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Chapter Twenty-Two

Ryan Kingston

Hours passed like minutes, Hayden’s parents and his sister escorted all the guests to the banquet hall in their mansion, baby pink and white balloons were tied around pillars, glass chandeliers which were hanging from the roof, white satin clothes ran along the tables acquainted by pink and golden table pieces. Bubbles were floating in the air and soft songs were flooding within the walls. It was probably the dream of any five year old girl to have such an amazing birthday but Hayden’s absence made it less interesting for the girl.

With very little resistance she had agreed to cut the cake and let the party start, but it was less of a party and more of their fortune display event. The eldest Evans, Hayden’s father was a covetous prick so that didn’t come as surprise too. The party went in a daze not because I wasn’t interested but Erika’s concern for Rodger was irking me.

“Jealous bitch!” Liam nudged my arm and I elbowed him in his chest.

“Fuck off, I’m not jealous.” I sneered but he arched his eyebrow.

“I know you very well, you have a thing for Erika, don’t you?” He asked me, I glared at him but his lips only curled into a shit eating grin.

Oh great! Apparently now he thinks I have a thing for her.

“Well we’re engaged so I obviously have a thing.” I mutter sarcastically, rolling my eyes at him hoping he would believe my fake antics but I hadn’t told him anything about it.

“I’m not talking about your fake ass bullshit, I’m talking about the way you look at her.” He smacked the back of my head and I scowled at him.

FÚCK! Yeah, I have a thing.

Didn’t mean I had to admit it out.

“Fuck off, I don’t want to do anything with her.” I replied gruffly.

“Are you sure bitch?” He chuckled and I walked closer to Darcy, ignoring his question, leaving him alone in the balcony.

I scooped her up in my arms and walked inside with her in my arms, I sat her on the bed. “Want to play something Angel?” I cooed and she smiled widely.

“No, let’s watch something.” She demanded and before I could reply she ranted. “I really want to watch something with someone. Daddy lately is never home so I never get time with him. I feel so alone.”

I was deeply shocked when I listened to her words. Hayden was never a work obsessed asshóle after Diana left him, he made sure to spend time with his daughter all the time but now he had again turned into a work obsessed asshóle.

I pulled my lower lip into my mouth wondering what was happening with him lately but I couldn’t think of one logical reason and that was when Darcy snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Uncle Ryannnnnnnnn!” I glanced at her face and she gave me her own cheeky smile. “Please!”

“Yes, of course Angel, anything for you.” I pecked her cheek and climbed out of the bed and walked towards the huge television hung to the wall opposite to her bed.

I turned on the television and opened my Netflix, while I was searching for ‘Frozen’ I heard her meek whines. “I don’t want to watch Frozen, I want to watch End Game.” She demanded and I shrugged and searched for End Game.

But her choice of movie surprised me because until a few months she was so obsessed with Disney movies, she would take a pic of the Disney Princess’ costumes and demand Hayden to get her the same dress and he would send that to me. Later Ana would work on it.

“Why avengers, don’t you like Disney Princess anymore?” I enquired as I sat on the bed beside her and pulled her into my lap, she let out a joyous squeal.

“I do, I love them. But when I saw Frozen I realized I don’t have Anna and it made me upset so I stopped watching Disney movies.” She reasoned and leaned her back against my chest and started watching the movie.

“Aunt Ana is busy with her work so she couldn’t come but she sent you a gift.” I smiled at her and made a mental note to get something for her on behalf of Ana.

She shook her head and opened her mouth to speak. “I know aunt Ana is busy, she called me in the morning and said she would come to visit me some other time since she can’t come today and I understand that because daddy even is busy but I’m talking about Ana, Elsa’s sister, I want a sister I feel so alone.” She turned back to the screen with a blank expression but soon a grin broke out on her lips when she saw Iron Man.

Fúck! She is depressed too.

I couldn’t bring myself to comfort her, beside the cheeky grins and giggles she was broken too and it crushed my heart to think of the situation. Diana Winters could potentially set everything right but we couldn’t bring her back.

