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Chapter Twenty

Erika Nadine

Rodger didn’t ask me anything about my conversation with Ryan for which I was thankful.

The remainder of the cameras flashing sucked and their questions ”Is it true that you lured your boss to sleep with you?" caught me off guard for a while but needless to say it felt like a kick to my stomach.

How could anyone accuse me of such a thing? Fuck those tabloids and pictures.

When Ryan said that word ′family′ it triggered me, I wanted to stop thinking about the images flashing in my mind but I couldn’t. It sucked to feel the anger or was it agony? The image of a small girl trembling in front of a drunk woman wouldn’t leave my brain.

I so badly wanted to kill Ryan for muttering such stuff but a rational part of my mind said it was just his anger and I hated myself for defending a man who despises me.

I screwed my eyes shut and tried to steady my breathing trying not to remember my past and sat straight on my bed in my room still in Ryan’s sweatshirt.

Fuck my life!

Suddenly there was a loud sound from my beside room, it sounded more like a vase crashing against something.

Did Rodger break something like Ryan did? Holy hell!

“Woman! Are you nuts? That would have hit me.” Rodger’s whining came from the room and I drew the conclusion that it was Ana who threw the vase.

“It probably would have kicked some fucking sense into your thick head.” An animalistic growl was followed by Rodger’s whining.

“Cara Mia, you know my head isn’t thick but my dïck certainly is.” He chuckled and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. That was one thing about Rodger he would crack any silly joke to light up the mood and it was ridiculously endearing.

“Rodger, you will not press any charges on Gigi,” I heard Ana’s warning tone, followed by a pleading tone. “Please, it would break Ryan.”

“He should get over her, she is a bitch. Can you believe that she had a nerve to release our nudes to the press, oh my fucking hell.” Rodger muttered and I bit my lip hearing their talks.

“How do you know it is Gigi?” Ana enquired in an annoying voice.

“Who else will it be? I told you that I had seen her last night, why else would you think she would come? Do you think she would stoop too low to attend an uninvited party for nothing?” Rodger reasoned and very next minute I heard the sound of a dry laugh, “fuck nevermind, this is fucking Gigi she doesn’t have any standards, let alone stooping.”

“Stop blaming her Rog, think rationally, the pics on the tabloids seem like they are taken from the opposite building through the window, Gigi can’t be there if she was in the party, I’m sure it is the press being nosy about Ryan.” Ana argued and I could practically imagine Rodger rolling his eyes.

“She is a devious witch, you need to fucking stop taking her side Ana.” A sound of Rodger’s mutter came through the door and I sighed.

No, not again! This is honestly annoying that sometimes I feel Rodger is correct and the other times I feel he is not.

“I’m not taking her side and let it go Rodger, the pics are my fucking semi nudes on the tabloids not yours, so don’t go around saying I’ll press charges.” Ana sighed and I started fiddling with my fingers. “Oh my fucking god! They are my nudes, Rodger! New York City has now seen my nudes.” Ana’s panicked voice rang in the house and I frowned at the thought of the pics.

“I’m sure Manhattan is now ashamed of itself that you’re not the Miss World 2019.” Rodger snickered and my lips voluntarily turned into a smile. I wasn’t even surprised that he did not know who the president of the UK is but of course he would know the present Miss World. He was fucking Rodger.

“Oh, fuck you!”

“Believe me, I’m already fucking hard but I know your vagina can only take so much at once.” I bit my tongue at his words trying not to chuckle.

“You’re so gross!” I heard Ana complain, “but honestly Rodger this situation with the BOD and Ryan is going out of hand, he is already having so much on his plate, don’t do something stupid and he would end up paying the price.” Ana almost whispered the words but I could understand the vulnerability dripping in her voice.

My heart started hammering fatally fast, I couldn’t help but feel shitty all over again, every time Rodger did anything a typical frat boy does Ryan was blamed for it, Rodger might be an amazing human being but he it was no lie that he is a man whore and Ryan was blamed for his actions. He didn’t deserve that.

