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Chapter Twenty-Three

Just as a heads up, this chapter contains mature content.


“I didn’t know you were alive.” Liam made a silly face as he stared at Evans.

“Well, now that you know, are you planning to kill me?” Hayden fired back and I had to fight the urge to smack his face.

“Darcy is asleep, she was upset that her dad doesn’t have time for her even on her birthday.” Gemma’s voice failed as she tried not to get on Hayden’s nerves but also tried to kick sense into his head.

“Darcy knows that her dad is a busy person and birthdays come around every year, she will be fine.” Hayden slumped on the couch next to Louis and kicked his shoes off his feet.

“Darcy deserves better—” Nicholas was cut off by Hayden’s growl.

“We all do Hurley, we all deserve better but life is just unfair.” The green eyed asshóle snapped and I rolled my eyes in annoyance.

“Darcy wants a sister, she feels lonely.” I declared and watched his eyebrows fall down in defeat.

“I’m not going to fuck someone senselessly and have a baby so Darcy wouldn’t feel lonely.” He protested and raked his fingers through his curls.

“Don’t do that, just move the fuck on, I don’t know how but I know one thing you can’t bring back Diana and you sure as hell aren’t the best father, move the fuck on and at least give the girl a mom to embrace her. If you can’t do that let me adopt the girl.” I snapped and glared at him.

“Do you seriously think I’ll let your stick ass make threats and then rip my daughter away from me?” His tone was annoyed and it confirmed that he didn’t take my words seriously.

“You mean the daughter you can’t spend an hour with?” Louis snapped sarcastically and cocked his head to the side gazing at Evans’ threatening glare.

“That’s a promise to an angel.” I growled and all eyes fell on me.

“I won’t let you take her.” Hayden gritted his teeth.

“Then grow your balls and give the kid what she needs.” I said coolly, from the corner of my eyes I could feel Erika staring at me intensely.

“She has a nanny for a reason and I’m a single parent but I try my best—” he opened his mouth to defend himself but I held my index finger in the air, indicating him to stop and he did.

“A nanny can’t be a mother and you already failed to be a good father let alone a mother.” My voice was sharp and I could see my words pierce his heart, it wasn’t entertaining to watch but it had to be done.

I wouldn’t sit and watch him turn into a work obsessed asshóle, he is already half there but I would do everything in my might to pull him back and remind him of his responsibilities even if I had to become the villain in his story.

“I thought you would understand me.” His voice came defeated and that pissed me off.

“I do, but the girl needs a mother.” I reminded him and he shook his head.

“I can’t give her one, I can’t Ryan.”

“Five years, it has been five years, just move the fuck on and stop punishing the little girl.” I demanded, my jaw clenching in annoyance.

I expected him to deny but he was lost in his thoughts, I didn’t see Erika reaching out to me, gripping my arm and yanking it back towards her.

“Can we go back?” She asked as her face paled, I blinked my eyes at her dramatics.

“Now? Really?” I groaned and watched her nod her head incredulously. “WHY?”

“I’m not feeling well.” She mumbled the words and gazed down at the carpeted floor and I rolled my eyes at her but still caught her hand with mine.

“We are leaving.” I announced and before anyone could say I walked out of the building with my hand intertwined with Erika’s.

By the time we were at the entrance, my Lexus was waiting for us in the driveway and we sauntered towards the car, I opened the door open for Erika and she slid in and I rounded the car and slid into the backseat on the other side.

I slammed the door behind me and gazed at the woman beside me, she was acting unusually strange and I was worried but the bullshit she had pulled there was getting on my nerves.

She had no reason to pull me back from talking sense into Hayden but she did— lord knows why.

“WHY?” Was my question as I broke the uncomfortable silence but didn’t bother looking at her. “Why fake something when you are absolutely fine?”

There were minutes of silence, I was growing irritated by the fact that I had got no answer and when I was about to snap she opened her mouth to speak.

“Why ruin the girl’s life?” She questioned me and I instantly snapped my head towards her but she was staring out.

