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Chapter Six

Ryan Kingston

“Ryan!” We instinctively turned our heads back. Her eyes widened in horror, but he was grinning ear to ear. She quickly stepped aside from me and retraced my hands from her waist.

“We have to attend lunch reservation at Masa. Do you remember?” Liam asked in a taunting voice. I rolled my eyes and walked past them towards the elevator, I could see the reflection of Erika in the glass wall, colour rose to her cheeks when Liam gave her an accusing smirk before following me.

“We also need a Marketing executive, I was thinking Erika-” I cut him off as soon as we stepped into the elevator.

“Stop thinking!” I pressed the button to ground floor.

“She’s good at marketing.” He argued, I took my phone out of my pant pocket.

“Are you done with your bullshit?” I huffed and looked down at the screen to check emails.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Ryan.” He scowled, “stop being so judgemental. She just didn’t graduate from Stanford for you to cancel her.” He stared at me intensely, but I didn’t bother to look at him.

“Yeh, Rodger graduated from Cambridge, but we both know he is good for nothing.” I fired back, and it caught him off guard by my choice of words. “I meant Andrew had to pull many strings to get him a seat, it is probably the same in Erika’s case too. Drop it Liam.” I cut him off and started tapping on the screen as we exited the building.

“She was offered a scholarship by the Stanford, not to mention Hayden has certified her as the best employee.” He argued, “she is capable of a lot more than assisting you.” He scoffed, I rolled my eyes and sauntered towards the car.

“Dumb ass! She messes up everything, I don’t want to take risk.” I growled, slamming the car door shut, and he shook his head.

“So you are fine with the extra workload?” He asked me, raising his eyebrow. I already had a lot on my plate and this situation was not helping me. Until I hired a skilled person, the workload would totally be on my shoulders.

“I honestly don’t know what to do, Liam.” I sighed and slumped back in my seat. This whole situation was making me paranoid. I looked back at him. He pulled a shit-eating grin on his face and I glared at him.

“Give her a chance.”

“No, fuck no!” I refused for the tenth time in the last five minutes. It compelled me to fire the Marketing executive, Miles Jacob because he was nothing but a waste of space in my building. It’s been ten days since the day I fired him. Ever since then I couldn’t hire a potential employee and it was driving me insane.

“Damn! Stop whining so much.” Liam scolded me and I rolled my eyes in response. Liam was one hell of a moron who believed that even a fucking dog can run a business successfully.

“Just let her work temporarily lad.” He tried to negotiate, I ran my hand in my hair in frustration and look back to him. Liam was always optimistic about everything, it was only good to certain extent sometimes the same optimism might blind your eyes.

“Cut that shit!” I said in a stern voice, hoping him to shut up. Liam knowing me better than anyone else understood where the conversation was heading to and he decided to let it go.

The whole back-and-forth argument was annoying me. The fact that despite being the heir of this company, I wasn’t still in control was so pathetic. I hate how they screwed me.

“When is the next project starting?” Liam snapped me out of my thoughts in an attempt to calm me down. I brushed my fingertips against my temples and shrugged my shoulders since I genuinely didn’t know the answer to his question.

The project which I was dealing with right now includes million dollars and there is no marketing executive to take care of. We needed to hire new designers and launch a new product into the market. The day they made me the CEO of this shit house, it was at the state of drowning. It took me a year long to make proper profits to balance the budget. I spent many nights sleeplessly to save this company from being shuttered forever, and even now it was still throwing challenges in my face. Sometimes I just wanted to give up this whole commitment shit and go back to my previous life.

But this word haunted me, it always did. It was the only thing holding me back.

The word I have given ages back.




After we had chattered for an hour, we had ordered lunch since I couldn’t possibly go out to grab it. After we had lunch Louis left to practice and Liam and I got back to working.

“It’s already 3 pm why isn’t Lou still here?” Liam asked, bringing me back to the moment. I shrugged and got up from my chair, after closing the file on my table.

I strode towards the door, and he followed me silently. “Call him, where the hell is he?”

I stopped dead in my pants when I saw them both chattering without a care in the world.

“Are you a model?” Erika asked him, and he shook his head, grinning ear to ear. “Then why does your face look so familiar?” She asked him, her eyes wide holding so much of fondness.

“Maybe we met before Erika?” He flashed her another cheeky grin and she shook her head, denying what he said.

“No, we haven’t met before, but I have seen you many times.” She started bouncing like a five-year-old, “give me a minute, I’ll tell you.” She chuckled and scratched her head and he smirked, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“You are that player!” She screams in a high-pitched voice, and I instantly closed my ears with my hands.

I turned back to Liam who was now looking at them, his eyes lit up with amusement and he barely noticed my gaze, I rolled my eyes and turned my head back to watch the circus.

“FC!” She started yelling and giggling, “Manchester United!” She giggled and screamed again, “MANCHESTER UNITED FC!” After chanting his team name for a few minutes, her cries finally calmed down.

