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Chapter Five

Erika Nadine

Since Mr. Dick has meeting with Mr. Lawrence, he attended it and fortunately; he said I didn’t have to attend the meeting, which technically meant I was free for this hour. With nothing to do I went down to meet Ana who was in the studio, she was champing at the bit because we will launch her new designs in the upcoming collection.

“How is the photoshoot going?” I asked Ana as I walked over to her. I looked around the room, it was nothing like less than a professional studio. The hall is vast with all the necessary equipments and proper lightings. A white box at the end of the hall which I assumed is used as a background.

“It didn’t start yet.” Ana answered me and turned to the photographer and yelled, “are we doing it today? Charlie!” Her tone was sharp and one can easily tell she was pissed.

“What the fuck, Ana? What am I supposed to do if Gigi didn’t come?” He yelled, Ana rolled her eyes. Gigi must be the model, but why wouldn’t she come when a photoshoot was scheduled?

“I’m READY!” I turned back to see where did the high-pitched voice come from. It was her, the blonde from yesterday. She aced monochromatic dressing in a pale blue sea-foam jumper tucked into a pair of wide-leg high-waist trousers and paired this with all-white accessories, opting for the ankle boots and the top-handle in white.

“What did I ask you to wear, Gigi?” Ana bawled out and slapped her forehead in what seemed like annoyance.

“The colour is perfect for this week’s heat wave, and thankfully, sea-foam linen pieces from shirts to sweatshirts and ruffled skirts are so comfortable.” Gigi giggled, Ana and Charlie made an unbelievable face. The theme of the photoshoot was a charity ball event and Gigi’s dressing was nowhere near to it and it was only reasonable for Ana to go ballistic.

“Sweetheart, the theme is charity ball events!” Ana snapped only for Gigi to flip her off. “we made the set for a ball.”

“I don’t care, edit the background in photos and start the photoshoot.” Gigi huffed and took a seat on the chair beside the photographer. “Hurry! I need to meet Ryan after this.” Mr. Dick seemed like he would never let a single thing to go wrong, but since she slept with him, I believe he would excuse her.

“Hey! Don’t remove the couch.” She ordered the workers who were changing the set. He looked at Ana who exaggerated by throwing her hands into the air and gestured the worker to leave the couch there.

After a few minutes Gigi walked over to the white box and sat on the couch, crossing her legs and resting her back against the couch.

“Ana, what the hell!” Charlie whined, refusing to click the photo, Ana shrugged and crossed her arms across her chest. He scowled and took the shot.

“Wait!” Gigi exclaimed and opened her clutch and took out a small mirror and looked into it. After she made sure she looked flawless, she shoved the mirror back into the clutch and posed again. Her legs crossed again, her face resting against her palm and her elbow on the handle of the couch. Charlie let out a low groan before clicking the shot.

After a few more ridiculous shots, Gigi went into the dressing room to get her dress changed.

“I swear to god by the end of this day either of us will die,” Ana bangs her head as she takes a seat in her chair. Ana is someone who boasts about her designs 24/7, the photoshoot today literally got on her nerves somehow.

“Ana,” Liam beamed from behind and scowled at him, “who hurt the cocky girl?” He frowned.

“Man! Dig a pit and bury me alive. If she wasn’t his girlfriend, I wouldn’t mind ripping that annoying head from her neck.” Ana bawled out and Liam chuckled.

“Screw her! Do you know incredible Hulk died?” Liam stated, and Ana’s face instantly lit up, “because of stress and over workload.”

“Bury it in my ass please!” She chuckled and soon Liam joined her, I raised my eyebrow trying to catch-up with their sense of humour. I knew I was slow, but Liam and Ana’s sense of humour was something.

“You didn’t get that?” Liam snorted, and I shook my head, hoping him to explain. “You are too innocent.” He complimented, I believe. I pouted my lips not really aware of what he meant and he chuckled deeper and walked away from us.

I turned towards Ana and raised my eyebrow, asking her to explain all this. “Okay, Eric! What is it that has 36 teeth and hides incredible Hulk?”

“I don’t watch Marvel movies.” I gave her a small smile, and she burst out into laughing worse than earlier, making few heads turn towards us, not that she minds getting such stares. I didn’t know if I have made a joke out of myself, but she was certainly enjoying it.

“Ryan’s zipper!” She chuckled again, tears threatening to flow down from the corner of her eyes. I still didn’t get it. What is the connection between Ryan’s zipper and her ass? I stressed my brain for a good few minutes and when it finally clicked, I couldn’t help the raise of colour to my cheeks.

“Ana, if you are done with your gossips, please go and help the bride, so we can get done with this event.” Charlie chided. Ana rolled her eyes and got up from her chair and stomped outside the hall furiously, I followed her.

“Gi darling, are you done stuffing your face with that cake?” She cooed, walking into the dressing room. Gigi’s makeup was perfectly done and re-doing it when running out of time was a little irrational of Gigi.

“No, because this dress is ugly.” Gigi remarked, frowning at her image in the mirror. Ana clenched her teeth, I only wished to not to see both these ladies pulling each other’s hair. It would be super wild.

“I’m sorry that the dress seems ugly on you.” Ana retorted, my eyes widen in horror. “But Mr. Kingston personally designed it for you, darling.” Ana’s confidence amazed me, she was aware of the fact that Gigi is Mr. Dick’s girlfriend, yet she’s pushing her.

“Awe, you know he is the perfect boyfriend a girl can ever ask for.” Gigi cheered and looked at me, “people were jealous because we were THE POWER COUPLE!” She shouted at end of the sentence.

“Were power couple!” Anna cussed out, Gigi rolled her eyes. “After what you have done in the past, it’s so kind of Ryan to hire you back. People are jealous probably because you found mercy in his sight when you don’t deserve it.”

“Y- you! Mind your business.” Gigi gritted her teeth and stomped out of the room. I stood there dumbfounded while Ana walked out too. I wondered why did Ana say that Ryan was gracious and what exactly did she do.

Shrugging off the thoughts racing in my mind I looked at the clock, it time for Mr. Dick to return from his meeting so I walked towards the elevator and pressed on the button, waiting for it to come down. The elevator doors open with a ding to reveal Mr. Kingston, who was exceptionally having a bright smile on his face.

Wow! This is my first day here where he didn’t snap at me.

“How was the meeting, sir?” I asked him, trying to end this awkward silence.

“Uh- it’s good!” He looked away from his phone and he flashed me a smile, a pretty beautiful one I might add. He should smile often.

The doors of the elevator opened with a ding, and we walked out of it. We walked in silence the only sound was the heel of our footwear against the floor. As we walked towards our cabins, I lost my balance and tripped. I closed my eyes instinctively and prepared myself for my face to kiss the floor, but surprisingly the kiss never came. I was caught by two hands around my waist, I slowly opened one of my eyes to register my surroundings. Mr. Jerk caught me in time.

“Hey, tie your shoes! I don’t want you falling for anyone else.” He smirked, his lips looked so hot and I was still in his grip, his face towered above mine as I bent back.

He can’t be this stupid right!

“I wore heels, sir!” I grinned and his eyes widened in amusement.

“You didn’t get that, did you?” He chuckled, his hand now on my back preventing me from falling and his other hand tracing my lower lip. Butterflies erupt in my stomach and tingles travel down my spine.


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