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Chapter Seventeen

Just as a heads up, this chapter contains mature content. Also it is in Rodger's pov (it's more like a bonus) it was requested by readers on other platform, you can read and laugh or just skip it :)


Erika Nadine

“Fucking hell, no!” Rodger started screaming like he was forced to eat rat poison, I turned my head and glanced at him. “I’m not wearing this ugly ass green shit.” He threw the green jacket at Ryan’s chest and he caught it before it fell down.

“Dumbass! It is your face that makes this hideous.” Ryan grumbled and wore the jacket. He was dressed in a white t-shirt and black jeans, so was Rodger.

“Shithead! We both have the same face so as per your word you made the ugly ass jacket extra hideous by wearing it.” Rodger countered and wore a similar blue jacket, anyone who didn’t know about Rodger’s existence would mistake him as Ryan. Ana started to snicker and I bit my lip to control my laughter at their banter.

“Come let’s go!” Ana spanked my ass and I scowled at her but she ignored it and pulled me inside the elevator. She decided to throw a birthday bash in an expensive hotel.

As soon as we stepped out of the lift on the top floor we walked towards our venue, the vibrant lights were highlighting all the lavish decoration which somehow managed to look simple— which I was sure would have costed a fortune— few tables were already occupied by guests and something which quickly drew my attention was the aroma of good old wines.

“Erika!” Someone snapped me back to reality and I jumped in my seat and turned around to look at Louis grinning ear to ear. “Meet this knob head, Nicholas Hurley.”

“Hi, nice to meet you, what’s your name?” He flashed me a boyish grin.

“I didn’t call him knob head for nothing.” Louis growled and looked at his friend, wiggling his eyebrows. “I just called her Erika and you go asking her name.”

“Shut up, Lewis!” He snickered and turned to look at me, his face radiating joy and positivity. Louis’ nostrils flared at the mispronunciation which I was sure Nicholas did purposefully.

“Did we meet before?” I asked him, trying to understand why his face was so familiar.

“Oh did we?” He raised an eyebrow suspiciously and I nodded my head. “This is a small world.” He remarked and Louis started to chuckle.

“Holy shit, you are Nicholas Hurley, that Irish singer.” I exclaimed when I finally remembered who he was and he snickered. Soon Rodger joined us with a tray of shots and placed them on our table, Ana was nowhere in my sight. As expected Rodger suggested a game to get high and everyone agreed to it. I wanted to sit and play it for one last time but I decided against when my mind flashed the dark parts of my life.

I excused myself and walked to the washroom. I looked at my reflection in the mirror, my mind wandering. I couldn’t bring up myself to imagine a life anymore because going back to Seattle means there wouldn’t be Ana to pick up a dress for me and there wouldn’t be Rodger to crack dirty jokes, there wouldn’t be Louis to give me his cheeky smile, there wouldn’t be Liam to taunt me that I was falling for Ryan and there wouldn’t be Ryan to challenge me and press my buttons. The thought of tomorrow was scaring me because it would just be me, myself and I in it.

How do I embrace life when it just wants to swallow me?

“Erika,” I snapped my head to look at Gabrielle. “You shouldn’t have resigned, Gigi is so happy about your resignation.”

“We never really liked each other so that explains.” I shrugged, giving her a faint smile.

“It’s not that I swear she was saying something like—” I interrupted her because the moment I would register her words I might start bitching about Gigi, which I really didn’t want. As days passed my anger at Ryan abated too, then it was just pointless to bitch about my ex colleague.

“Save it for later, I got to go.” I excused myself from her, I could see my coworkers giving me pity looks and that wasn’t helping me at all, I was starting to regret coming to this party, if it wasn’t for Ana I wouldn’t have been here either.

From the looks of it she was busy with Rodger so I took that as my cue to leave. I quickly booked an Uber and walked back to the elevator.

The ride back to him was quick, the fall in temperature during November nights was evident as cool chills ran down my bare arms when I stepped out of the car. After I paid for my ride I strolled back to my apartment.

