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Chapter Nineteen

Erika Nadine

“No, fuck no, Andrew!” Ryan yelled, I fought my urge to roll my eyes and ignored him. “I’m not doing that.” He got up from his seat.

“Son, I can’t do anything else.” Ryan’s uncle sighed and I bit my lip.

“Oh fuck! I don’t care.” He growled, his hands clenched into fists, his uncle ignored him and picked out his phone from his pocket lazily.

He picked up the call and excused himself.

“You!” Ryan hissed, pointing his finger at me, I ignored him and turned back to face him after his uncle left the room. “This is all because of you, fuck why did you kiss? Nevermind, just tell him that you wouldn’t be faking anything, do you understand Miss Nadine? Are we clear?” He barked.

Ahh see it was Miss Nadine now, as if this was all my fault.

I kissed him! Oh fuck! I did that crime, why did I kiss him? What the hell!

“Yeah, like you didn’t kiss at all!” I snapped, glaring at him.

“Fucking hell! Do you think I need a wheelchair? How long should I keep limping?” I heard a familiar voice whine from the corridor, by the tone I recognised it was Ana.

Why did she say she needs a wheelchair? Did she meet with an accident? Is she alright, oh my god, what now??

“Why are you whining so much? Aren’t I carrying you?” Another voice came.

“Bitch,” She cursed. “AHH! You asshole!” She screamed again.

Who was it? What happened to her?

Just a few seconds later, the door opened with a slight creak and Rodger walked in with Ana on his shoulder, he gave me a cheeky smile and set Ana on the ground, she immediately slumped back on the couch beside me whimpering.

“What happened to you? Why is he carrying you? Are you okay Ana?” I enquired and she glared at Rodger.

“Asshole!” She sneered.

“Want another spank babe?” He raised his right eyebrow.

“Fuck you!”

“Already? I thought you said your-” Ryan kicked his cousin’s shin and earned a scowl, “you need rest.” He completed his words and Ana rolled her eyes.

“Everything hurts, you asshole” Ana shifted uncomfortably in her seat and I turned to face her, she was constantly moving as if her ass was on fire.

“What happened?”

“Her ass is red.” Rodger chuckled.

“I didn’t know spanking hurts that bad.” I muttered and Rodger’s chuckle only worsened.

“Stop being so dumb Erika, he fucked my buttonhole.” Ana growled, my jaw started hanging when Rodger cocked his head to blow a kiss to Ana who was gritting her teeth, Ryan rolled his eyes.

“You two fuck-heads either shut the fuck up or get the fuck out of here. The things you do Rodger never cease to screw me up, it is just fun for you but I end up paying the price all the time.” Ryan growled, he ran his long fingers through his hair.

Rodger looked taken back for a second but soon he acted like he brushed it off,

“Are you sure bitch?” Rodger snickered.

“I’m fucking serious Rodger.” Ryan barked.

“What is it now?” Rodger asked impassively.

“This!” Ryan picked up the newspaper and threw it at Rodger’s feet. Rodger furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and picked up the newspaper.

“What about it? I did not send those pics to tabloids and I certainly did not fuck anyone in a public area, it was a fucking hotel room Ryan. Who would think press will take pics of a hotel room, fuck charge them for invading private space.” Rodger argued and the CEO rolled his eyes.

“You never think, that is precisely the problem.” Ryan snapped, Rodger’s hands clenched into fists, Ana grabbed Rodger by his hand and pulled him onto the couch beside her.

Rodger pulled his hand away from her grip, she looked hurt but he didn’t notice her, his hands went into his hair and he started pulling his hair with his hands. An awkward silence fell into the room.

“Ana I was fucking correct, don’t you remember me asking if you invited Gigi, she was there last night, she leaked those pics that is the only logical thing.” Rodger broke the silence after a few minutes.

“Rodger stop blaming everyone for your faults.” His cousin hissed.

“How is it my fault? For fuck sake we were in a hotel room, it is that bitch of your girlfriend who released those pics, that is invasion of privacy I’m going to press charges, you fucking wait and watch she will pay for it this time.” Rodger snapped, his veins popping out of his neck.

“You are so delusional, stop blaming Gigi, she will not do such things.” Ryan hissed, “grow a pair of balls and act like a gentleman.”

