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Chapter Seven

Erika Nadine

The telephone on my table started ringing, snapping me back to reality, and I hesitantly lifted the call when I recognised the number. “Kingston’s office—” I started off.

“Erika!” He huffed and there was a pause and he quickly composed himself and said, “To my office, Ms. Nadine.” He ordered authoritatively and hung up the call before I could stammer a yes and started sprinting to his room.

Well, that’s the first time he addressed me by my first name.

The way he said my name in a British accent was really amazing. Not to mention it was the first time he ever called me by my first name, and I just wanted to hear it repeated.

I scurried off to his office, knocked on the door, emphasis on knocking, waited for his reply, only when he barked a ‘come in’ I ventured in.

“I want you to cross check this file and place it on my table by 2: 00 pm.” I walked over to his table, took the file from him and nodded my head, still not daring to look into his brown eyes. “I want it to be perfect,” he ordered, “properly perfect and in time.” He paused, “I didn’t get a response, Ms. Nadine.” He snapped, striking his pen against the wooden table in annoyance.

“Yes sir,” I answered him and headed back to my cabin to work on the file. Mr. Jerk walked out of his office and headed for lunch.

“How long will you do that shit? Don’t you want to grab your lunch?” Anna started tapping her foot against the carpet impatiently.

“I’m done with it, wait a minute, I’ll place it on Mr. Dick’s table and come back.” I assured her, after I was sure I placed the file back on the table and sauntered towards his office. After placing that file back on his table, I closed the door behind me.

“Working for Ryan Kingston is exhausting!” I whined when we got into the elevator.

“You should close his single hole with twelve more holes.” She snorted, I rolled my eyes at her humour and stayed calm, her laughter was the only sound in the elevator. Mr. Dick hates me with passion, and his cold behaviour was so sickening. I had signed a contract for two years and here I wanted to resign this job even before half year.

“I really don’t understand half the shit that Congress out of your mouth, Ana!” I stated the fact when the doors of the elevator opened with a ding and men dressed up in suits walked in after we exited. She waved her hand at few people, mirroring their smiles on our way to cafeteria.

“Silly girl, I mean you should shove a flute up his ass.” She winked at me. My eyes widened and heat rose to my cheeks when my lame ass brain finally realised what she said and she chuckled at my reaction.

Here we go again!

“Ana, shut up. He is our boss.” I hissed and tried to hide my embarrassment as I sat on the chair across from her. She rolled her eyes and turned on her heel to give her our orders.

I picked up the call when I heard my phone ring and answered lazily, “Hello?”

“Ms Nadine, to my office, right now.” He yelled, anger laced in his voice, and he hung up before I can answer. I slammed my head against the table as Ana placed the tray on our table.

“I need to go.” I got up from my seat and started sprinting towards the elevator, earning quite a few stares, but at that moment I couldn’t care less.

I placed my hand in between the two doors preventing them from closing and hurried inside the elevator. The woman beside me scrunched her face in disgust, but that wasn’t the thing on my mind.

After what seemed like an eternity the elevator doors finally opened, I rushed out of it, made my way to his office and knocked on the door.

I stumbled into his office when I heard his answer. “This is how you work?” He jumped on my throat and aimed to throw the file on the edge of the table, but it fell on the floor and the papers scattered around. His sharp jaw clenched and his hands balling into fists.

I bent down and picked up all the papers were on the floor and started arranging them. “It’s pointless to arrange them.” He snapped and ran his ring clad fingers through his raven black hair. “There are many papers missing, I don’t know if you have trashed them or whatever, but without those papers the file is useless ma’am.” He huffed, his tone still serious.

I looked at him frantically and started fiddling my fingers nervously. I remember doing everything perfectly and somehow few papers are missing.

He rolled his eyes before ordering, “Get it redone by 2: 00pm ask Miss Jones to help you with it.”

“Sure sir!” I chided and stomped out of the room, ditching his grumpy ass in his plush chair.

Who did he think he is? I was not be the perfect employee, but he was literally treating me like trash and I couldn’t take this anymore. I wanted to scream on his face that not to treat people like shit.

“Miss Jones can you please do me a favour by mailing this file so I can cross check it and take printouts of it again.” I asked her, but she was too busy typing on her keyboard and didn’t bother to glance at me.