Great Erika, great, fucking great! That man hates your guts but look at you, ‘he didn’t deserve that.’ Hell why do you care? He has only been a bitch to you.

I ignored the voice inside me.

“Ana I can’t believe that you’re saying Gigi has nothing to do with that.” Rodger whined for what seemed like the hundredth time and I had to fight the urge to break my head against something.

“You don’t have any proof Rodger, so stop blaming her.” Ana retorted and I rolled my lower lip inside my mouth, contemplating her words.

“I swear on your tits that it is her.” Rodger whined and I couldn’t help but chuckle at his words. “Either way I’m sick of this hide and seek shit, I’m going back to London tonight.”

“What? Why? Where are you going to stay in London? Did you talk to your dad or Ryan about this?” Ana rushed with her questions.

“No, I will not be the first one to talk to this time.” A growl reached my room. “No, Ana, don’t give me that look, not again.” With that I heard the sound of heavy footsteps walking down the hall towards the door and a few seconds later the door shut with a loud thud.few seconds later the door with a loud thud.

“Rodger! STOP!! Fuck you, pencil dick!” Ana growled and minutes later she slumped beside me on the bed, leaning her back on the bed rest.

“He wouldn’t do something stupid, will he?” I sighed and glanced at her.

“He will just get high and pass out.” Her voice cracked at the end. “Nevermind I’ll just go to the company and design something to take my mind off this whole shit.” She mumbled and got up from the bed and walked back to her room.




Ana left back two hours and there was a knock at the door and I opened it mindlessly and walked back to the couch without glancing at the person expecting it to be Ana.

“Did you hear from Rodger?” I asked, slumping down on the couch and rubbing my face with my palms.

“No, I did not, did you?” I straightened when I heard that hoarse voice, my head snapped towards him, staring at him with wide eyes. He was the last person I expected to show up.

“Why are you here?” I barked when he sat beside me on the couch.

“I thought we needed to talk.” His voice was far from yelling but that didn’t make it any better for me. “I shouldn’t have said those things.” He said in a low voice.

“What do you want Mr. Kingston?” I sighed and glanced at him, expecting a seething jaw and narrowed eyes but his expression was hard to decipher.

“I want to apologize for acting like that ear-” I sighed when the similar words rang in my ears.

“You don’t say!” I muttered.

“Hey, you only see my words but look at the big picture.” His voice was calm and collected this time.

“I know you hate me and you feel so high about yourself and I understand if you don’t want to have me as your fake girlfriend but accusing me of things like a gold digger was ridiculous, and me wanting clout was even more awful,” I paused my rant and took a breathe, “was it really necessary for you to talk about my” family?

I had to swallow that word, I never really had one. What was my point of ranting about it? Fuck my life!

I screwed my eyes shut, swallowing the tears and ran my hand through my hair mindlessly.

“I’m sorry!” I rolled my eyes at his words and turned my head away from him.

“Cut that crap, tell me why are you here?” I scowled at him and he raised his eyebrow slightly.

“Listen, I’m really sorry about saying such words and also I don’t want to fake this thing, I don’t want you to get involved in all this, tell my uncle that you don’t want to take part in this. This is annoying.” He huffed and raked his fingers through his hair.

“You don’t want to fake it right? Then you should be the one to tell your uncle that you wouldn’t be faking anything, why would I do that?” I barked and he rolled his eyes.

“Fuck! If only it is that simple.” He groaned and glanced at me. “My uncle is like my father,” he swallowed and his face turned gloomy before his gaze fell on the carpet on the floor, he looked deep in his thoughts. “I can’t tell no to him, Erika. I really can’t and I certainly don’t hate you.”

This was the few times I actually saw emotions on this cold hearted man, emotions which weren’t anger or disgust or arrogance. Was it sorrow?

“Oh joy! You have a great way of showing it.” I muttered and he frowned.

“I really regret that conversation, fúck!” He cursed. “But please tell me you’re refusing it.”

“Are you nuts?” I scowled at him, “I really don’t understand you at all, is your uncle bluffing about the BOD screwing you up?” I questioned and he shook his head.