“I want him to move on so he can give her a family, the family she needs and deserves.” I growled and ran my hand through my hair.

“How are you saying she needs a family? She may not be happy leading her life lonely but it is better to lead it alone than be surrounded by people who wouldn’t give a shit about her.” She snapped and I narrowed my eyes at her.

“Children should be nurtured with care and love, one which only a family can give.” I barked as the driver took the last turn to reach our hotel.

“Love?” She laughed dryly and gazed at me with an expression that I couldn’t decipher before the car had come to an abrupt stop.

“If it is Darcy’s fate to lead a lonely life then so be it, don’t complicate it by adding fakeass people into her life. There are millions of orphans out there, she wouldn’t be the only one and if your friend is a work obsessed asshóle then let it be that way, the girl will grow a pair of balls and will grow as an independent.” She snapped and shoved the door open and slammed the door after she got out of the car.

My temper was striking so badly and I swear if it was a guy in her place by now l would have broken a bone or a jaw.

The thought of Darcy growing up lonely and depressed was sickening and pissing me off, I wanted to go snap at her so she wouldn’t say such bullshit ever but I held myself back because there are many times I was an arse and she bared me and I was willing to do the same.




I checked the file one last time and placed it back on the table and walked out of my room to the kitchen to grab a water bottle but stopped in my tracks when I saw light coming from Erika’s room, her room door was slightly opened.

Wasn’t she asleep?

I sauntered towards her room and knocked on the door with my finger knuckles.

“Miss Nadine?” I called her out but all I got was silence. I waited for a minute and opened the door cautiously and peeped inside the room. The bed was empty, I let my dance all over the room in a hope to find her but I didn’t.

Was she in the bathroom?

I walked inside the door and noticed the bathroom door opened slightly, I hesitated for a second and knocked on it. “Erika?” And no answer, I sighed and pushed the door and it flew open to reveal an empty bathroom.

Where the hell is this woman?

I huffed and picked my phone out of my pocket and dialed to her number and brought the phone to my ear, little did I expect a song to be played.

The house was awake, the shadows and monsters

The hallways, they echoed and groaned

I sat alone, in bed till the morning

I’m crying, “They’re coming for me”

And I tried to hold these secrets inside me

My mind’s like a deadly disease

Was that her fucking phone?

I glanced around the room and found her phone on her bed.

Fucking great!

I paced inside the room, irradiated and worried about her while the ringtone went on!

I’m bigger than my body

I’m colder than this home

I’m meaner than my demons

I’m bigger than these bones

And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”

I can’t help this awful energy

God damn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?

I sighed in relief when it finally came to stop.

Who the hell keeps such ringtones?

I glanced down at the phone and groaned at the notification of my missed call. She fucking named me Mr. Dick!

The nerve of this lady.....!

I always took her as someone who was happy little bunny since she wouldn’t stop flashing her smile and hoping like a fucking bunny but lately her behaviour didn’t seem that way.

I didn’t know if she was good at faking a smile initially or lately her walls are crumbling down but everyday I found her more depressed than the previous day.

Fucking hell! Erika where are you?

Did she fucking leave anywhere? Was she upset because of our earlier argument?

But I didn’t scold her, why should she be hurt?

I hurried out of the room and picked up my phone and dialed the hotel reception, pacing in the hall nervously and the door opened with a creak to reveal Erika dressed up in a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and snickers with a clutch in her hand, her hair in a messy bun on top of her head.

She didn’t even acknowledge my existence and kicked the snickers off her feet and I rolled my eyes before clearing my throat. Her eyebrows shot up in surprise when she whirled around and she flashed me her smile.

“Ugh! Hi?”

“Where were you?” I demanded, she grinned like a cheshire cat and shifted on her feet and blinked her eyes.

My temper was striking at her antics, I was fucking worried and this woman. “Where. Were. You?” I growled and she stopped grinning.

