

Did she just moan?

“I was sleeping, where are you?” I asked her and looked at myself in the mirror. I was still in the same dress since last night. I couldn’t remember anything.

"Holy shit!"

“Ana?” I asked worriedly, I didn’t understand why she was screaming but that worried me.

"He wouldn’t stop calling, he was worried about you.." she planted and I tried to understand whom was she referring to. Before I could ask her anything she let out a high pitched scream, ”Rodger" she deadpanned.

“Why is Rodger worried about me Ana?” I asked ignoring her screams, I hadn’t ever met someone so dramatic as Ana so I couldn’t care less about her exaggerating. I walked over to the dinning table and unscrewed the water bottle cap.

"Rodger!" She deadpanned, I ignored her and picked up the bottle ”he is-" she moaned, ”in between my legs!" I choked on my water and she continued to moan into the phone.

“ANA ARE YOU DOING NASTY?” I yelled when my choke died. She really didn’t have to call me now and make me hear to their nasty stuff.

"OMG YES! HE IS EATING ME AHH-" I cut the call and looked at the clock, it was three in the evening. I didn’t know it’s already evening. I shut the screen off and tossed the phone on my bed before walking towards my closet and picking up a pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt to change into after taking a shower.

After my shower I decided against wearing sweatpants and wore shorts, they were the shorts that I got when I was in senior year of my university. Since I wasn’t really hungry I decided to watch TV to pass on the time until Ana comes. She locked me in and I didn’t know when will she return so there was no way I could go out for a walk or something.

I was switching to channels mindlessly and that was when I heard the front door being unlocked, I did not bother to look back because it was probably Ana.

“What the hell you can’t just lock me in.” I whined when I heard the sound of boots click against the floor, I still didn’t bother to turn back and look.

“Ahh- well that was pretty bad idea.” I snapped my head when I realized it wasn’t Ana, I instantly stood up and looked at him with a stupified expression.

Mr. Dick?

I wanted to ask what the hell was he doing in my apartment and that he had keys too but me being the coward I was I just stood there with my jaw on the floor.

“How are you?” Mr. Jerk asked, just when I thought I picked my jaw up from the ground his question too me off guard again.

“I- I’m fine!” I answered reluctantly and he nodded his head, before scrunching his nose up.

“I” He paused and looked at me.


“Need to-” I cut him off

“Need to?”

“Talk” He sighed and took a seat on the couch, and motioned me to take a seat on the chair, I obliged it.


“Stuff!” He answered me and his eyes feel on the floor, I sat in the chair and fingers started to itch so much I so badly wanted to grab a cushion from the couch and cover my legs but it did not made that uncomfortable since his graze was on the floor and no where on my body for which I was thankful for.

I got to give it for him, unlike my past work experiences this was different, I did not get perverted comments or perverted stares which had only freaked me out but around Kingston I never got them.

“Stuff?” I repeated his words but more like a question and he glanced at me.

“Yeah!” He agreed and ran his hands through his hair.

“Yeah?” I questioned him and he sighed.

“Do you remember anything from last night?” He questioned me breaking the silence. I shook my head and tried to remember things.

He shook his head and caught my wrist and pulled it away. “You are wrong Erika, I don’t hate you.”

“Excuse moi! What did I do when you were slee-” He cut me off by placing his finger on my lips, he stared at me for few seconds and his thumb traced my lower lip, the world around me stopped and I was frozen. He snapped me back to reality by assaulting my senses with his lips on mine, one of his hand cupping my face and the other gripped my waist. The kiss felt like crashing waves on the dry land of my heart, it was cosmic.

Rodger made me play that game, Ana started betting and Mr. Dick took my side. It was all because of Rodger and his kinky questions I had to drink 15 shots, if the questions were anything about current affairs or may be business related. I wouldn’t have these many.

Actually I drank only 14 shots it was Rodger who took 15 shots, I was the winner. The fact that I did not get to celebrate my little trump was so sad. Then it came to my mind that I said Mr. Dick hates me for nothing and he replied he doesn’t hate me.

Later we kissed.



