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Chapter Two

Erika Nadine

After the taxi driver took multiple turns, the taxi had finally arrived to the building I belonged to. I wondered if the apartment was going to be all for myself or if I had to share.

Am I going to be okay with sharing the apartment? What if it’s a guy? What if it’s none? The latter sounded great, considering the fact that I never made friends easily, but I didn’t even know the route to Airport to this place, the employee quarters, and there were many questions troubling me. How was I going to survive in this city? How would I go to my office?

The fact that I was an engineering graduate who knew nothing about fashion was bad. Even worse, I was to work as an assistant for the CEO. I never worked as an assistant before. How was I going to work here?

One million questions hovered in my mind, I walked towards my apartment door. “Erika?” I heard someone scream my name much like a question, I looked around to see who it was, a brunette.

“Yes, and you are?” I asked her, giving her a nervous smile while my right hand still on my suitcases.

“I’m Annabella Swan,” she chuckled, which I found weird. “Not the Bella Swan, the human turned vampire, wait is it still Bella Swan or Cullen because technically she is married?” She smiled, and I nodded my head like an idiot. “Come in, I don’t need you to stand there forever.” She said after unlocking the door. She walked inside, I followed her and set my luggage on the floor.

“So are we going to share with this apartment?” I asked her.

“Why not? If you want to move out, you can.” She smiled again. Can she stop smiling so much?

“No, I don’t mean that,” I looked around the apartment. It had two bedrooms with attached washrooms and one hall, one kitchen and a dining room.

“Annabella, which exactly is my bedroom?” I asked her and much to my surprise she glared at me furiously, narrowing her eyebrows.

“Call me Anna or Bella, not Annabella!” She almost screamed, I nodded my head in approval, “I have been waiting for you.” She stated. She was waiting for me? Me? “The CEO’s assistant,” She chirped, I gave her a small smile.

“I do not understand why I am appointed in a textile company when I know nothing about fashion industry.” I frowned.

“Do you know who am I?” She asked, placing her hands on her hips. I shook my head. Five minutes back, she was just a stranger to me and she still was. What did she expect me to know?

“I’m one of the world’s most reputed and Kingston Textiles’ executive designers.” She said proudly and flipped her hair to which I just nodded my head awkwardly.

This room mating is going to be a disaster.

“Ryan Kingston can’t design for shit. Just like you, he is an engineering graduate who was appointed to work here. The past few months he worked his ass out and had learnt few stuff in designing, but he doesn’t design; all he does is marketing, management, accounting, hiring designers, going through reports. In short, he does everything that doesn’t require much of fashion sense and since you are here to work as his assistant the same goes for you to. Oh, also don’t forget that the most wanted designer ANNABELLA SWAN is right by your side so you don’t have to worry about designing.” She explained to me, which gave me a lot of relief. If it wasn’t for a haunting experience, I wouldn’t have even thought of working here.

“Girl, you do not understand how lucky you are to work under him,” She started again. Little did she give me time to process.

“Would you like to relax for a little while?” She asked, I nodded my head, she pointed to my room, and I carried my luggage into my room. Just as I sat on my bed a voice made its way into my room, it’s Ana calling my name and I turned towards her.

“How about we go out in the evening just so you can see the city?” Ana suggested.

“Me and you hanging out?” I asked her.

“Um yeah, since you are new to the city.” She replied.

“Can’t we go out on this weekend? Tomorrow is my first day and I’m sort of nervous about it.” I tried to convince her.

“Absolutely no! You’re already nervous and the last thing I need is you to look weary tomorrow; we are going out just so you can chill.” She said much like a command.

“If you say so, okay.” I beamed, she returned my smile before walking out of the room.




“Umm, so did you enjoy?” Ana asked as she fumbled with the lock of our apartment door.

“I didn’t except the traffic jam.” I replied as I walked towards the door.

It’s New York, baby, always jacked up. Whole tunnels, foreign noses always backed up.” She lilted.

Yeah! It’s pretty jacked up.

“I’m ordering a pizza is that okay with you?” She asked me.

“It would be great.” I said casually as we stepped inside with the bags full of clothes that Anna practically forced me to, but because she thought they look hot on me.

I went into my room, took a quick shower and jumped into my nightwear. Ana meanwhile collected the pizza and set everything ready by the time I walked into the kitchen. She handed me a plate with two slices of pizzas; I thanked her and took it. We crashed on the couch and she started playing some series on the television.

“What are you planning to wear tomorrow?” Anna asked me with her mouthful of pizza.

“Nothing great, probably, a black skirt and a red shirt and my hair in a bun.” I shrugged, taking a bite from my pizza.

“Oh, my god! A hideous long skirt to the first day of your work? How dare you?” She sounded horrified.

“Wait! My skirt isn’t hideous and as long as you made it sound.” I defended my poor skirt, ai walked into my closet with a pizza slice still in my hand, and I brought my outfit to show her.

“Jeez! No! You’re already cancelled. Take the world’s best fashion designer’s suggestion; be gratified that you don’t even have to pay me.” She looked at her manicured nails.

“Oh, okay?” I said before taking another bite of my pizza. Her attention flitted back to the figures on the television screen and the rest of the dinner went in peace.

After the dinner, I offered to clean the plates, as I was doing them, she brought one of the bags which we bought today to the kitchen; she pulled out a navy blue dress which ended at my mid-thigh and a pair of black heels.

“This, you’re wearing this and no bun and doughnuts, you’re pulling your hair into a high ponytail. I’ll make sure you turn out as a big hit tomorrow.” She grinned, and I shrugged, knowing it was easier to give than argue. I drained my hands with a napkin and we both walked into the hall.

“Erika, it’s not going to end up well if the boss crushes on you.” She warned me. Eh? Why will he crush on me?

“I mean it’s extremely cool to have Ryan fucking Kingston hit on you but sorry babe, he is all mine.” She added.

“Mr. Kingston? I didn’t see him yet and trust me, I only want to be professional so I couldn’t care less about him.” I said, she jumped on to the couch which was backed up against a wall. She patted the seat next to her — asking me to do the same — and I did as I was asked.

“We need to talk about him,” she started, and I nodded my head. Is he going to be strict?

“Trust me, Ryan Kingston is basically a Greek god, damn hot! He is actually ridiculously good looking. His face oozes masculinity, he really has unique facial features from his sharp jawline, strong chin, and distinct cheekbones. His eyelashes are insanely long, while his eye colour is somewhat copper. His beard is on point, his hair is so dense with this shiny jet black colour. His skin is perfectly tan. He is tall, fit and has got the best eyes and smile in the universe and then comes the mystery; although he yells half of the time, he’s got the voice of an angel. So if you are a female and not crazy about this insanely attractive guy. You better go see a Psychiatrist!” She sounded so whipped, as if she described her teenage crush.

“Do you crush on him?” I asked her timidly.

“Who doesn’t, darling?” She shrugged.

“Is he a man-whore?” I asked her a question which was eating me alive since the moment I accepted this job. If he was anything like my boss back in Seattle, so help me, lord.

“He is many things but not a man-whore.”

“Well, I promise to only have a workplace relationship with him.” I assured her before walking into my room.

I was here only because I was offered a good pay and I so badly wanted to work under a gentleman. My ex employer was nothing but a perverted asshóle and that’s precisely why I accepted this job. Hitting on Mr. Kingston, no matter how good looking he is, would be the last thing I would ever do.

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