“You are fucking blind, you always look past Gigi’s faults.” Rodger retorted, Ana slid her arm across his arm trying to calm him down but he was far from thinking. “Fucking pussy!”

“And what exactly are you for living under my shadows? When will you own up to the shit you do?” Ryan groaned and Rodger got up from his seat abruptly.

“You keep blabbering like the baby you are while I go and put that girlfriend of yours the fuck straight.” Rodger warned, Ryan rose back to his feet and glared at his twin cousin.

“You. Will. Not. Do. Any. Such. Thing!” Ryan enunciated, Ana got up from her seat and limped towards them.

I really pitied her.

“Oh you wait and watch.” Rodger challenged Ryan, cocking his head to the side.

“You’ll do that over my dead body Rodger.” Ryan growled.

“Ah that can be arranged.” Rodger retorted sarcastically and I fought the urge to not laugh like a maniac.

“I’m serious Rodger. You either listen to me or never look at my face again.” Ryan warned.

Oh boy why was he taking this so far?

“Like always you’re choosing Gigi over the world eh, do you think I give a damn? Go fuck yourself! ” Rodger huffed, he walked out of the hall with a blank expression. Ana followed him, calling him by his name.

I watched everything frantically with a hanging jaw, I jumped a little when Ryan threw a flower vase against the wall. “Fucking hell!” He growled, slumping back on the chair, gripping his hair, his knuckles turned white.

What the hell just happened? Things went downhill pretty fast and what now? Who was to be blamed? What the fuck!

“How do we fix this now?” I muttered under my breath.

“You should seriously leave from here.” He growled and I glared at him.

“What the heck is your problem?” I yelled back and he clenched his jaw.

“You kissing me is my problem, I have a fucking reputation thank you very much for helping me to keep it up.” He snapped. He couldn’t be serious right, he was the one who pulled me into his arms, he was the one who said this whole we can be friends bullshit.

“Fantastic!” I snapped, my hands were itching to give him a slap.

“Woman, you were the one who first kissed me.” He gritted through his teeth and I rolled my eyes.

He couldn’t become any more ridiculous.

“Why did you kiss me back?” I yelled back in my defense. He narrowed his eyebrows, glaring at me intensely.

“You were so desperate, you threw yourself all over me, I fucking tried to push you back but it was all futile.” He snapped with a blank expression and my heart crushed at his words.

I was desperate?

Before I could berate, his uncle walked back from the bedroom with a frown on his face, it crushed me even more to look at that worried expression.

If I reject now everything he had built would crumble, the BOD would screw him up all over again, but there was no way around it, I couldn’t stand this man for more than five minutes.

What had I drowned myself into?

Most importantly did he deserve this help? Was it worth it to fake things? Was I over reacting? He wasn’t even my employer anymore then why was I so worried about his career.

Why should I bother about his career?

Because I kissed him and that shit was going to screw him up.

Oh shut up Erika! Remember he has always been a dick to you.

I ignored the voice in my mind and let my thoughts wander, did I like the thought of him being screwed? Certainly I did but not in a way that it would utterly destroy his career. It had my fair share of mistake in kissing him and fuck I should fix this shit.

My heart started to hammer at the thought of it, I had never believed in love, I never knew what that thing was so how should I pretend to be in love?

Right! You don’t even believe in love, just turn him down, it is that simple.

I cursed the voice in the back of my mind and decided against it. Fate would never give me a break, I had learnt that thing the hard way and I needed to sort this thing, we were in this together, I shouldn’t be a pussy and run away from my problems.. our problems.

“So what is your decision Erika?” Andrew’s voice snapped me back from my thoughts.

“I-” I tried to answer him, but couldn’t bring myself to say those words. Wouldn’t that make me seem like a whore? How could I not stand-up for myself?

“No! She wouldn’t fake any such thing.” Ryan sneered but Andrew ignored him.

“Oh boy, just shut up, will you?” Andrew snapped at his nephew and gazed at me. “I’m requesting you Erika, I would pay you million dollars if it is what you need, this would screw Ryan if you reject now.” He pleaded with me and that crushed my heart.

“I can perfectly make sure my career isn’t screwed; you don’t have to offer millions for that.” I heard a groan and rolled my eyes.