I swallowed the lump in my throat and let my fingers mindlessly run over Darcy’s curls, occasionally she would giggle and throw punches in the air when Thanos appeared on the screen.

Half way through the movie her eyelids struggled to be open and soon she fell asleep in my lap, I carefully lifted her head up and placed a soft pillow beneath her and pulled the quilt up her little body and planted a soft lingering kiss onto her forehead and climbed out of the bed. I turned off the lights and tiptoed out of the room not wanting to disturb her.

I closed the door behind me softly, steering my way away from the banquet hall, I walked into the hall to where I was certain my friends would be. I was surprised to watch Gemma and Erika indulged in some conversation, huge grins on their faces. I arched my eyebrow and walked closer to them. Something was definitely fishy.

One should never trust Gemma Evans, Hayden’s blonde sister, with their girlfriend.

“What fuckery are you doing sweetheart?” I questioned Gemma and she gave me her significant wicked smile.

“Oh, nothing. I really like her and I’m just showing her the real you, not the you that is on the magazines.” She grinned widely and my jaw ticked in annoyance. I knew Gemma Evans would be up for something like this.

“You did not show my ugly candids to her.” I growled and she winked at me, while Erika was trying to suppress her grin.

“Indeed, I did.” She shrugged and I snatched the phone back from Erika’s hands and scrolled through the pics.


That was the picture of my five-year self when my elder sister, Lily, forced me to wear a gown with pigtails and dragged me into her tea party bullshit.

“Why didn’t you delete this?” I growled and scrolled to the next picture.

This pic was shot when my hair was sticking out in all directions, I was yawning like crazy and I looked like Albert Einstein’s replica with black hair.

“Gemma, I was drunk and that was a dare.” I whined and huffed in annoyance.

“I know and you’re a cheeky dork when you’re drunk.” She smiled and I rolled my eyes and slid the screen for the next picture.

“How did you get this pic? Fucking hell! Who took this?” I demanded and narrowed my eyes at her. “A date is supposed to be private and you invaded it.”

A picture of me going to a date for the first time, I looked like I was about to cry with my lips pouting out.

“That wasn’t me. Rodger did it.” She scowled and I rolled my eyes.

Of course it had to be Rodger, the first time I kissed a girl was when I was 16 and when I said that to Rodger he patted my back saying, ‘I’m proud of you.’

Little did I expect that bastard to distribute doughnuts in our class to everyone the next day and say, ‘My lad finally grew balls to kiss a girl.’

“By the way I always knew Gigi wasn’t the one for you.” She bumped her shoulder with mine and I gave her a blank expression not knowing what to say.

Lately I had realised that too.

I scrolled and the next picture almost gave me a heartache. “Gemma!” I growled, showing the pic to her. “You promised you’ll delete this.” She and Erika started laughing like maniacs and I huffed.

That was a nude of my three-self, I was tiny for fuck sake. What if Erika thought I was still the same? I couldn’t help but to groan at that thought. It was embarrassing.

“I’ll get you for that.” I scowled and stomped out of the hall.

Fucking hell!

“Who bite your ass?” Louis asked me and I scowled at him, my gaze diverting towards Gemma. “Ahh! You’re no special, you know that she does it for everyone.”

“Except Liam.” I whined and Louis gazed passively at him.

“He never brought a girl home.” Nicholas shrugged and I glanced at Liam, if I blinked my eye I wouldn’t have noticed the slight ticking off his jaw.

“Yeah, I never found the ‘PER-FECT’ one.” Liam retorted, Louis glared at him and I couldn’t help but feel the tension between them.

What was that?

This was a story of his life. Great!

Fate had screwed all of us differently to a whole new level and you could almost write a book on each one of us.

“Where is Hayden?” I broke the silence to ease the tension between the two.

“I am worried that maybe he met with an accident.” Liam frowned and picked up his phone out of his pocket and scrolled through it and dialed to Hayden and cursed when his call didn’t connect.

He later called Evans’ assistant and she picked up the call on the second ring, he put it on speaker. ”Welcome to Evans—"

Liam cut her off by asking, “Where is Hayden, Violet?”

