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Chapter Three

Erika Nadine

After having a cup of coffee, I stepped out of the cafe and started walking towards Kingston Textiles by the side of busy New York road with my resume and my handbag in left hand as I texted something in my phone with my right hand and my eyes were glued to the screen. I suddenly felt someone bump into me and the impact caused all the things in my hands to fall on the road.

“I’m so sorry,” I apologized and bent down to pick my things up.

“Watch where you are going.” I heard a deep growl, I snapped my head up and my eyes met with a pair of brown eyes. A fairly handsome man dressed up in a greyish black suit, his jacket was hanging perfectly over his shoulders, his raven hair combed properly, his sharp jaw clenched and he looked like a model with his neck inked.

“Weren’t you the one who bumped into me?” I hissed as I stood up, grabbing my things from the ground. Although I was in heels, I couldn’t exactly match his height.

“Weren’t you the one who had her eyes stuck to your damn phone’s screen?” He shot back as he arched a dark brow, his long lashes making his gaze insanely intense.

“That’s not my fault.” I meekly argued to which he only scowled, I didn’t bother wasting my time as I started walking away.

Wow! Such a jerk!

Although it was partially his mistake, I was the first one to apologize. He could have been good, instead he accused me.

“Excuse me,” I felt someone grab me by my arm and I swore I heard that same annoying person’s voice.

“What is it now?” I turned back with a deep scowl on my face. He had a ridiculously alluring smirk on his lips as he gave me his phone. Anger rose in my veins.

What the hell!
Why is he asking for my number?

“Pervert! Piss you!” I snatched his phone from his hand and threw it on the ground. I watched happily as his jaw dropped to the ground in surprise. His hand instinctively covering his wide open mouth and I raised my eyebrow, challengingly. Much to my surprise, when I heard a phone ringing, he pulled out a phone from his pant pocket with his tattooed hand and answered the call. He gave me one last victorious smile before walking into the cafe from which I just walked out. I stood there dumbfounded until realisation hit me.


I picked up my phone from the ground; I surveyed quickly for cracks on the screen and as expected they decorated my whole phone screen with cracks.


I shoved my phone into my handbag and started walking towards the Kingston Textiles building.

“Good morning! How can I help you?” The receptionist at the desk asked me as I entered the building.

“Good morning! I am Erika Nadine, I—” I started only to be interrupted by her.

“Oh! Welcome to Kingston Textiles, Miss Nadine, you are the new personal assistant for Mr. Kingston, right? Miss Swan has informed me, your office is in twentieth floor, you may meet Miss Swan in fourteenth floor, the first cubicle opposite to the elevator.” She said with a smile, I thanked her before making my way towards the elevator wing.

I stepped into the elevator as the doors slid open and pressed on the button to the fourteen floor. My palms already sweat, nervousness creeping down my spine, and my throat was dry as hell. Wonderful!

“You are insecure, don’t know what for.” I stepped out of the elevator. When I heard a loud chirpy, I snapped my head towards the voice and saw Ana rushing towards me with a wide grin.

“Ana, what if I mess up things with Mr. Kingston?” I mumbled weakly, to which she only grinned.

“Don’t worry! It’s going to be okay.” She gave me a small smile before dragging me back into someone’s cubicle.

“Liam, meet my baby, Erika Nadine, she is here to work as Mr. Flawless’ Personal Assistant.” She screamed.

Mr. Flawless? What sort of name is that?

“Good morning, Miss Nadine! I’m Liam Cromwell, Hayden Evans has given me a positive report about you, I hope you work satisfactory to Ryan.” He greeted me and stuck his hand out for me to shake it.

Oh, so they work here by first name basis?

“Morning, Mr. Cromwell,” I gave him a small smile and shook his hand.

“Call me Liam.” He returned me the smile. Ana later dragged me out of his cubicle and wished me luck before going to her cubicle. I walked towards the elevator and stepped into it hurriedly before the doors could close.

“Pervert! Were you following me?” I heard the same annoying voice I heard in the morning.

