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Chapter Eight

Ryan Kingston

The coolness of the early morning is deceptive; the sun probably had barely risen and at my penthouse altitude it was always cooler. I was having the best dreamless sleep, I was reluctant to get out of my bed and get back to working. Snuggling closer into the pillows, I rolled over.

Out of blue chills ran down my body and I screamed in shock, “holy fuck! It’s so cold.” My eyes jolted open to see Rodger holding an empty bucket.

I tried not to yell a string of expletives but the fucking shivering because of the cold water wasn’t helping. The worst part was breathing, it was like practically hyperventilating from the shock of the freezing-cold water. The sensations in my body felt similar to what I’ve experienced during panic attacks. About two minutes in or so, my breathing slowed down, and I could straighten myself.

“Are you out of your mind, Rog?” I groaned with a clenched jaw and glanced at Louis. He pulled a smirk on his lips.

“You needed it.” He replied and snorted, placing the bucket on the ground. I glanced at him furiously and he calmed down. “You had morning wood, and you were demanding to kiss you,” he paused and got back to laughing his ass off, “you even surged your lips! Holy fuck, that was legit.” I rolled my eyes and turned to face Louis. He was grinning ear to ear.

“Really, Ryanie? Morning wood? What were you dreaming, lad?” He raised his eyebrow suspiciously, I rolled my eyes and pulled the sheets away.

“Was it Blixit?” Rodger eyed me and I shook my head in denial.

“It wasn’t Gigi. I wasn’t having a dream at all. I was feeling lethargic to get to work. Damn!” I ran my hands over my face and looked at them.

“Did you watch porn last night?” Rodger looked at me.

“Don’t be ridiculous, I barely get time to eat and sleep the last thing I need to do is watch porn.” I growled and rolled out of my bed and walked into my bathroom.

“He needs to get laid. Did you look at his erection?” Rodger started chuckling again, and I so badly wanted to break his head. I didn’t know why my little buddy is full on, yet it irked me. The fact that I couldn’t remember her damn face can do nothing. To say it frustrated me was an understatement.

“Maybe you should have sucked it.” Louis snapped sarcastically. I was too frustrated because I couldn’t get the dream out of my mind to bother about these dipshits and their conversation.

I huffed, looking down at my pants; I was perfectly fine. I didn’t have morning wood.

Fúcking asshóles!




I fired two people since the morning. Three if you counted Ana who only patted my bum and grinned when I fired her.

I let my fingertips gently run over the design, the sketching of the book was pissing me even more now. The more I stared at it, the more it reminded me of Gigi’s betrayal. This was the first ever dress that I designed, I did it exclusively for her but I could never gift it. I didn’t want to burn down my work, so I gave it away to Ana.

“May I know why did you fire Logan Black?” Liam challenged me, snapping me out of my thoughts, I poked my tongue at the inside of my cheeks and cocked my head to the side. “He is Ana’s assistant. He is skillful and experienced; you didn’t have to fire him.” He growled. I didn’t understand why he was being mad.

Why did I fire?

He’s constantly staring at Erika — too much for my liking — in the meeting while he was supposed to concentrate on work.

“He was busy staring at woman with wide mouth, as if this was some stripper club to do all such unprofessional stuff.” I hissed and saw him rolling his eyes.

“Says the one who probably fucked Gigi on this same table.” Rodger snorted, and I glared at him and Liam joined him, I clenched my jaw. For some unknown reason, I didn’t quite like the idea.

“If you are done with your malarkey, you two fuck heads can get the fuck out of here and never bother disturbing me.” I picked up my pen to look at the file.

“He fired her because he was staring at his assistant.” Rodger reasoned, Liam looked like he was having a brain asylum trying to process his words.

It was true. I didn’t know who she was but I couldn’t stand anyone talking to her, it would piss me off and I felt insanely jealous over nothing.

Jealous? No, why would I?

I was merely cautious that she would divert her attention from work.