"Umm, Mr. Cromwell, Mr. Evans is in a meeting, he must be wrapping it anytime soon.” She answered him and I couldn’t help but to feel like banging Hayden’s head against something.

“Thank you Violet.” Liam immediately hung up and gazed at us.

“I’m done with his antics.” Gemma whined from behind me and Erika stood behind her. “It’s time all the guests make their way out of the hall, we better hurry to Hayden’s room before they catch any one of us and start their usual matrimonial talks.”

Without any resistance we all hurried off to Hayden’s room, the one thing about these rich people was they would do anything to increase their fortunes, they would marry their kids off to a complete stranger if it meant their fortune increased and I was never fascinated by that particular scheme. Why couldn’t they just earn it?

“Gemma, when do you think Hayden will be back?” Liam queried.

“I don’t want to cry about his ass now. Let’s play some games and let’s get wasted.” Nicholas suggested and I contemplated the thought.

“And later you would drunk call Cecilia and talk shit while she will be in the hospital.” Louis called out, a smirk on his lips, he slumped on the couch. “Working!”

Cecilia was Nicholas’ girlfriend for almost a few years now.

“Duh, she is my girlfriend. I can call her whenever I want.” He retorted and hurried off into the kitchen and I took a seat on the other couch. Gemma sat beside me and Louis patted the seat beside him and gestured to Erika to sit beside him.

She walked towards him with a passive expression and I couldn’t help but notice that she was biting her lip.

Was she nervous?

Soon Nicholas returned with a tray full of shots and two bottles of vodka. He placed it all on the table and sat beside me on the couch. We sat in such a way that our three couches were on the three sides of the patio table.

“So what are we playing?” Liam rubbed his palms in excitement and Erika visibly palled.

What the fúck is happening to her?

“Is everything alright?” I asked her and she opened her mouth to speak, all the eyes gazed at her and she instantly closed her mouth, contemplating her answer.

She gazed at me for a long time, and I felt she was struggling to say it out. Louis patted her back and took her hand into his and looked at her. “What happened babe?”

What was the need for that?

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at his words. Babe, my áss! I should make sure to break his hand so he wouldn’t repeat it.

Fucking hell! He better remove it or I might as well do that thing.

Erika however gazed back at me and her eyes danced over all of us, she noticed our frowns and spoke finally.

“There is a child in there!”

“And?” Nicholas snickered not understanding her reasoning, I watched her shoot him a glare immediately but within the blink of an eye she made a blank face.

“You can’t get drunk and high when there is a toddler inside the house.” She said and frowned.

“But she is asleep.” Liam chimed in and her face lost all of it’s colour. I didn’t know if it was just me or everyone noticed her struggling but I suddenly felt the urge to pull her into my embrace and sooth her.

“But you don’t know what you do when you are drunk.” She argued and gazed at me. “Can we not play this whole ‘let’s get drunk!’ thing?” Her voice was dripping with vulnerability... No, that was fear.

“Yes!” I answered her immediately and she beamed as soon as she registered my words.

“NOOOOOO! NICHOLAS HURLEY DOESN’T APPROVE THAT!” Nicholas barked and I glared at him.

“And who the fuck calls you as President Hurley?” I scoffed and he placed a hand on his chest dramatically.

“Me, I, Liam Cromwell call him that.” I glared at the person who said that, but soon Gemma joined him.

“Me too!” She grinned and I rolled my eyes at her.

“Me three.” Louis smirked, finally leaving Erika’s hand and brushed his hair to the side, smiling wickedly.

“Oh fuck off!” I cursed and Nicholas elbowed me.

“Shh! Language. President Hurley doesn’t approve that either.” I rolled my eyes at his dramatics. “We are playing STD and stop being a fun popper.”

I gazed back at Erika, she frowned but gave in.

“You’re already cancelled, you should make Miss Evans as the vice President so you wouldn’t suggest shit.” Gemma whined, “we are playing Drunk Jenga.” Her eyes glistened and I rolled my eyes.

“I don’t know the rules.” She smiled meekly.

