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Chapter Twenty-One

Erika Nadine

“Hello?” Mr. Dick barked into the phone, sounding irritated.

“DAMN! You sound rough, didn’t Erika get you off?” The voice rang and I shot my head at Ryan, glaring at him intensely.

Who was that? It surely wasn’t Rodger!

“Shut the fuck up !” Ryan whined and gave me a weary look. “Did you read the news?”

"It was all over tabloids and Andrew announced that you’re soon going to be engaged to her. Well I always shipped you both." He snickered and I slapped my forehead.

“Well, why did you call?” Ryan didn’t bother telling his best friend about the fake engagement.

“I’m flying directly to London from Chicago so you don’t have to wait for me to come to London.” Louis answered and I let my eyes lazy glance over the art in front of me. He was really beautiful, it should be illegal to be this alluring.

“Come for what Loui?” Ryan questioned and his gaze met mine.

“Come for me.” The voice snapped sarcastically and the raven haired hunk rolled his eyes.

“Lame!” Was his only comeback.

“Don’t tell me that you forgot that it’s Darcy’s birthday.” I watched as Ryan’s eyes widened.

“I’ll never forget my angel’s birthday, I’ll definitely be there.” A smile made its way onto my fake fiancee’s lips.

Ah what?

Angel! My ass

Who was she anyway?

Probably some model like Gigi, why should I even be bothered?

“Great then, I’ll meet you in London.” Louis said and hung up the call and Ryan shoved his phone back into his pocket.

“We are going to London tonight.” My ex employer announced cheerfully, glancing at me.

“We?” I raised my eyebrow and he rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, you know the whole fake engagement thing requires you and me hanging out together.” He shrugged and I groaned.

“No, not London please.” I tried my best to ignore the flashing memories.

“Why do you act like you are the most wanted criminal in England?” He raised his eyebrow accusingly.

“It’s worse than that but you won’t get it.” I sighed and he looked at me intensely.

“We are leaving tonight, pack your things Miss Nadine, we will be gone for a ten day trip or maybe two weeks.” He ordered me and stood up from his couch.

“I didn’t know a birthday is celebrated for weeks and I’m definitely not attending since it’s your angel’s birthday you should be the one attending.” I argued.

“The birthday is certainly only for a day Miss Nadine but I have a business meeting to attend so get ready by 6 and as my assistant you should attend as well.” He sauntered towards the door.

Oh boy, he was thinking I’m going to work for him.

“Mr. Kingston, I agreed to fake this engagement but I have not mentioned anything like accepting your offer to work for you.” I abruptly got up from the chair.

As soon as the words left my mouth he froze at the entrance, his hand clutching the doorknob firmly. He left the doorknob and whirled around to face me. “Oh damn!” His voice came out cool.

“I know I did a mistake once and I’m only trying to face the consequences but I’m not stupid to accept your offer.” I growled and crossed my arms over my chest.

“So you want to be my fiance but not my employee?” He arched his eyebrow and I nodded my head. I wanted to correct him by saying fake but I let it go when I watched his expression softened. “Erika,” he breathed and glanced at me. “I can’t take back my words, but I can say at least treat you the right way and I really want to because you deserve to be treated well. Believe me, I’m working on my temper.” The CEO frowned.

“I don’t know, I need time, I don’t need you to trash me again in a room filled with 100 people.” I shrugged and he nodded his head. “I’m certainly not willing to attend Darcy’s birthday so don’t count me in.”

“Do you know who Darcy is?” He questioned me, leaning back against the wall.

“Apart from Darcy being your angel I know nothing about her.” I answered him, rolling my eyes.

“Are you jealous Erika?” A smirk made its way onto his lips and I shook my head in denial. “Stop denying it!”

“I’m not denying anything. Why should I be jealous? I’m just your fake fiancee not your legal one, why would you think I would become jealous over a woman I haven’t heard from. Also I’m telling you this for the last time I’m not attending that birthday ba-”

“You’re rambling,” he cut me off and pulled his lower lip into his mouth in an annoyingly endearing way and I rolled my eyes.

I was fairly beautiful, why should I be jealous? Besides he only dated models in the past so I was already out of the race. Why should I be jealous?

“I’m not jealous!” I argued, he shook his head and took his phone out of his pocket. He scrolled through it for a minute and glanced at me. “Look who she is.”

“I don’t want to look.” I bet it’s definitely some blonde with high cheekbones and big blue eyes.

“Come on, she is so cute. Look!” He encouraged me and took two strides and he was beside me. I looked at the phone lazily, my eyes widened in surprise.

