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Hey this is a story I wrote for school in 2017. Don’t copy cause I have the copyrights! Christmas Eve Hailey Mikealson, a 17 year old girl, doesn’t really have good memories about Christmas. Both her parents died in a car accident like 3 years ago, she survived together with her 16 years old brother, Jake Mikealson. And if that’s not enough, she gets bullied every single day, by the same guy. Or how he calls himself: the worst badass you’ve ever met. She doesn’t celebrate Christmas, she’s letting everyone believe that she’s at her uncle’s, while she is home, all by herself. When the most popular guy at school finds out, he’s shocked and he’s really sorry for ever thing he did to her… he decides to surprise her. At Christmas eve.

Romance / Drama
ATW Rose
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Chapter 1

//P.O.V. Hailey//

It’s lunchtime. I’m on my way to my locker, when I stumbled over a leg. ‘’What do you want Braydon?’’ I mumbled. ‘’Do you have my biology homework?’’ I mumbled. ‘’ He said with a cheeky grin. ‘’Yes, I do. It’s in my locker.’’ ‘’Good girl, now go get it.’’ He said. I nodded and followed my way to my locker. I heard Braydon and his little ‘pack’ were walking straight behind me. My hands started shaking as I started opening my locker. ‘’Today we’re picking lab partners, I’ll make sure we’ll get to be lab partners, and you, my dear Hailey, are going to do all my work and make sure we have the highest grade, Kay honey?’’ ‘’What if I already have one? Are you going to beat me up again?’’ I said with an angry voice. ‘’Maybe. Maybe I’ll slam you up against the door. So… do we have a deal?’’ He asked at a threatening tone. I nodded. ‘’I’m sorry? What did you say?’’ he said, placing his foot on mine and slowly started standing on my foot. ‘’Yes. I’ll get you a ten.’’ I mumbled quietly. ‘’Good, I’ll see you in class babe.’’ He said, walking his way into the canteen. ‘’Ass…’’ I whispered in myself. I got my lunch out of my locker, and went into the canteen.

I sat with my four best friends, Allys, Rose, Nate and Camdon. ‘’So, Braydon found his way back to you and he threatened you to make his homework? Daily routine?’’ ‘’Hmm, yeah, but stay out of it, I don’t want you guys getting hurt.’’ I said. I looked up, feeling like someone is watching me. Of course, Braydon, who else. He looked right into my eyes and grinned at me. Not friendly, it was to tell me that I was going to get beaten up, not directly like after school or something, he likes to see me living in fear, most of the time, it’s like about 2 days later, sometimes it’s even the next day. He’s such an ass…

I just ignored him and went to my lunch. I was really hungry and I felt like I could eat Braydon, from head to toe.

Everyone is afraid of Braydon. That’s why he has a pack of such innocent boys running everywhere he goes. They’re like cute little puppies. I mean like… No, they’re not friendly at all, but they aren’t the way they should be acting. They are being everything Braydon wants them to be. If they don’t obey, he makes sure they won’t have any friends at this school anymore. He makes me angry all the time. He’s like a dictator running around in High school. Everyone hates him but no one dares to stand up to him.

When the bell rings, it’s time for chemistry class. ‘’Nice to see you class, today you’ll be picking lab partners, oh Braydon, I’m sorry. Come in.’’ The teacher said when Braydon slammed the door open. ‘’Hello Mr. Brown.’’ He said while walking in, taking the seat next to me. ‘’As I already said, you’ll be picking lab partners, this chemistry assignment is going to be half your grade! Well, go form pairs and when you have one, let me know the name of your partner. Good luck class!’’ Mr. Brown is one of the friendliest teachers in school. That’s why it’s really difficult to not tell him about Braydon. But they won’t believe it anyway, because Braydon knows what he does, he is always such a kind person to the teachers, but in the hallways, he’s some kind of demon.

‘’Well, what are you waiting for? You wanted me as lab partner, give Mr. Brown our names, so we can start.’’ I said grumpy. ‘’Oh, yeah sure.’’ He said, laughing. He stood up and walked to Mr. Brown, I saw how he started writing our names. ‘’You can start honey.’’ He said. ‘’didn’t you get the assignment?’’ ‘’No, why?’’ ‘’Without it I don’t know what to do.’’ I sighed. I walked to Mr. Brown his desk. I grabbed the paper from his desk and walked back to my seat. Braydon was playing with his phone. Texting girls, annoy them until they’ll go on a date with him. Most of the time he just wants to have sex. That’s the way he is, just a manipulative jerk.

The bell rings, last class if over. I’m waiting for Camdon, he lives next to me, we always go home together. He wants to make sure Braydon doesn’t bother me after school. My eyes almost popped out of my head. I thought he had class! I dropped my bike of fear and walked backwards, knowing there was no escape when he would come to me. I saw how his eyes scanned the schoolyard. A cheeky grin appears on his face when he looked me right in the eyes. There are no camera’s at our school yet, so he can do whatever he wants with me without getting noticed by teachers.

I couldn’t move. I already know what he’s going to do. ‘’Hey babe, you know what I’m up to, don’t you?’’ He grinned. I nodded, my whole body started to shake. He came closer. ‘’Don’t act like this is the first time, come on. This happened like a hundred times this semester!’’ It’s true. It is. ‘’The only thing that comes into my mind is asking you why you do this.’’ I said terrified. ‘’Because I like it. Because I love it, to feel the fear in the hallways. Because of the power it gives me. I enjoy kicking your ass.’’ He said with that awful smile of his.

I felt the punch he gave me in the face. The following kicks in my stomach were killing me. It made me sick. I started throwing up. He started laughing loudly. He throws me on the ground and walked away like a innocent guy just had a talk with a girl. I’m just laying there, surrounded by my own puke.

When Camdon finally came out of the building, he saw me and started running. ‘’Gosh, I thought you said he had class!’’ He said concerned. He reached his hand. He pulled me up and I felt really dizzy. ‘’Braydon is such a dick, someone needs to teach him some manners.’’ ‘’Absolutely.’’ I confirmed.

I slightly started to feel better. ‘’Where is Jake?’’ I asked. ‘’I don’t know, didn’t saw him since biology.’’ ‘’What? But you and Jake got like 3 classes together on Thursday!’’ ‘’Yes I know, I’ve been looking for him but he was nowhere to be found!’’ He said. ‘’Wait, did I mention Jake hanging out with Braydon?’’ ‘’No you didn’t! You’re kidding right?!’’ ‘’No, actually I’m not.’’ ‘’Oh my god this can’t be true.’’ ‘’But you remember you told me that he’s moving out? He’s going to move in at your uncle’s right?’’ ‘’Yes, within two weeks. A week before Christmas eve.’’ ‘’Kay, I’ll keep an eye on him in these last weeks, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.’’ ‘’Thanks Cam.’’ Now, let’s try to get home.’’ I laughed awkwardly. He nodded and together we went home.

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