“Downstairs..” She replied and I arched my eyebrow at her demanding a proper answer. “Umm I was in the restaurant, I was hungry.”

Thanks to Hayden Evans none of us really go to eat anything tonight.

“Thankfully I didn’t eat anything.” She sighed and sat on the couch.

“Why didn’t you eat when you were hungry?” I asked her, crossing my arms across my chest and for a split second her eyes went wide.

“I ordered shirako!” She whined and ran her hand through her hair.

“You did what!” I yelled in surprise and soon broke out into laughter. “Oh my god! Erika don’t tell me you ate that.”

She fucking ate Shirako! Fucking Shirako!

“Hey! I only tasted it and when I didn’t like the taste I googled it and learnt that it’s made of milt.” She argued and glared at me but I couldn’t stop laughing.

She could be a disaster at times.

“Milt is the semen of a male fish, oh god! You really had to eat that.” I grinned and she continued glaring. “Semen Erika, semen!” I taunted her.

“I just tasted it!” She whined and I shook my head in disbelief and then she threw her clutch at my face but I dodged it. “Fuck off! I’m telling you that I’m still hungry.” She scowled and I stopped laughing.

“If you are hungry we have a kitchen in there for a reason, you can go in, cook and eat. Hopefully we don’t have milt or bull penis in the fridge, only chicken.” I smiled at her and she stomped towards me and gave me a shove.

“I can’t cook for life so it doesn’t matter if it’s your dick or horse shit is inside the fridge.” She huffed, throwing her hands into the air and I shook my head.

“Good for you I can cook.” I smirked and sauntered into the kitchen with Erika following me, searching for an apron.

“Oh! Are you cooking?” She blinked her eyes and I gave her a nod. “Well what are you cooking?” She asked, hopping onto the counter with a huge grin and I swear the position made me turn on.

Fuck! No, don’t imagine dirty stuff!

“Roasted chicken, creamed spinach and tangy potato salad with bacon and obviously wine.” I answered her, walking towards the refrigerator.

“You can have the bacon!” She grinned and I narrowed my eyes at her, ignoring the racing thoughts in my mind.

“For someone who didn’t bother eating a milt you sure as hell have a problem with bacon. eh?” I teased and watched her groan but her lips curled into a smile.




“Oh my god! It’s almost two.” Erika exclaims as she glances at her phone screen and tosses it on the couch.

“Yeah, you should get some sleep or it will be all over the tabloids that ’Ryan Kingston’s fiance, Erika Nadine was seen with dark circles!′ ” I groaned and she snickered.

“Well true, it’s crazy how they write bullshit, also thank you very much for your board game, I can’t sleep now, anyway you should go and sleep.” She groaned and slumped back on the chair.

“I have a meeting in two hours, a conference with people from Germany, China and Japan.” I replied and she nodded her head and averted her gaze from me.

“Maybe we should play twenty questions or something like that to pass on time.” I suggested, hoping that she accepts it because I wanted to get to know her deeper.

“Well, what if I don’t want to answer?” She asked the question passively.

“Then don’t answer, just pass it.” I offered and she pursed her lips and nodded her head, I made a mental note to not ask anything out of her comfort zone.

“What is your favourite colour?” She asked me and I gazed into her green orbs and I felt warmth engulf me.

“Green! My question is, is Rodger your crush? Because I’ll just warn you Rodger doesn’t date.” I rambled and she grinned.

“Rodger is like a cute puppy, he makes you happy, he makes you want to cuddle and peck but nothing sexually, I called him that because I really couldn’t think of anyone, I was never in a relationship, never.” She admitted and I couldn’t help but to relax for some unknown reason.

“Why did you break up with Gigi?” She asked me and I was a bit taken off guard because when I ended things not even a single person asked me ’why?′ they were just happy.