“Shut up! I am not following you, I work here.” I argued with that person and he rolled his eyes.

“Which floor do you work in?” He asked confidentially.

“That’s none of your business.” I snapped and stepped out of the elevator. Who does he think he is?

“Good Morning, Mr. Kingston!” A blonde rushed past me, I became dead in my tracks as I listened to her and I blinked, wishing it was not how it seemed.

Mr. Kingston? That pervert? My boss?

“Morning Miss Jones,” He gave her a curt nod and started walking intimidatingly. The blonde followed him, updating him about something while I stood there dumbfounded. My jaw was practically hanging, watching my boss’ retreating-back. After a good five minutes, the blonde returned with a pissed off expression on her face.

“Man! Where the hell is his new assistant?” Miss Jones snapped at some other girl, who responded by shrugging her shoulders.

Oh my god! I already messed it up big time with my boss.

“Good morning, I am Erika Nadi—” I was cut off by Miss Jones.

“I am Carla Jones! Congratulations for being late on your first day to work and yeah, welcome to Kingston Textiles aka the hell reigned by Mr. Ryan Kingston.” She spat sarcastically.

She went all high on me. What am I supposed to say?

“Miss Nadine, are you in search of a new job?” Carla yelled harshly, which took me by off guard, but I instantly shook my head. “Good, then come follow me to his fucking office and start working.” She stated, walking past me towards the door, and I quickly followed her. With each step, my heart beating against my chest furiously.

The office was vast, all the employees were busy drowned in their own work. As we walked through the hallway, I noticed a cabinet with a glass door on the right side and a big mahogany door with a nameplate with bold letters CEO hanging on the door at end of the long hallway; she knocked on the door twice and waited for his response, I gulped the clog in my throat and rubbed my palms against my dress.

Calm down!

“Come in,” She opened the door and we walked into the room. There he was, the CEO of Kingston Textiles, seated in a plush black chair, reading his documents. His table was a proper mess with files, papers, different colour highlighters and paper weights scattered all over the table.

“Sir, Miss Nadine is here.” Carla said, I bit the inside of my cheeks since I couldn’t help the nervousness.

“Welcome to Kingston Textiles, Miss Nadine. Do you remember you are later by five minutes or do you want me to remind it?” He snapped without bothering to look at my face, his eyes still reading those documents.


“Miss Nadine, I didn’t get your response.” He called me in a stern voice. His left hand which was covered in ink was now rapping the pen against the table.

“Y-yes sir!” I stammered as he raised his head to look at me. He fairly looked astonished too, but he quickly replaced it with a serious expression.

“Miss Nadine, I expect all my employees to be on time, since this was your first day you are excused, and if you are to be any later than 9:00 am tomorrow, might as well leave this job now.” He said authoritatively, and I nodded my head in acceptance.

“Miss Jones will show you your cubicle and will tell you everything about your work.” He said as he looked back into his documents. After thanking him, we exited his office.

Carla showed me to my cubicle, she informed me about my day tasks and asked me to take a cup of coffee for Mr. Kingston. I took the cup of coffee from the nearby cafeteria and walked towards his cabin. After I knocked on the door, I waited for his permission to enter. I walked inside the room as I listened to him say, ′Come in′. I made my way towards his table and placed the tray on his table.

“I already had one in the morning, take it back.” He hissed, I nodded my head and picked up the tray from the table. “Miss Nadine, if I ever come across you misbehaving with anyone in the building, I swear that day is going to be the last day of your work here.” He warned me in a threatening tone.

Misbehave? He was the one who bumped into me!

“Calling random people names inside this building will potentially damage my work environment with my employees and customers. I don’t tolerate any such behaviour. Do you get that?”

“Yes Sir,” I replied, my voice filled with embarrassment and my face fell to the ground.

“One more thing Miss Nadine, if you put your toe out of line, I’ll fire you.” His voice was much lower as an arrogant smirk made its way onto his lips.

“Duly noted, sir,” I answered him to which he was quick to respond.

“You may leave now.”

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