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Chapter Twenty-Eight

Ryan Kingston

“Ryan Kingston! It’s been a quite a time since we last met, it’s good to see you again.” I clenched my jaw when I registered the voice.

Fucking Perrins!

“Oh, how I wish I could say the same.” I greeted him with my dose of sarcasm. Walter sensed tension in the air and interrupted our conversation before I break out like wildfire.

“Mr. Perrins, Andrew was searching for you, he wanted you to meet with Mr. Howard and address the gathering.” Walter smiled, and I resisted my urge to roll my eyes at my grandpa’s dramatics.

“Yes, of course.” Perrins exclaimed and turned on his heel, I stood there trying my best not to smack his jaw.

“You boy, stay the fúck away from him. He is like a snake, either you go on his way or he comes in yours, end of the day snake-bite will affect only you.” Walter warned me before following Perrins. I must admit that a bigger part of me was actually thankful that he diverted Perrins’ attention.

I couldn’t help but to search for that red dress damsel, I didn’t know if she ever knew how much it turns me on to watch her in a fucking red dress but it did. The woman ruined my mind, even when I was with Gigi I didn’t have this intense desire to devour her but Erika’s really something.

I sauntered towards the table where Erika sat beside Lily, Erika’s back was facing me. My family seemed to be in their own world of fancy, however, Erika seemed like she was least interested in their conversation.

My eyes flew towards the dance floor and back to Erika’s back. A ghost of a smile played on my lips at the thought of dancing with Erika in my arms. In seconds I was behind her, I snapped her out of her thoughts by tapping on her shoulder. She looked back at me with wide green eyes filled with tears. They weren’t bright; they were dark, resembling the pain lurking behind them.

“What happened?” I enquired, unable to assess what brought tears to her eyes.

“He is here.” Her voice cracked as a drop of tear rolled down her right cheek. She was quick to wipe it with the back of her hand, unwilling to gather attention.

I let my gaze travel from her to all the men in the room for a second and looked down at her. She clearly looked troubled. Did anyone misbehave with her? If that was why she was upset, so help me or I would beat that asshóle to death. I asked her and noticed her lip trembling. “Who?”

She didn’t answer my question; she plead me only one thing. “Take me home.”

“Come with me.” I offered her my hand, and she took it without questioning, I had many questions to ask, but this wasn’t a place to ask. The last thing I want was people giving her worried or weird stares if she cried.

She got up, clutching her clutch in her hand. I twined our fingers and lead the path to the back entry so I didn’t have to worry about fucking paps making Erika uncomfortable.

I took my phone out and sent a quick message to my driver to keep the car ready, and we walked in silence to our waiting car.




Erika was silent the whole ride back to the hotel. It worried me, but I just had a feeling it was related to her past and she wouldn’t be comfortable to tell it in the car I didn’t press her.

But little did I expect her to be silent even after we come back to the hotel suite. I grabbed her arm when she turned towards her room and pulled her back closer to me.

“Who is he, Erika?” I caught her shoulders with my hands and gazed down at her.

“No one important.” She mumbled her answer, but that wasn’t the answer I was waiting for. She told me she was an orphan and had never been in relationships, so I couldn’t draw any conclusions.

“Erika, please tell me. Who is he, why were you so nervous?” I pleaded with her and hoped she would answer to my questions, but she shook her head.

“You know I care for you, you know I wouldn’t judge you then why can’t you tell me what’s bothering you, did anyone hurt you? Did they misbehave? Give me your word, I’ll sue them.” I tried to convince her to speak, my temper was already flaring, the thought of someone taking advantage of her was pissing me off so much.

“I told you it’s not important, why can’t you let me go?” She yelled and shoved my hands away.

“Because I didn’t buy that shit.” I snapped and caught her chin tenderly, I gazed down at her after lifting her chin up.

“Why won’t you let go of me?” Tears pooled at the corner of her eyes and I cupped her cheeks with my hands.

“Because I’m worried, I’m worried Erika, worried for you.” I whispered the words and her lips trembled.

“He is my sperm donor.” Her voice cracked at the end, her green eyes glittering with tears. Her wording caught me off guard for a second. She said she was an orphan. What person will call a father as sperm donor but not a father? Erika did, I felt a tug at my chest when I wondered what made her call her father as sperm donor.

There was nothing I could do, I pulled her into my chest and wrapped my arms around her. “I’m sorry!”

“Why are you sorry?” She tried to snap but couldn’t keep her voice even, she let out a low groan and seconds later hot stream of tears damped my dress shirt, she was sobbing, she clutched my suit jacket in her hand and shook when a high-pitched cry escaped her throat.