“Don’t laugh, I don’t sleep often, I tend to skip sleep at least twice a week and recently I started getting few dreams, they’re all about this woman, I swear she is so fucking gorgeous but not like the girls on the magazine, she is so different, her eyes sparkle when she smiles, I can sleep all night just to dream for few minutes about her. She is so beautiful, she fucks with my head and dreams, I just didn’t feel the connection with Gigi, I am a professional asshóle to my employees but I didn’t want to be a cheating asshóle.” I admitted and she glanced at me with a confused look.

“Who is she?” She asked me and I swallowed the lump formed in my throat.

You...! I wanted to say that but then again she would see me like I have grown two heads.

“I haven’t met her, I don’t even remember her face.” I lied and she nodded her head. I cleared my throat and asked her the next question, “why do you mean by you have never been in a relationship? Are you a virgin?” I asked her and regretted immediately when I noticed her frown.

She didn’t reply for a few seconds and I thought she would pass on the question.

“Virginity has nothing to do with being in a relationship and I’m not a virgin.” She replied dryly and her eyebrows fell in defeat that for some reason felt like a kick in my gut. I shouldn’t have asked that fucking question.

Ugh! Asshóle!

“Well my turn, if you can turn back time what will you do?” She asked me, leaning on the backrest, cocking her head to the side and I pursed my lips.

“I would have stopped getting drunk in parties and going on useless adventures.” I answered her truthfully and she raised her eyebrow suspiciously.

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself but I could feel the agony rushing inside me, it felt like a knife was jabbed into my chest.

Before Erika could press me any further I asked her the question which was killing me since last night. “Why did you not want us all to get drunk?” I asked her and watched her tense up.

Her eyes flickered towards mine and she stared at me but completely lost in her thoughts.

“I hate drinking, when I drink I become so horny that I don’t even know what I am doing. Imagine waking up to a bloody hangover, sore muscles, beneath the sheets, naked beside some random frat boy, even worse is the blood stains on the sheet when I can’t remember shit no matter how much I try. That is how wonderfully I have lost my virginity.” She sighed and ran her hand through her hair.

“But that’s..” rape!

I closed my mouth immediately, I didn’t have it in me to rub it in her face. I couldn’t help but feel anger bubbling up inside me. I wanted to kill that fucker who had taken advantage of her.

“Consent? They didn’t need that, they wanted to get laid and I had my legs spread.” She shrugged it off but the pain laced in her voice and the tears polling at the corner of her eyes were evident.

They! They? No, no, I should stop thinking stupid things. She wasn’t raped. No, she wasn’t.

I glanced at the woman who would burn my skin with just a simple touch.

“They?” My voice trembled and she glanced at me wearily.

“I had got drunk only four times (excluding wine) the only time I woke up in my clothes was when you dropped me at my place, remember Rodger’s challenge?” Her voice cracked when she clutched the cushion with her dainty fingers and I hated that she had been through this.

Now I understood why she acted that way the night when she had almost 20 shots, she was so turned on, she was out of her mind, I had to stop her from doing something she would regret later and the next day she didn’t remember shit.

“Do you think I’m a slut?” She snapped me from my thoughts and I narrowed down my eyes at her.

“Why would I say that?” I demanded.

“Because I had three one night stands or something like that.” She reasoned and I opened my mouth and closed it, too shocked by her reasoning.

“No, I will call you a virgin.” I admitted, little did I expect her to narrow her eyes.

“Are you mocking me?” Was her question.

“What the hell! No... Why would I?” I stared at her incredulously with an open mouth only for her to roll her eyes at me. But the eye roll was all a facade, I could see the pain lingering in her jade eyes.

“Erika, losing your virginity is not about hymen, it’s about tingles that travel down your spine, it’s about connecting with someone so deeply, that you feel like you can see through their soul, it’s about letting a man worship your body.” I looked into her eyes and continued, “you never had sober sex and I don’t think you ever felt it all and so I mean it when I called you as a virgin.” I didn’t miss watching her lips part in awe.

“Tingles down my back?” She arched her eyebrow and I gripped her arm and yanked her forward while I did the same.

