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Chapter Nine

Rodger Kingston

He pinned her against the wall and I stood there absolutely staggered by all that was happening. This was so unlike Ryan Kingston, this man who pinned his assistant against the wall was the same man who never raised his eyebrow to look at another women except Gigi. She had him wrapped around her finger; he knew it but never complained.

He admired that woman and worshipped her like a goddess but she couldn’t reciprocate anything for him. Over the years, he always defended her only for her to walk out on him. She never deserved him.

Ryan slack jawed in awe as he looked at his assistant, dressed in the first dressed he ever designed, with fondness, gazing deeply into the bewitching eyes. She stood there frozen and a nervous smile playing on her lips. I expected him to say something, but he was clearly at a loss for words and to say that he was fucking whipped by the ravishing beauty would be an understatement.

“Morning!” He said in a husky voice, trying to intimidate and not showing any sign of nervousness. I expected him to fucking kiss her and this bitchass couldn’t dare to do that.

“Ho- how was your day, sir?” She asked and sunk a little more into the wall.

“Amazing Erika!” He deadpanned, but his eyes traveled down to look at her lips, I assumed. It was pretty obvious he would never dare to stare at a woman’s face, let alone her cleavage. He was unlike Rodger Kingston.

Fucking pussy! Kiss her!

He smirked before leaning down and I knew he would just fuck the life out of her just by kissing and I wasn’t so much into watching such shit when I could do it myself.

I turned on my heel and my eyes widened in horror when I saw Gigi standing there with a disgusted look on her face. “Ryan!” She screamed and stomped past me.

Fucking cock blocker.

I turned back immediately to stop her from ripping them apart but I was too late. He turned back rubbing his right eye. I raised my eyebrow suspiciously and looked at him. “Don’t get started!” He warned her in a stern tone, “she was just blowing air into my right eye.” He lied and started rubbing it in a serious attempt to shut her off. His poor assistant looked frantically between him and Gigi.

A part of me was glad that he reasoned something to shut this woman’s big mouth. I could only imagine the string of fucking profanities the shorty behind him had to face. I fucking cursed all the time, but I am not a Blixit, so that should make sense why I was worried.

A bigger part of me was mad and disappointed that he lied. There was no way he would dump this woman. If his fate wasn’t so unfair this galling Gigi would leave him the fuck alone and would never come back. By lying he only assured her they are still a thing and it was maddening me.

“I don’t know what you are doing here, go inside and finish the shoot.” He snapped as soon as he composed himself, and Gigi rolled her eyes. He glared at her one last time before striding into the elevator his assistant followed him. The one thing about this man was he would excuse no one with his work.

She turned back and looked at me with an annoyed expression. “Fucking look at his attitude, Rod!” She muttered and stomped back into the studio mumbling a few more curses. I so badly wanted to shred her confidence into pieces but when I do that she would run to him sobbing like an uncontrollable mess and that ass will start kissing her feet again, so this time I decided against doing such things and just let her go.

Rod? Bitch what?

“Mr. Kingston!” I turned around to see a blonde smiling.

“Yes, sweetheart?” I sugarcoated and smiled back.

“Mr. Kingston is waiting for you in the conference hall.” She informed me, I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion. To the best of my knowledge I never worked here, I didn’t even know where this shit hole was and how was I supposed to go there. “Please follow me. I’ll take you up to the conference room.” She offered, and I smirked and followed her. She led the way to the elevators and swayed her hips in a motion that was painfully obvious. Her black skirt fit perfectly over her slim ass and met her waist where white blouse was tucked. She was so hot, I couldn’t stop my wild imaginations.

I felt a sharp poke in my ribs and I turned to see Liam wearing a frown and shook his head. I gave him a ′what the fuck!′ look, and he reminded me she was an employee and I should keep my dick in my own pants. I glared at him and followed her.

She opened the door and turned back to flash me a smile, and I thanked her before walking inside. I was so pissed to see my dad seated there beside Ryan with a frown. I blew a huff and walked inside, mentally preparing myself for the shit I have to pay attention to.

After a solid one hour, Ryan changed the topic to business, and they were so engaged in discussing the raise and fall of the stock market, and I took my phone out and started scrolling through my Instagram. I understood that it would satisfy them if I just nod my head now and then and say ′yes’. Ryan was so excited to show his new project to my father so he took him out, I took that as my cue and sneaked out.