But nothing could stop her annoying loud giggles in fact she started bouncing on her feet, her face radiating a lot of happiness for god knows what and she was giving a show of her 32 teeth.

It would only be fair if I grab a camera and take a video of her pearl white teeth and sell it to Colgate just so they can use it in advertising.

I mean, WHY NOT?

“Yes, bub, you got it.” He replied with a sly smile which I guess was to stop her obnoxious giggles.

“Wait, I know your name too.” She giggled, and he raised his eyebrow, cocking his head to the side and challenged her.

I let out a low groan, but none of them heard it. They are so preoccupied with running their damn circus, and Liam beside me watched everything with admiration like he needs to master the art of clownery.

“LOUIZ ATKINSON!” She squeaked and started chuckling, proud of herself not noticing the flaring nose in front of her. When she finally noticed she smiled at him and gave him a ′Is everything alright?′ look.

Louis rolled his eyes before huffing, “Loui! It’s LOUI ATKINSON.” He corrected her, swinging his fingers back and forth to emphasize his point.

He’s such a drama queen!

“Are you done with your tea time conversation?” I yelled to stop the circus. Her head turned at me instantly, and a frown replaced her smile. Louis on other hand narrowed his eyebrows at me.

“No, we were just waiting for you to start the conversation.” He fired back and Liam bursted into laughter, I rolled my eyes at him.

“If you are done, I would appreciate if you can mind your goddamn business, Ms. Nadine!” I snapped, and she nodded her head before rushing back to her cubicle.

“You didn’t have to be a dick.” Louis growled, I walked back into my office, ignoring him, and they both followed me.

“She is super annoying and is good for nothing.” I remarked as I sat back in my chair and they both sat across me.

“She is thousand times better than your self-obsessed girlfriend.” He retorted, narrowing his eyes. I couldn’t deny it. For a minute I wanted to correct him we are not exactly in a relationship, but I ignored it.

“Are you hitting on her Tommy?” I accused him, tilting my head slightly, and pulled a smirk on my lips.

“No, Emily will kill me, but why are you jealous?” He slumped back onto the chair and started at me intensely. I wasn’t jealous why should I be jealous when I know Louis was dating Emily?

She was disturbing the work environment.

Or that’s what I liked to believe.

I’m not jealous!

“Bold of you to assume I’m jealous of you both. Have you looked at her reprehensible behaviour? Gigi is thousand times better than her.” I lied and ran my hand through my hair. A pang of guilty hit me when I compared her to Gigi and called her reprehensible for nothing, but I had to stop them from assuming things like ‘I was jealous.’

She was just another employee, and I would want the relationship to be that way. My relationship with Gigi wasn’t the best at the moment, but that certainly didn’t mean I’ll hit on my employees. Sure, Erika was beautiful, but I would do nothing that could damage my work environment and affect my reputation.

“Oh! Yes! Gigi Blixit is the epitome of loyalty.” He remarked sarcastically and Liam started snorting. I glared at them both but couldn’t bring up myself to fire back. Neither my friends nor my family were big fans of her, and with the wretched stunt which she pulled, things only worsened. They couldn’t be blamed. She gave them a reason to despise her.




“Come in.” I ordered when I heard the knock on the door and looked down at the manuscripts on my table.

“Sir, I got the files you have asked for.” She placed the files on the edge of the table.

“Did you cross check them?” I asked her, raising my eyebrow and she nod her head in approval. Her working skills always got me amused. Although the first three days she messed up everything, but in the past weeks she barely gave me a point to remark.

She was so different from all my employees here; she did things faster than anyone. It took me a longtime to believe that she was working so fast and flawlessly. Sometimes, I was pissed off because she does workload of days in matter of hours and later would roam inside the building spreading giggles and warmth everywhere she went.

It was illegal for her to work as an assistant when she had the efficiency to work as a fucking executive.

“Sir, can I help you?” She asked me, snapping me back from my thoughts.

“Take a seat.” I mumbled and gestured her to sit across from me. She looked absolutely dumbfounded but obeyed and sat quickly.

“Can you do me a favour by working as the marketing executive temporarily until I hire someone?” I asked and much to my surprise, her lips instantly curled into a smile.

Why is she smiling? Is she thinking she can ask for a pay rise?

“Of course, sir!” She chirped, flashing me her smile which showed off her 32 teeth.

“Can we then talk about your pay?” I asked her before she could demand. She shook her head, and I watched her in amusement.

“I would love to work as a marketing executive and I’m content with my pay. I appreciate your thought, but I’m good.” She smiled widely, “do I have to sign anywhere?”

Is she thinking she won’t be my assistant anymore?

“Ms. Nadine, you’ll still be assisting me and this is work is temporary.” I made myself clear.

“I am well aware of it, sir.” My jaw hit the floor when I registered her words. Any other person in her place would have thrown tantrums, but this woman being the mystery she was, she caught me off guard yet another time.

Is she on crack?

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