“Can I help you?” She turned her head and looked at me after five minutes, pushing her hair behind her ears and removed her earpods out.

Are you kidding me?

“Few of the papers from this file are missing. Mr. Kingston wants me to redo it. Can you please-” I started and handed the file to her. She already had a scowl on her face.

“It took me 2 hours yesterday to do everything. What makes you think you can just randomly tramp in and demand me to redo it?” She started yelling at top of her lungs and gained a few ‘shh’ from her coworkers and threw the file near the trash can.

“Can you please mail me the document?” I finished, my voice calm unlike her’s and her eyes looked like they are ready to fall out of her thick skull.

“Where did the papers go? Did you lose them?” She crossed her arms over her chest and gave me an accusing look, I ignored and picked up the file.

Damn! Woman, I’m running out of time.

“I repeat, can you please mail me the document?” I hissed, and she rolled her eyes and turned her head back to screen. I slap my palm against my forehead, not knowing what to do.

“Get out!” She growled, and I stood there dumbstruck. “I mailed that shit, now get the fuck out of here.” She demanded in an annoying tone.

I opened my work email in my phone; I stomped out of that place and made my way back to my cabin.

Her impertinent behaviour antagonized me. I didn’t understand why everyone here acted like being rude is a virtue.

Mumbling few curses to calm myself down, I scurried off to my office to get the work done.




Satisfied with my work, I finally closed it as a heavy sigh escaped my lips. Grabbing my tote, I started shoving all my things inside my bag. I turned off the lights and walked out of my cabin.

I sauntered towards the elevator, pressing the button on the wall I took my phone out, I groaned looking. It was eighty-thirty pm. Was I really so slow at my work or did I have an overload of work?

I didn’t know the answer to my question, but I was too exhausted to think, I opened Uber app on my phone and searched for a cab.

When the elevator finally came down, I stepped inside it and pressed the button to the ground floor. As I watched the doors to the elevator close slowly a hand was stuck in to stop it from closing. The door retraced back to reveal Ryan Dicky Kingston looking down at his phone.

He stepped inside; I bit the inside of my cheek and waited for him to acknowledge my presence. He turned the screen of his phone and before he looked up at me; I averted my gaze away from him.

“Miss Nadine, I see you’re working late.” He cleared his throat, voice was laced with amusement and a look of surprise was clear on his face when I snapped my head in his direction to meet his eyes.

“No sweat, sir!” I quipped. He pursed his lips and made a straight face.

“You should finish your work in time, Miss Nadine.” He gave me an irking, mirthful smile which made me want to smack the smug out of him.

“As you say, sir,” I mumbled, glaring at the elevator door opposite to me.

As soon as the door to the elevator opened, he strolled out of it, making me feel less suffocating. There was something about the man’s presence that would make me squirm. As I watched his retreating back my eyes traveled down to his ass. That’s a nonexistent ass! The man didn’t even have an ass, yet Ana boasted about it twenty-four by seven, for what?

Dismissing the useless thoughts about my dick of a boss, I walked outside the building and waited for my cab.

I blinked my eyes when an Audi stood in front of me; I was certain I didn’t book an Audi for a cab. Then why the hell was this car waiting here? I sauntered away from the car as the window to the passenger seat rolled down.

“How long are you planning to wait for a cab?” I gasped when my boss cocked a brow at me.

“Ugh, it will be here in maybe five minutes.” I answered him, my eyes flitting across the road.

“Get inside the car, Miss Nadine, it’s getting darker.” He mumbled, the door flew open the very second.

Why does he care?

“Um, how safe is it for me to get into your car?”

“As safe as you only staring at my ass but not daring to touch it.” He countered, my jaw fell open, a blush instantly slapped my face when he looked at me. How did he know?

I really felt so ashamed of myself. It wasn’t like I had wet dreams about him like Ana. I didn’t even want him anywhere near to me, let alone do something nasty, but the only time I checked out his ass; he caught me. He was my boss, he probably must think I was interested him although I would never make a move on him, but it wasn’t even something like a kiss, it was just me glancing at him, not that it was acceptable to do such thing but I was his employee and I should always maintain that distance between us.

“Stop wasting time and get inside Erika!” He snapped, I opened my mouth and slammed it shut instantly. Pursing my lips, I climbed into the passenger seat of his car.

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