“Shove that ego of yours in your ass boy.” His uncle snapped and looked at me with a pleading look.

When was the last time I saw a father figure worried about his son? Never! My sperm donor was never the one to spend a single penny on me let alone millions of dollars to save my career. How could I turn him down?

“I will—” I was cut off by Ryan.

“Of course you will do it, who will turn down millions?” He barked and my heart sank.

I was never the one to run after money, if I did I wouldn’t dare to resign my job, he should know that much by now. My life was full of fucked up things that I barely got time to worry about being broke or earning dollars, how could someone blame me for such a thing?

“Ryan, shut up, will you?” Rahat scowled but his nephew rolled his eyes.

“I don’t want a cent Mr. Kingston, I had always earned quite a handful, I’m willing to fake this thing for nothing in return.” I spoke, ignoring the burning stare from Ryan.

“Erika, stop beind stupid, it would be talk of the town, imagine the clout.” The CEO rolled his eyes, his words piercing my heart.

If only he knew how suffocated I feel being around people. I could stand-up for myself and walk out of the room but that decision would drag him down, I couldn’t be irrational so I decided to ignore him.

“Enough Ryan.” Ryan’s uncle huffed and his nephew scowled.

“I’m not doing this, there is no way I would date or fake date someone like her, do you know anything about her family? Well fuck she will be on the tabloids every other day and believe me, you don’t know shit about her, what if she doesn’t even have a proper family?” His words rang in my ears and they gave an agonizing pang to my heart too much for my liking.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and rushed towards him, before he could register anything my hand flew high to slap him across the cheek.

I swallowed the tears threatening to flow down my cheeks and ran out of the house, I was in a fucking sweatshirt and nothing else but it didn’t matter that minute. I was mad, my head was aching too much to be worried about that.

Something I didn’t expect the moment I walked out of the building like a wrecked woman was cameras flashing, too many people and a babble of voices making me froze in my place.

“It’s her!”

“Erika Nadine!”

“Erika where is Ryan?”

“Miss Nadine is it true that you’re engaged to Mr. Kingston?”

“People think that you’re a gold digger, what would you say to them!”

“Is it true that you lured your boss to sleep with you?”

The flashing lights made me uncomfortable even in the daylight, I wanted to push past them but there was a wall of bodies around me, the voices didn’t stop for me to give a proper reply. The things they kept asking me weren’t helping my headache.

I flinched back at the voices and my back bumped against a hard chest, while the reporters went crazy yelling questions. My limbs almost gave out at the moment and I turned back shoving my face into that chest not caring who it was, this was all too much to process anything.

An arm wrapped around my back, pulling my closer. I clutched the dress shirt soon my tears started flowing down my cheeks. “Get the fuck out of here.” The voice yelled and I froze again.

It was Rodger. What was he doing here?

Rodger looked at me for a split second and tucked me towards his side and led the way towards his car. He swiftly opened the door for me, I thankfully climbed inside and he slammed the door and ran towards the driver’s seat. He pulled the car out of the driveway and drove away far away from the flashing lights and nosy questions.

I ducked my head down into my lap as the hot stream of tears flowed down, I hated crying, I was never weak why now? Why wouldn’t these damn tears stop?

What had my life turned into?

Few minutes later I swallowed my tears and sat up straight, gazing at the window, I felt so ashamed to glance at Rodger.

“I’m sorry,” he broke the silence as he handed me a tissue, I took it with a small smile and wiped my tears gently.

“You don’t have to be, you did nothing if anything I’m thankful for you.”

“Why did you come down? Was he a dick to you again?” Rodger questioned and I shook my head, hoping he would buy it. I didn’t have it in me to think of those insults again.

“No, I wanted to go home.”

“Don’t lie Eric, I know that asshole, that was precisely why I walked out of the house, he is a mean asshole when he is angry, he would say words that tear you apart. Fuck!” He whined and I glanced back outside.

“You could say that.”

“Believe me when I say it is easier to put your fingers in a switch board than argue with him.” He sighed dramatically, I glanced at him and he tried hard to control his laughter.

I stared at him for a few minutes and we finally broke into laughter.

It was hard to stay sad and grumpy when Rodger was around me.

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