I had come to a point where I just wanted to think about nothing but her in the world and when I come across someone talking to her. Ahh, that would piss me off. It would have been nice if she wasn’t my assistant, maybe we would have been friends.

Friends? Where did that come from?

Her unprofessionalism was certainly fúcking with my mind peculiarly. She was constantly in my mind because of it. I hated the fact that I somehow wanted to get closer to her.

I wanted her.

Stop! Stop!

Stop thinking!

It’s established that she was an attractive woman, but it would be better to concentrate on the matter at hand.

“This is ridiculous!” Liam gasped and Rodger shrugged his shoulders, I rolled my eyes and ignored them, not that they left me with much of a choice.

“Where is this Erika?” I scowled, trying to change the topic. She messaged me she would come late after 11 since she had another doctor appointment but I so badly wanted to change the topic so I choose this. “She is fired, if she is late.” I said in a stern voice, not meaning a single word that I said.

Bravo! Out of all you could say it has to be about Erika again?

“Wow! I’m honestly surprised she managed to work as your assistant for almost two months now.” He chuckled, and I rolled my eyes in allowance. Deep down there I was surprised too. All my earlier assistants weren’t half efficient as her and couldn’t work for more than a month. Erika was an exception, I endeared her, but I never wanted to admit it.

Because I knew the day, I would appreciate her she would become lazy. I had learnt enough lessons with Gigi so no way I was going to appreciate any of my employees. I paid them for what they do.

“I want to see the catalogue shoot.” I got up from my place and headed to the studio. I was expecting what was going to happen.

The chatter from my employees died down as soon as I stepped into the studio. Many of them climbed to their feet quickly, and a few started pretending like they’re so engrossed in their work. My anger flared, but I kept pursed my lips and let my eyes drift all over the place. The camera man, Charlie and Ana had their backs to us. Despite the silence blanketing around us, they continued to have the best tea time talk of their lives.

“Look at this, my lipstick is ruined.” Ana mimicked Gigi’s voice and pouted her lips, pretending to look at herself in the way just as Gigi usually did. Clenching my jaw, I studied them.

“Are my golden pumps seen?” Charlie whined, giving a show as he mocked Gigi. Rodger and Liam shared a knowing look and started laughing, and my sharp glare kept the sound of their laughter at low volume. “Where the hell is the coffee that I ordered, man? If I have to deal with Gigi’s dramatics then I need heavy doses of caffeine.” Charlie yelled at his assistant.

The assistant gestured to Charlie to turn around and the lead camera man did it. His eyes widened and his jaw fell on the floor. “I- Good morning, Mr. Kingston.” He stammered, his head falling down. Ana twisted her neck, gave me a silly look and rose to her feet.

“Do entertain us with your comedy show. That’s what I’m paying you all for.” I remarked, my voice booming in the vast hall. Charlie and his team look ashamed while Ana beamed from where she stood. She sent a smile over my shoulder to my twin cousin.

Ana and Rodger always had a peculiar and complex relationship since our teenage. One minute they were hurting each other, the other they would fuck each other’s brains out.

“Why isn’t the photoshoot started yet?” I yelled, tearing my eyes away from Ana.

“Well, Gigi came late.” Ana shrugged, walking over to me so boldly without fear or embarrassment. I narrowed my eyes into slits. But she crashed into Rodger’s arms to sneak a quick hug and mumbled, “Which cat got your tongue now?”

I was about to bark another order at a crew member to go to the dressing room and get Gigi, but stopped when Gigi came into the room dressed in a dress for a high school prom.

Why was she dressed like this?
The portfolio theme was for brides.

“She said she would pick a dress for herself and when I left her, she shows up like this.” Ana snorted as she glanced at Gigi’s outfit, effortlessly grating on my nerves.

“I only thought she is a bitch, the bonus is she is dumb too.” Rodger chuckled, and I glared at him. Lately his hatred for has increased a lot, and I was not ready to tolerate such disrespect. I understood his reasoning for hating her, but calling a woman as a bitch wasn’t something I would accept.