She didn’t look surprised, she was certain of what she was doing and if that didn’t pull me towards her the lust swirling in her eyes would certainly pull me towards her.

“Are you drunk?” I murmured the question as I brushed my lips against hers tauntingly and she shook her head.

That was all I needed to hear, I collided our mouths and she let my hard lips trace her soft ones, her hands made their way into my raven hair and she tugged on it when I bit her lip.

My hands snaked around her waist, I pulled her closer to me, her lips parted when a moan escaped from it, I chose the moment to let my tongue dance on hers, to taste her and that moment I realised what I had been craving for all these days. Her!

My body was on fire, my pulse was increasing, the space was exploding but that didn’t matter because right now our heartbeats were merging.

I wouldn’t complain kissing her for a lifetime if I could magically manage to breathe and let her breathe mine so she could feel the warmth in her stomach, so she could experience the eruption of goosebumps on her soft skin, so she could feel the tingles travelling down her back.

We had to pull back for the bloody need of air and I let my forehead rest against hers as we both pant for air.

“Did you feel the tingles?” My thumb traced her lower lip and she looked up at me through her lashes.

“What if I don’t want the tingles to stop?” She demanded and bit on my thumb to emphasize her point.

I blinked my eyes, staring back at the woman who would drive me mad and she licked her lips.

“But what if you regret tomorrow?” I blurted out, my mind was already going crazy with the image of the skin of her creamy legs blending with my bedsheets.

“My goodness, are we that bad in bed?” She smirked and cocked her head to the side, it should have triggered me to break her to submit to me but it didn’t. A big rational part of my mind was worried about her decisions.

“I’m serious Erika! Are you sure about your demands?” I didn’t want my voice to be sharp but it was and that seemed to only turn her on more.

“Unless you are not good at what you’re doing.” She grinned like a Cheshire cat, I pulled my lips into a thin line, glaring at her, but she bit on her lip almost nervously and I couldn’t control myself anymore.

I pulled her by her thighs which made her squeal a little in surprise, dragging her until her back hit the couch, I caged her with my arms pressing into the couch beside her head and leaned down to gaze at her.

She is so fucking beautiful.

“Are you sure?” I asked her again, she huffed but pulled me closer to her with her hands and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

“Words Miss Nadine, I want your words.” I growled and planted a lingering kiss on her neck.

“Yes, I want you!” She didn’t so much as hesitate and I bit on her soft skin which was rewarded with a moan.

My lips travelled up and I made sure to plant a kiss on every visible inch of her skin, worshipping her in the purest form she deserved.

“Arms up babe!” I demanded, clutching onto her shirt, when she complied, I pulled the fabric over her face and tossed it on the floor.

I wasted no time in kissing her exposed chest and her collar bones, “you’re beautiful.” I praised as I kissed the spot behind her ear.

I couldn’t help but smile when I heard her moan, I rose up and gazed down at the fingers tugging at the end of my sweatshirt. When I got the clue, I looked at her, she wasn’t demanding; she was blushing hard, her cheeks and ears turned to the brightest shade of red.

“I can’t believe your blush is turning me on.” I exclaimed, I pulled the shirt over my head and threw it on the floor.

I looked back at her, her face was impossible redder than before, the gaze of her sparkling eyes was on my ink as her fingertips traced my tattoos, her touch made me hiss.

“They’re beautiful.” She confessed with a small smile, her face flushed.

My fingers travelled down her curves slowly to ignite her skin and I stopped when I reached the waistband of her jeans. I looked at her for permission and she gave me a small nod, my fingers craftily unbuttoned her jeans and I pulled the jeans down her pale legs before throwing it on the carpeted floor.

I planted wet kisses on her soft creamy thighs making her shiver under my touch. Her moans were quite encouraging as I pecked her inner thigh.

I caught her ankle in my hand and started kissing her all the way up my eyes trained on her through all this and praising her. “Your legs are so sexy, every inch of you is beautiful.”

The smile that adorned her lips was worth all the foreplay which Rodger considered as a waste of time.