I felt like I lost the ability to form proper sentences when reality sunk in my head. I did not kiss my boss, holy shit. Our relationship was meant to be strictly confined to work and professional but what have I done.

“Do you remember anything?” Ryan’s voice snapped me back into reality and I looked at him, trying to cover the blush that was creeping towards my cheeks.

“You told me to call you Ryan!” I replied to him and he looked at me thoughtfully.

“That was a one-time thing Ms. Nadine it would be better if we switch back to Mr. Kingston and Ms. Nadine. It was not like we are friends or anything.” He snapped and I so badly wanted to break something now. This man sure as hell knew how to get on my nerves perfectly.

“I never said we could be friends, sir.” I snapped in the most annoying tone I could ever speak in and he almost looked like he was about bite my head off but he didn’t.

“Do you remember anything else?” He asked me vaguely and I contemplated if to admit that I remember our kiss or not.

“We kissed?” I muttered and he ticked his tongue before closing his eyes.

“This shouldn’t have happened.” He sighed and I rolled my eyes in annoyance. No one but only this dick in front of me would dare to kiss someone and then say it should have never happened.

“You were the one that kissed.” I yelled, I was least concerned about my job, he should stop acting like everything was my fault.

“Yes I know that and what is your point here.” He fired back and I felt so humiliated, it was sickening to see that he acts like I was the one who was throwing myself onto him last night.

“You kissed me and now you are saying this shouldn’t have happened, this is ridiculous.” I yelled, I didn’t know why he looked so cool and least interested in this argument when he was the one who started it all.

“You could have stopped me.” He countered and I could feel my blood boiling beneath the surface and this whole thing is only adding up to my headache. “All I’m saying is that kiss was a mistake.”


“People kiss all the time, I was drunk so I had no control over myself, it was the alcohol in my system that pushed me initiate the kiss. I believe it is the same for you Ms. Nadine.” He stated blankly and I was so mad that he blames this whole thing on alcohol when he had barely took a shot. “Do you get that?” He snapped again.

“Can you just not make a big deal out of this, this was clearly a mistake that happened against our will.” I asked trying not to yell and make this all pathetic.

“It was against your will?” He asked me furrowing his eyebrows, his brown eyes showed a glint of disappointment but he recovered quickly.

“You said it was a mistake, we don’t do mistakes willing, do we?” I reasoned in a harsh tone and expected him to retort but he bet me by nodding his head in approval.

“So can we just act like this all never happened?” He asked me and for some unknown reason it disappointed me, I still remembered his touch and I yearned for it but that was wrong.

“Gladly,” I scoffed and he got up from the couch and walked out of the hall.

“Umm” he paused and turned to look at me, “is that all you remember?” He asked me and I looked at him, I was confused to say the least. I wished there was nothing more to this whole drama. I didn’t want to add few more things to the list of fucked up things.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Ana left with Rodger.” He sighed and I nodded my head still trying to understand what does it have anything to do with me remembering something. “You didn’t have a ride back home so I brought you home.”

Does he expect a thank you?

“That was so generous of you, thank you.” I replied and watched as he narrowed his eyes.

“I wanted to say you’re not in the right conscious-” he started, his eyes looking into anywhere but mine.

“I had 14 shots of vodka and you possibly can’t expect me to be sober.” I yelled and his eyes widened in fury.

“For fuck sake may I know what made you so bold to talk back and yell at me.” He roared and I flinched back at his tone, this was the first time today he used a tone like this he usually used this tone when I apparently messed things up at work.

“This is not work.”

“Doesn’t give you the right shout and snap constantly.” He retorted and I rolled my eyes. “I’m clarifying nothing has happened last night.”

“Good for you, I want the same.” I plastered a smile on my face.

“I want everything to be back to normal, things to be strictly professional between us.” He demanded and I nodded my head, he glared at me one last time and left.

I slammed the door in anger, if I could only turn back time I would refrain myself from going back to that stupid club. But then again there was this part of me that wanted to kiss him so badly. That was all only lust and I was ashamed of myself that I was lusting over someone, not that I believed in love. Love was the most boring concept I had ever heard in my life, if anything people just wanted physical pleasure and it was ridiculous that they label their filthy desires as love.

He confuses me.

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