Oh my god, she is cute!

The blonde girl with blue eyes looked so charming.

“Bloody hell, you have a daughter? Oh my god, why did I not know this before and most importantly how will I handle a toddler in this whole charade.” I tensed and he shoved his phone back into his pocket.

“It’s not my daughter, she is Evans’ daughter.” He clarified and I shook my head in denial.

“Hayden Evans doesn’t have a daughter.” I scoffed.

“That is what the public believes and he wants that baby to lead a life away from the spotlight so not many know about Darcy.” Ryan explained and I blinked my eyes. “Go and pack your bags right away.” He ordered when I glanced at him.


He sighed before speaking, “I’m not forcing you, if you don’t want to come then that’s fine. But if you are coming give me a call, do you get it?”

Well I expected him to force me.

I gave him a nod, he picked his jacket and strolled out of the hall.

“You really should go!” Ana handed me a cup of hot chocolate.


“You can check upon Rodger too, I’ll be gone to work and you’ll be bored out of your mind too.” She tried to convince me as I took a sip from my hot chocolate.

“You’re trying so hard to export me with him, aren’t you?” I cocked a brow at her.

“Is it working?” She gave me an amused look.

“Yes, I might as well go and check upon Rodger.” I assured her, she smiled widely and ruffled my hair and started chuckling when I swatted her hand away.




The plane ride to London wasn’t so bad, outside of this being my first trip in a private plane the rest of the flight was uneventful. We didn’t have paps chasing us for which I was thankful.

My fake fiance had been so gracious to book a hotel suite which had two bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a common kitchen and a hall.

Since Ana wasn’t here to pick my outfit I really did have a tough time doing that job.

But then again what was the possibility of a black dress being a fashion disaster? Very less, so I chose a long black dress with a slit and paired it with a black belt and black pumps.

I curled the ends of my hair and used matte reddish brown lipstick and eyeliner to complete my look.

I was never the one to make a style statement so I couldn’t help but to feel a little insecure about my outfit.

“We don’t have all day Miss Nadine.” A voice barked from the outside with a bang on the door, I wanted to correct that annoying person that this was technically night but I let it go and opened the door, biting my lip anxiously.

My eyes couldn’t help but to wander over his body, he was dressed in a navy blazer beneath a black t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. His piercings were in his ears, his arms completely covered in ink, his raven hair neatly gelled. He stood tall over me while his wrist held bracelets and a ring adorned his index finger.

Damn! This man!

Stupid, stupid Erika. Don’t lust after him.

“Shall we go?” The Greek god flashed me his smile and I gave him a gentle smile before falling him out of the hotel suite.

We sauntered towards the elevator and made our way to the car which was waiting for us in the parking plot. As soon as we slid into the back seat of the Lexus, the driver started the car.

I let my eyes gaze at the streets of London lazily, it certainly didn’t look like the last time I had seen it but the name of the city could make my blood run cold.

I sighed and looked back at Mr. Kingston, trying hard to stop my mind from drifting to dark memories, he seemed to be checking his emails. I took my phone out of my clutch and started scrolling through it mindlessly.

After a painful ten minutes the car finally came to stop in front of a house or more like a damn mansion.

“I thought the birthday party would be in a hotel.” I stated when I glanced at the grandiose structure.

“Nah, he doesn’t want the attention of the press so he is hosting it in his house.” Ryan answered as he unlocked the door and climbed out. Little did I expect him to run to my side and unlock the door for me and offer his hand like a gentleman.

“Did you hit your head against something sir?” I asked him, keeping my voice low and peeked at him underneath my lashes.

“Remember our charade Miss Nadine.” He mumbled, clenching his jaw but his hand still extended towards me.

“Yes, of course sir.” I rolled my eyes at him, took his hand and slid out of the car.

A low groan escaped my lips when I felt cool chills brush my exposed skin. London’s temperature was infamous for it’s fall by the end of November, how could I forget that when I had spent most of my childhood here? I mentally kicked myself for not packing sweaters and coats.

My fake fiance seemed comfortable in his two-piece suit, he glanced at me and we strode into the house hand in hand, I couldn’t help but to let my dance over the magnificent interior, the walls were painted in white, the flooring was with wood, the furniture was in grey colour and the roof had beautiful glass chandeliers hanging whose light was dancing all over the room.

“Uncle Ryan!” I glanced at my side to look at a little girl dressed in a baby pink frock rushing towards us well towards Mr. Dick, he strode towards her and he scooped her up in his arms midway and whispered something in the girl’s ear making her grin widely.