A groan escaped my throat when I couldn’t find the keys in my clutch. It must be with Ana, I didn’t even know what to do, I wasn’t even sure how long I would be stuck here, Ana had this thing for sleeping with Rodger so it shouldn’t even surprise me if she wouldn’t come back home.

“Erika!” A deep voice made me jump up in fright, I turned my head to look at brown eyes staring at me intensely, his raven hair swept back and his cheeks and lips flushed from the cold air. He was the last person I expected to show up right now.

“Mr. Kingston?” Was my reply before I turned my head back to the view of the city. Something about this man was so different, his presence always consumed my dark thoughts and gave me hope to fight— may be because he wouldn’t stop challenging me and I so badly wanted to prove him wrong.

“I want to talk to you, can we?” His voice was barely audible and I nodded my head for him to continue, my eyes averted to the night sky. “Erika,” he paused and man, I always wondered why my simple name slipping out of his mouth would make my heart race. “I thought over what happened and honestly you didn’t deserve half the shit I said.” It took him three days but the words tumbled out of his mouth like it was so easy.

“I forgot it.” I stated and looked at him, his lips curled into a smile, “honestly if I remember it I have to remember you, you never gave me any good reason to remember you.” I shrugged and glanced at him as his expression turned blank. I expected a clenching jaw but he settled for a very expression of casual dominance.

It was partially true, I decided to forget and move on because I shouldn’t have judged him, but then any boss in his place would have reacted the same way. Either way his choice of words weren’t at all acceptable, so yeah I should be mad, but I wouldn’t hold a grudge.

“I was pissed with how the deal went and it was my anger speaking, I don’t know what to do but I accept, it was uncalled for. I know I can’t change shit but just come back and I promise to treat you the right way you deserve.” His voice was so soothing far from yelling and hurting me.

“No thank you, I’m glad we had a civil conversation.” I huffed a sigh, all I could think was how badly I wanted to kiss him but that was wrong and I need to get away from him before I do something I regret.

“Erika, trust me, I was never the one to run after my employees yet I’m here because I felt bad, I really did.” He sighed, I turned to glare at him.

“Should that magically make things right?” I gave him a mirthful smile and strolled in my heels towards the elevator.

The chills running down my arms were becoming way too much, I might as well end up catching a cold if I stayed here for the whole night, it would be better if I go to a nearby hotel this night.

“Stop!” I heard a growl from beside me, I huffed, trying to yank my wrist away from him. “I’m not sorry!” My eyes widened in astonishment when I registered his words, I turned around furiously. He is not even sorry! “Believe me, I’m not sorry because I know no amount of sorry would unsay my words. All I’m asking is for a chance, I’ll treat you the way you deserve.”

“No!” I yelled, yanking my wrist away from his grip. “Do I look like a stupid?”

“I don’t know, maybe we should search for a mirror.” A faint smile was dancing on his lips.

“That wasn’t funny!” I spat, although I wanted to laugh but I knew better than to make a joke out of myself.

“I accept,” he sighed.

“I never worked as an assistant before so yes, I did have my fair share of faults, I accept I wasn’t perfect but at least I was trying to work better-” he cut me off.

“I know that, Miss Nadine.”


What the hell! Why was I at a loss of words? Why?

“Whatever, I’m not working for you.” I scoffed, hugging my palms to my bare shoulders.

“Alright, but just know that my offer stands,” he sighed, gazing at the locked door before meeting my eyes, “always!”

“Thank you very much!” I quipped, giving him a sardonic smile.

“You’re stuck here,” he mumbled, my eyes widened and I shook my head denying the truth. “Come with me.” He offered his hand.

“Do I look like an idiot?” I cocked a brow, rubbing my palms against my skin to generate heat.

“You can search for the answer in my car’s wing mirror.” I slapped his hand away when he gave me a smirk.

“It’s not—”

“Funny,” he finished my sentence, “but you standing here and freezing yourself to death isn’t funny either. Come with me.” He offered again.


“Are you crazy?”

“I’m not projecting!” I gave him my best innocent smile, I was so glad and proud of myself at my instant reply. I really must be crazy!

“It’s 11 pm, if you think I’m leaving you here alone when you’re locked out you’re stupid, for real this time.” He spoke, raking a hand through his raven hair.