I wandered down the hall least fascinated by any of these, the only things that catches my attention here and there would be the hot chicks but they are all employees and if I ever disturb the work environment Ryan wouldn’t think twice before burying me alive in the ground.

“Give me that water bottle!” I heard a voice demanding, the minute I heard the tone my lips scrunched up in annoyance. Irony is wherever I go, I would end up meeting this woman. I had no plan to eavesdrop, but I was more than interested I wanted to know how this annoying woman acts around others in the building.

“That’s for Mr. Kingston!” I heard someone whine, and I guessed it must be his assistant. “He is with one of his partners Gigi.” The business partner might be my father.

“You can order a new one for him.” Gigi snapped, and I rolled my eyes. No one but only GIGI BLIXIT had mastered the art of pissing every single cell in my fucking body. “Listen! Grab a sandwich for me. Do you get that?” She ordered in the most annoying tone. Times like this, I so badly regretted not taking birth as a girl. If I was a girl, I would have bet the shit out of Gigi for all the shit she does. Lucky for her, my twisted morals would never let me lay a hand on a woman.

Not that Gigi ever was a woman, but okay.

“Any more?” Gigi was challenged and I could imagine that ridiculous eye roll which she does.

“Do as much as you’re asked.” Gigi retorted, and I wouldn’t even be surprised if the person ended up breaking things.

“For your kind information, I’m Mr. Kingston’s assistant, not yours. Miss Blixit, you better shove all your orders in your ass.” I felt an immense joy flood through me as the words registered in my mind.

“Watch your tone, you are talking to your Mr. Kingston’s girlfriend.” I so badly wanted to walk inside and remind her she lost the right to label herself as his girlfriend after all that she did.

“I still don’t see any logic there for me to kiss your feet.” The person retorted, raising her voice and she stomped out of the room. I had never even talked to this woman, yet I was here rooting for her with all my living for flicking off Gigi. Sometimes my endless dedication to despise Gigi surprised me, but I wouldn’t change it for life.

I walked into the room practically jumping like a fucking Bambi. To say that it thrilled me to see the pissed off expression on Gigi’s face would be an understatement. If Ryan’s assistant continued to piss Gigi off on a daily basis, I might as well end up building a Buckingham palace for that queen. “What happened Gigi?” I acted like I knew nothing.

“Oh god! Rod, his new assistant is pissing me to death.” She whined as she slumped onto the couch and I screamed internally. I took a seat beside her and woke up the devil inside my head.


“Tell me about it!” I sighed and ran my fingers over my temples, “when you are talking about her near Ryan, don’t disrespect her. He is pussy whipped for her. She is his first love, and they dated for years in highschool.” I lied in a meek tone and saw her eyes widen in fury. For a second I thought her eye balls will bug out of her skull and fall in her lap, and I was worried about the fact that I sure as hell couldn’t fix her eyeballs back in her skull.

“I believe she has come here only to claim what was hers.” I watched her jaw clench, and I turned my head away from her and grinned to myself.


“Don’t tell him I told you this all, I’m just warning you, don’t disrespect her Gi, he is falling for her again.” I sighed dramatically and heard her groan. I wanted to sit here and feed her more with as much as bullshit that rolled out of my mouth, but I could’t stop my stomach from flipping, so I excused myself to celebrate my triumph. “See you,” never!

I felt like the happiest man to exist on the planet. My mind wouldn’t stop picturing how she gritted her teeth and how her face became furious over my bullshit. I needed to tell this to Louis he would be so proud of me and Liam would start worshipping me.

I walked out of the room, shoving my hands in my pants and whistling to some random tune. I jogged towards Liam joyously, but my gaze fell on something interesting. I could see a petite woman. Her hair was a brown that held a rare vibrancy and was tied up into a ponytail, her waves and soft curls still reached down her back. Her body was perfectly curvaceous, even in heels I could tell she was quite a short woman. She looked so sexy.

Liam was busy shooting glares at me but I couldn’t care less anymore, my heart was jumping out of my chest in joy. Although I did evil thing, I regretted nothing and I was so proud of myself.

I’m the best!

My little buddy was bouncing in my pants, he was so excited to meet his mate.

I would fuck her!

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