My attention flitted back to Gigi as she walked over to the white box, I narrowed my eyes, cringing when an annoying sound filled in the air.

“Ah!” She screamed in a high-pitched voice and Ana looked like she was about to murder someone. She gave Gig a ’what now?’ look and Gigi complained, “My nail polish is chipped off.” Ana groaned and slapped her hand against her forehead.

“God Almighty, forgive me for killing this cunt.” Ana mumbled and rolled her eyes. Just like a Rodger, Ana couldn’t withstand Gigi for shit. I could only imagine how she was eager to dig a hole and bury Gigi alive in it.

“This is how it goes.” Liam sighed as he ran his hands over his head, and Rodger was already fuming beside me. Irony was, Rodger would be the last one to bother about the business and profits, but since it was Gigi in the photoshoot, he started pretending like he was so responsible. My anger was swarming under my skin, ready to explode like a volcano because of their dramatics. I was in no mood to tame Gigi so she did the work properly, it wasn’t my job.

“What is the topic of the shoot?” I asked Charlie who was instructing his team to start everything for the photoshoot since the model had finally decided to come out.

Charlie visibly paled from where he was, expecting me to lash out on him. “It was her choice to wear that dress.” Ana scoffed beside me. I huffed and looked at Ana, I was disappointed in Ana for the first time. She couldn’t possibly think a shoot like this will do in magazines to publicize my company. But the root of the problem was Gigi, not Ana.

“You, Gigi Blixit, you are just a model. You were supposed to wear what you were asked to and pose how you were asked to. Who gave you the idea of dressing up like this?” I yelled, shoving my clenched fists in my slacks pockets. There was a dead beat of silence. Everyone in the room looked like they were about to pass out except Gigi.

“Because baby, I liked this dress and my picture in this looks super se—”

“Enough!” I snapped, raising my hand up to give a rest to her bullshit. “Liam, Miss Blixit will not be the model for this portfolio, hire someone else.” I snapped, clenching my jaw, and she looked at me with a painful expression. “Blixit, unless you learn to work as you’re told you wouldn’t be staring for any portfolio. You can submit your resignation and walk out of the building.” I growled and turned on my heel and stomped out of the studio. I wouldn’t give a fuck if it was Gigi or someone else if my work wasn’t satisfying, I wouldn’t mind firing them. This wasn’t a place for feeling, this was never and never would be too.

Every single person in the floor was tiptoeing than usual, avoiding the elevators and skipping into their cabins when they saw me. The only sound was the ticking of the clock. I walked towards the elevator with a haughty expression and pressed the elevator button and waited for it to come down. I enjoyed intimidating people that reminded me how powerful I was, and it boasted my confidence.

I took my phone out and opened my mail and involuntarily my lips curled into a smile when I heard the echo of heels hitting the floor.

Most of the times hearing the tone of heels on a marble floor would become bothersome for me, but this time it was different, I loved it. It was , but I loved hearing it and it was soothing very weirdly. The woman walked with finesse in heels without making annoying noises.

I randomly looked at the stairs to see who it was daring to walk down the stairs when it was so dead calm down here.

The moment I looked up at her dress — I designed it — my jaw hit the ground. It was that same dress and my heart skipped its beat. I looked at her face and my eyes widened, completely filled with amusement and ecstasy.

The world didn’t seem to come crashing as I expected it to, there wasn’t any sign of a black hole but my heart was threatening to jump out of its chest. Softly, my mind was worshipping her beauty.

God... She is beautiful and too damn sexy in that dress.

I watched in fascination as she carefully climbed down the stairs, the same vixen who occupied my thoughts from day to night in that same red dress.

Her legs are short and fucking sexy. Her dress is revealing.
Holy shit! Someone help me to stop my imagination from going wild.

My insatiable appetite for every part of her grew as I drank in the sight of her lips curling into a smile that stole my heart.

She walked towards me swaying her hips, igniting my insides, and my breathing quickened.

“Good morning—” she was cut off by me pinning her against a wall.

═ ∘♡༉∘ ═

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