“Oh that’s simple! What you need is Drinks and Jenga. Drunk Jenga is like normal Jenga but with funny and crazy challenges written on each of the 54 Jenga blocks. The trick is to pick up one block from the set pile of blocks with one hand and place it on top of the pile. If the stack falls, you chug your drink and pick up two blocks and complete the challenges.” Liam answered and Gemma hurried off to bring the Jenga.

She placed it on the patio table and we all looked down at the blocks, the challenges were bold and hilarious but at least they’re not so kinky, if it was Rodger choosing the Jenga he would’ve got the kinky one.

“Let’s get started.” Gemma screamed and set the blocks into a proper pile and I internally prayed that Erika wouldn’t have to get any kinky or embarrassing ones. From the looks I could make out this much that this was all new to her and I really hoped she wouldn’t end up regretting this.

Nicholas was the first one to pick up one block carefully and he pinched his eyes shut when he read the challenge. “What is it, pussy?” Liam challenged him.

“Eat chicken nuggets.” He grinned, I arched my eyebrow and snatched the block from his hands and read it out loud.

“Liar!” I called him out. “It says ten push-ups.” He huffed and got up from his seat and started doing push-ups, Gemma picked out her phone and started recording it.

“Don’t do that!” He scowled and continued doing the push-ups while Louis was counting the number. “Huh! This shit is so hard.” He arched his ass into the air and placed his head on the floor.

“4 more, that’s it!” Louis kicked his ass and we all broke into laughter. With a groan he finished the rest four and sat beside me muttering something under his breath and I placed the block back on the pile.

I cautiously picked up a block and read it, l could feel all eyes on me. “Kiss someone!” I read it out loud and looked at Nicholas.

“Oiii! I don’t want your filthy tongue anywhere inside my mouth.” He scowled and I rolled my eyes at him.

“I know you want to kiss Erika so stop wasting time.” Gemma scolded me and I gazed at Erika who was sitting across me, I expected her to scoff but she surprised me by leaning forward, her cheeks turning pink.

I leaned forward to cover the distance and when I reached her face, I could already feel her breathing go erratic. Although I so badly wanted to kiss her I still remember her reaction from the previous time, I wouldn’t do something she wouldn’t like so I pecked her cheek, however Liam was quick to pull me back.

“Enough lover boy! You have all night.” He patted my back and I rolled my eyes.

He placed the block back on the pile and picked up a block. “Give 3!” He read it out and I glared at him so that he wouldn’t give the shot to Erika although I was positive he wouldn’t do that, he gave me a nod. “Nicholas, Louis and Ryan.” We all picked up our shots and drank it.

Drunk Erika was really epic and exhausting.

It was Gemma’s time and she picked a block and read it. “Couples drink.” She passed a shot to me and Erika and we drank it. “Now Erika, pick one.” She beamed and placed the block on the top of the pile.

“Spill your crush’s name.” Erika read it out loud and I couldn’t help but stiffen.

“We know it is pussy Ryan! Louis your turn.” Nicholas said and I slumped back on the couch.

“No, it’s Rodger.” A voice rang in my ears and I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Oh my god! Do you want a threesome with the boys?” Gemma questioned and Nicholas broke into ugly laughter.

“NOOOOOOO!” Erika screamed and her face turned to the brightest shade of red.

Fucking Gemma! Fucking Rodger!

“Wipe your tears.” Liam handed me a tissue and I scowled at him.

“He is not crying, he is jelly as fuck.” Louis snickered and I rolled my eyes.

“Aww, come on! Crush doesn’t last forever.” Erika reasoned and covered her mouth with her hand, grinning widely.

“Whatever!” I sneered and snatched the block from her and placed it on the pile. “Louis, don’t waste time.”

“Yes daddy!” He snapped and picked his block. His eyes widened in horror as he read the challenge. “Twerk it or chug!”

“I’m going to kick his ass when he twerk, are you in?” Nicholas whispered in my ear and I bumped my fist with his.

“What is happening here?” A raspy thick British voice entered the room before footsteps approached us.

“Alas! Prodigal daddy is home!” Gemma whined and I glared at the man who stood in front of us, dressed in a Gucci suit, his jaw clenched.

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