“No, if the news broke out like you’re not my finance the BOD will say that I’m a womaniser and they will accuse me of sleeping with my staff, they would never not get tired of fucking up my life.”

At this point I was fuming with anger. This man really didn’t have these things called brain cells and it really showed.

“Then what the fuck is your problem? Why can’t your ass fake something?” I growled and he looked slightly taken back by my outrage.

“Did you just forget what happened in the morning?” He huffed and I rolled my eyes.

The cameras flashing, the babble of voices, the shower of questions, how could I ever forget that?

“Oh, you mean you calling me a gold digger and an attention whore? No sir, I certainly did not forget that.” I barked and his jaw clenched in annoyance.

“I did not call you as a whore or a gold digger and I don’t mean that I mean the paparazzi and shit.” He retorted. I wanted to point out that he accused me of wanting attention and money but it was pointless, this man certainly didn’t use his brain and let whatever shit roll out of his tongue.

“What about it?”

“They’re like fucking mosquitoes sucking your blood, Erika don’t you understand the gravity of this situation? Imagine the foot chases and car chases. The paparazzi invades your privacy and damages your career through negative publicity.” He whined and I rolled my eyes although he was true.

“So what Mr. Kingston? You want me to chicken out if this? Well flashing news I am not gonna do that.” I growled, raising my hands in exaggeration.

“You’re crazy, I don’t want you to get bugged by the paps, I’m only trying to stop you from doing something stupid why don’t you understand?” He argued and I got up from the couch furiously.

Who does he think he is to stop me from doing stupid shit? I never needed anyone, he needed to stop acting like he cares.

“Get out!” I huffed and he got up from the couch and walked towards me, narrowing his eyebrows.

“Why?” He said a single word and took a step closer to me and I a step backwards.

“What why?” He took another forward and I backward, it was surprising that the distance between us was less than a foot and yet it didn’t feel uncomfortable.

“Why Erika, why?” He took my hands into his and seconds later he slammed my back against a wall gently and came closer to me, staring at me intensely with his chocolate brown eyes. His hot breath was fanning my cheeks which I bet would have turned crimson by now.

“Ryan Kingston—”

“Why Miss Nadine? Why are you so persistent about this? Why don’t you give in?” He growled and I continued to stare at him, admiring the artwork in front of me.

I want to kiss it.. kiss him.

What the fuck, Erika! Get a grip, he hates you.

“Why can’t you understand? I don’t want to be another Gigi in your life, I don’t want to be someone who fucked your life up, kissing you was a mistake if I never did that, we wouldn’t be here and now I just don’t want to sit and regret, I don’t want to run away from my mistakes, I am well aware of the nosy paps but it is negligible when compared to what you have to go through if I reject this.” I answered him and he looked taken back at my answer.

“I have only been an ass to you, why do you care?” His words were almost a whisper, his eyes never leaving mine.

“I worked for you, I wanted you to succeed because I considered that was my success sir, I still want the same, I don’t want to watch you fail.” I said him truthfully and before I could register his expression, he planted his lips on mine almost bruising mine.

I pulled back, pushing him away, ignoring all the tingles it was sending down my back. “We don’t repeat mistakes, Mr. Kingston.”

“I-” he snapped his mouth shut, a bewildered look on his face. “I just got carried away, I’m sorry. I really appreciate your efforts but I plead you, don’t ever sign a contract if my uncle asks you to sign a contract.”

“What? Why?”

“Signing a contract is like giving away your freedom, it’s a written statement that you’re faking this thing, if it ever leaks it’ll end your career.” He answered softly.

“I know that, but why don’t you want me to sign it?” My heart was racing at the way he was gazing at me.

“Because I don’t want that for you.” He spoke, his hand shot up to tuck a hair stand behind my ear. “Do you get that?”

“Yes,” I breathed, he wasn’t making me uncomfortable by standing this close, it was just something indescribable.

“Are you sure about this?”

Yes, you bloody!

“Answer me Miss Nadine!” He snapped, his fingers stroking soothing patterns on my back.

Ahh! Wasn’t he a darling?

“Yes sir”

“Good, lets deal with this then.”

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