I caught her tightly and let her weep into my chest; I ran my fingers through her hair soothingly, but it wasn’t comforting her. Hearing to her cry truly sucked not because she was crying but because she didn’t deserve to cry.

After a few minutes, she trembled, and I caught her legs when they nearly gave out. I lifted her up in my arms and walked to my bedroom. I placed her on my bed and she sank down into the mattress, crying into the pillow.

I sat on the edge of the bed beside her in arm’s reach, painfully watching the woman I truly care for crying her heart out, I wiped her tears and pulled her into my chest.

“It’s okay, no one is going to hurt you.” I whispered the words just enough for her to hear. She cried harder, and I felt helpless.

“Baby, your fine, you’re safe. Stop crying!” The nickname tumbled out of my mouth and for some unknown reason I didn’t mind it in the slightest, I was rather worried about the woman in my arms.

“It- it’s not! I want to go back to New York.” Her voice cracked, and she cried harder into my chest.

“Right away, but stop crying, tell me what is wrong, you’re not alone.” I assured her. As much as I wanted to devour her and ignite her senses I also wanted to reach out to the woman behind the walls, I always did.

“Tell you why I hate my da- sperm donor?” She looked back at me, her green eyes were gloomy, mascara which flowed down with her tears stained her cheeks which turned rosy because of the crying.

“Talk to me,” I gently demanded her. Pushing the strand of hair behind her ear, I wiped her tears with my thumbs gently. She nodded her head and snuggled deeper into my chest, placing her ear over my heart as her gaze fell on the carpet.

“You want to see my scars and broken pieces of my soul?” She mumbled the words, and I stroked her back.

“Fighters always get scars, baby.”

She looked back at me with a look I couldn’t quite decipher before closing her eyes and pulling herself closer to me.

“She was just 9 when they knocked on her house door. Her mum was too drunk to even open the door. Little did the girl know that opening the door she was throwing into a misery, the girl jumped on her feet cheerfully when she saw her dad, she expected him to lift her up, kiss her cheeks, bounce her on his hips like he always did but he didn’t, he gave the girl a smile before walking past her into her drunk mom’s bedroom. The girl didn’t dare to follow him in, the guests came in and sat on the small couch, the little girl was too confused but never asked what was happening, she ignored them and went in search of her teddy bear.” She sucked in a breath and tears rolled down her cheeks. My pulse started racing at the thought. Those asshóles didn’t rape her they can’t be so heartless.

“Minutes later there were loud sounds of screeching and things scattering from the bedroom. It terrified her to barge in and check what was happening. He came out of the room living the drunk woman alone in the room. He looked agonized, or that was what she believed he looked like. ’Sir, I need some more time, just three days, and I will give back your money.’ He started off and one of the men cocked his head to the side mockingly but that didn’t cut him off from begging them to give some more time. They weren’t willing, they wanted their money and he couldn’t give it.” She cried, and I felt an uneasy pit in the bottom of my stomach.

“He tried hard to convince them and they ended up demanding something in exchange. They demanded the little girl. He objected initially, but when they pointed a gun at the side of his head and he gave in to their demand. The little girl however thought it was fun to watch little did she know that her sperm donor sold her to a gangster.” I felt my own breath hitch at her words. That’s disgusting. How could a father do any such thing?

“She cried and protested when she understood the gravity of the situation, she tried to run out of the house for her dear life but it was all in vain, she didn’t see the hand which came flying to clutch her short figure. They placed a cloth which had an odd smell before everything turned blurry and darkness engulfed her forever.” My heart was pounding in my chest, tears were scratching my throat as the words left her mouth. How could someone possibly be so cold-hearted?

That was utterly disgusting!

“Baby, I know ’I’m sorry’ will not heal your wounds or turn back time, but you deserve better than him, I regret taking you there but you’re safe now, he can’t get you now or ever.” I whispered the words. Brushing her hair softly, I placed a reassuring kiss into her hair.

Rodger had always taunted me I suck at this whole comforting thing, and I had previously never minded it in the slightest but now however, I wished I had that art so I could take her pain away and make her smile.

I waited for her to say more about her sperm donor so I could sue him but she wasn’t just broken but too exhausted from the whole event, her grip on my shirt loosened, her eyelids fell heavy, her breathing became steady and she leaned into me, I watched her lips part before she fell asleep.

It wondered me despite all the shit people put her through how did she manage to stay strong, she truly didn’t have anyone that inspired her to live or anyone that had her back, she was all she ever had and the thought hurt me way more than I could ever imagine.

She is a fighter!

═∘♡༉∘ ═

So now you know about Erika’s father.

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