Her fingers tapped on my sweatpants impatiently and I granted her wish immediately, soon my sweatpants were on top of the pile.

I kissed her lips fiercely, she was melting under my touch while burning me from inside. It was cosmic.

I gripped her waist and rolled us over and she was instantly on my top. It should have bruised my ego to let someone be on my top surprisingly it didn’t, I remember her demands from the previous night, I didn’t know why she chanted about riding me until she fell asleep but if that was her kink and if this would be the first and last time we would be having sex I would gladly let her be on top so she could have fun.

“Me? On top?” She blinked her eyes down at me in disbelief, I nodded my head, not bothering to answer her, instead I gave the curve of her waist a reassuring squeeze and she closed her eyes in bliss.

My fingers crawled all the way up on her back into her messy bun and with a tug her hair came undone and covered her chest. I later unhooked it deftly and slid off the garment down her shoulders and arms. The waves of her brown hair were covering her tits but I could still trace out her curves and she’s indeed the most beautiful woman on the planet.

My hands travelled down her curves and gripped her waistband and she lifted her hips up so I could pull it off of her until her knees and she slid it off the rest way.

She bent down to give me another kiss, her invading my insides while her fingers worked with my boxers, I raised my hips up and she carefully pulled it off of my legs.

“Condom?” I asked her, she shook her head and sat her down on my hard dick, knocking the breath out of my lungs.

“I’m on birth control and clean.” She flushed when the words left her mouth, I didn’t waste time in gripping her thighs and she lifted her weight off me only to readjust herself and slide down me, making me hiss.

“Fuck!” I growled when she lifted her hips up and slid again as she pressed her nails into the flesh of my arms.

It took me only a little time to regain my composure, I soon rocked my hips back and forth, thrusting in and out of her to meet her midway every time she pounced on me, the sight of her hair bouncing on her chest when she rode me would undoubtedly give me a permanent boner.

“Keep going babe.” I groaned when she leaned down to press her lips on my neck and I couldn’t help but the rolling of my eyes.

I gripped her waist and thrusted upwards and she screamed my name in ecstasy. “Ryan!”

I could feel the pressure building up in her, I increased my pace and ordered her “Come for me.”

Being the obedient one she was, she came down on me, her eyes fluttered and the sight made me come inside her.

“So good babe.” I murmured when she nuzzled into my chest, her breath fanning my skin, I ran my fingers through her hair lazily and watched her struggle to keep her eyes open.

“Alas! I lost my virginity.” She chuckled and I joined her soon after pressing a kiss into her hair.

“You did,” I smiled and pulled her closer into my chest.

“You wouldn’t dare to call it another one of you drunk mistakes, would you?” Her voice was low.

“I’m not drunk and I certainly don’t regret this.” I assured her, planting a lingering kiss on her head.




I groaned when the sound of my ringtone filled my room, I wasn’t remotely uncomfortable with the way Erika was tangled with me, dressed only in my sweatshirt while I was in my boxers.

I caught the phone in my hand and picked up the call without checking the caller ID.

“Hello?” I barked into the line and waited for the other person’s voice.

I waited for a few seconds, I decided to hang up but then I remembered I had called off the conference and it must be Ana checking on me why I did that.

“Ana, I was busy last night so I had to call off the conference, I thought Liam would have informed you, didn’t he?” I sighed into the phone and glanced down at Erika as she shifted in her sleep. She looked cute.

There was no reply from the other side and I frowned.

"Ryan?” I blinked my eyes lazily but when my mind registered the voice my blood ran cold, my heart stopped beating in my chest for a moment.

“Are you awake?” The voice came again and I swallowed the lump in my throat.

“Yes!” Was all I could say, I could never not recognise that woman’s voice even after a light-year of her going all mute on me.

“You’re engaged.” That wasn’t a concerned question or a joyous squeal, it was an accusation and I didn’t know for what.

She hadn’t seen my face for ages and today she had the audacity to accuse me?

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