“Happy birthday angel.” He cooed, rocking the girl in his arms, from his words I made out that the girl was Hayden Evans’ daughter, Darcy. “How is my girl?” I couldn’t help but to look and smile at the sight of him looking so cheerful.

“I’m good.” The girl grinned and he pecked her cheek.

“Give her to me.” A whiny voice came from behind, Ryan arched his eyebrow looking at my direction but his gaze was directed on the person behind me.

“Asshóle! I’m not giving her.” Ryan scowled at Nicholas who sauntered towards Mr. Kingston.

“What does asshóle mean?” The girl asked, Ryan gasped realising his mistake.

“No Darcy! We don’t say bad words, uncle Ryan is a shithead.” Nicholas groaned, glaring at his friend and took Darcy into his arms.

“Daddy said shit is a bad word.” Darcy grinned, making Nicholas frown, Mr. Dick was glaring at his friend.

“You both should shut the fuck up.” Louis snapped as he walked into the hall and his eyes widened when he registered his words and soon he bit his tongue.

“This is why I tell Hayden not to leave his innocent daughter near you guys.” My head snapped towards Liam who was frowning.

“Uncle Liam, asshóle!” Darcy greeted Liam with a girlish glint in her eyes and I had to bite my lip to suppress my grin.

“I always know why I loved her.” Ryan snickered and Liam scowled at him while Nicholas was bouncing the toddler in his arms.

“Dick! Hayden will chop off your dick.” Liam scoffed and Nicholas sighed.

“Shut the fuck up!” Louis snapped and I covered my mouth with my hand trying not to laugh like a maniac.

“Y’all got a potty mouth. Hayden is going to be mad.” A blonde walked towards us and took the girl from Nicholas’ hands.

“Ryan started it.” Liam whined and Mr. Kingston glared at him.

“What!” Ryan barked.

“What what?” Louis chimed in and my fake fiance rolled his eyes.

“You’re worse than kindergarten kids.” The blonde snapped and walked out of the hall.

“Where is Highden?” Ryan asked, walking to my side, he took hold of my hand and led me to a couch while Louis, Liam followed us and took a seat on the couch in front of us.

“He is sucking his cock in his office.” Louis raked his fingers through his hair and flashed me his smile.

“Really? Today is Darcy’s day, how could he do that?” Nicholas whined and took his seat beside Mr. Kingston on the couch.

“Damn it! He is becoming more of a work obsessed asshóle day by day.” Ryan cursed and I started fiddling with my fingers, completely bored of the topic but it was really disappointing to hear that Mr. Evans was in office on his daughter’s birthday.

“Do you think we should do something about that?” Nicholas asked and Louis shook his head.

“He needs to be laid.” Liam suggested and I scoffed at his advice. Louis glared at Liam furiously and that certainly wasn’t a playful glare that was in fact a threatening one and Liam tensed up beside him.

“Where is Rodger?” Nicholas asked my fake fiance— may be trying to cut the tension.

“I’m not his bodyguard.” Mr. Kingston answered his friend recklessly, taking his phone out of his pocket and started scrolling through his mails.

“He hasn’t been answering my calls, aren’t you worried?” Liam frowned but the CEO didn’t so much as lift his head away from his phone.

“He probably got high and passed out.” Mr. Kingston answered after a good half minute and I couldn’t help but to notice the clenching of his jaw. He seemed to clearly not enjoy the enquiry.

“You’re talking like it’s nothing.” I snapped and he glanced at me, narrowing his eyes.

“You seemed to be so worried about him Erika.” He cocked his head to the side and I rolled my eyes at him.

“Well you should be the one to be worried but since you clearly don’t give two shits, I am worried.” I fired back and watched as he clenched his jaw.

“Babe! We have come here to enjoy our holidays so I really wish you wouldn’t worry about anything else.” He smiled surprising me and seconds later he pressed his warm lips to my cheeks and the fucking butterflies started to fly inside my stomach.

He abruptly got up and strode away from the hall, leaving me with his friends.

What was all that for?

This man...!

“He is jelly.” Louis chuckled and I gazed at him passively.

“I know right, we should have taken a picture of his face.” Liam joined his friend and Nicholas turned to me with a shit eating grin.

That wasn’t jealous. That wasn’t jealous.

He hated you. Yes! Hate!

It was hate.

Or may be jealous?

BLOODY HELL! The man was so hard to understand.

═∘♡༉∘ ═

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