“Oh, so suddenly you started to care.” I spat, he gave me a look and I decided it would be better to accept his offer than search for a hotel and check in now. “Alrighty, I’ll go, but I’m still mad.”

“Glad that, it’s established that you’re mad.” He fired back, I rolled my eyes but followed him as he led the lead.

I wasn’t as apprehensive now, at least I knew one thing that this man wouldn’t take advantage of me just because I crashed at his place.




Rodger Kingston

“Asshole, dance with me. ONLY ME!” Ana demanded, ducking her head against mine. I grinned in response and pressed my lips to her shoulder before grabbing one of her hands and lifting it up to let her swirl underneath, her crimson dress twirling around her pale legs as she danced.

I looked at the crowd and hissed when I saw a tall thin blonde striding towards the railing with a bag in her hand. “Did you invite Gigi?”

“Eh! I wouldn’t even invite her to my funeral let alone my birthday.” She huffed and I peered at the blonde just to make sure she wasn’t Gigi but ignored her when Ana sucked on the flesh of my neck.

“Fuck! You turned so sexy as years passed.” I whispered in her ears before twirling her under my arms, later my hands sliding across her waist.

“I wonder why your dick didn’t grow!” She cocked her head on my shoulders and glazed at me, sweat dripping down her neck making her look like a damn vixen.

“We’re leaving,” I panted, sliding my lips against her skin, “I need you now. Just fucking_ let’s go. Now.” She gave me a wide smile before nodding her head. I wrapped my arm around her waist securely, pulling her away from the dancing bodies.

We didn’t even make it upto our room before she pressed her lips to my jaw seductively and whispered dirty words that turned me on.

“Oh god! Hurry bitch.” She groaned in frustration, she was proper drunk and if anything the alcohol running in her system made her demanding.

“Patience, babygirl.” I scolded only to earn a scowl and she swatted my shoulder. “Fuck!” I pushed the door open and she let out a squeak.

Before she could let out another annoyed huff I palmed her ass and scooped her up, she quickly clinged onto me tightly. I walked inside and pushed her against the wall.

“Bed, I want bed.” She demanded and started planting wet kisses down my neck. I took her weight off the wall and made my way towards the couch.

“Rodger.” She groaned when I sat on the couch with her still in my lap. I sucked on her neck before unzipping her dress. Little did I know she was fucking bare, my buddy bounced at the sight of her ample bossom. I wanted to suck the fuck out of her but decided against it for disrespecting Rodger jr.

“Strip down!” I ordered and she obeyed, within minutes there was a heap of clothes as she stripped down completely and I tauntingly opened my shirt buttons and she groaned before pushing it down my shoulders.

I quickly lifted her by her arms and flipped her onto her stomach, she was now on my lap, her bare ass high in the air. It was hard not to eat it but a lesson needed to be taught.

“AHH!” She screamed when my palm landed on her right butt cheek. I squeezed it a bit before slamming my large hands on her left butt cheek. “Rodgerrrrrrrr.” She moaned in pleasure and I resisted the urge to take her right away.

“I was being a gentleman and you being the brat you are you had insulted my cock.” I sneered and slammed again, she shut her eyes and quickly mumbled an apology.

Fuck the lesson!

I flipped her onto her back and lifted her up in my arms and hurried towards the bed and tossed her on it. I wasted no time in stripping completely and she grinned before spreading her legs wide for me. I winked at her before flopping onto the bed and got right to the act. She squealed when I slipped into her without any intimation, she composed herself faster and wrapped her arms around my neck, inhaling deeply and biting down on her lips.

Fuck! She is so sexy.

I begin to thrust furiously hardly missing her vulnerable spots. I started to plant kisses on the side of my throat before sucking in and making her moan in pleasure. I slowed my pace and ran my hands down her curves and angled her legs up higher. I quickened my pace and she screamed in ecstasy.

After a few more seconds, her hands made their way towards my shoulder blades and gripped onto them, I thrusted into her with much more force and she finally came off on me.

“Rodger!” She deadpanned, “you deadass!”

“We have all night, Annabella!” I snickered and sucked on her neck.

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