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Chapter 10

*next evening*

"Hailey!! Can you please help me?" I heard a manly voice saying. The voice didn't came out of my house. I stood up and opened the curtains. In the dark I saw a silhouette of a man. I walked to the front door and turned on the light outside. I rushed backwards, my eyes were almost popping out and I was so shocked I started crying. "Hailey please, trust me I won't hurt you, just please, let me in and help me, they're after me and it won't last long before they find me." He said hopeless.

Braydon was standing there, at the window next to the door. Blood was on his hands, on his face. It was technically everywhere. It was all over him. I saw him standing there, helpless, bleeding like a runt. I rushed to the door and opened it. "Braydon, bloody hell, who did this to you?!" I saw how the strength rushed out of his body and he almost fell on the floor. I grabbed him and closed the door. "Tell me, what do you need?" "They stabbed me.." He said, his voice starving away. I lay him down on the couch. I don't even care about the blood spots spreading all over it. I looked at him with an asking look on my face. He nodded and I lifted his shirt to see how bad it is. When I did, I saw a massive hole in the left part of his stomach. "Braydon, you need to go see a doctor." I said shaking. I looked at the clock. Already 3 am. "And I, am driving you to the hospital." "NO." He said.

"Braydon, if I don't you'll die!" "Hailey, listen to me. Close. The curtains. All of them." He looked like he just saw a ghost. "Braydon, how is that going to help?!" I said, closing all curtains just like he said. "You don't get it, do you?" "Well, no not really, since you're dying and you won't let me take you to the hospital." "Because they followed me, I took a little run to your house to shake them of my ass! They want me DEAD and if you're seen with me, you're dead to. They'll kill both of us!" "At least tell me who 'they' are, and let me help you, cause you're ruining my sofa." "They, are Brain's friends including him. I don't know what the hell he's doing, but it's definitely not funny. But yeah, helping me is fine, just as long as there's no hospital involved. You can take me there in the morning, when they're gone. If... I'm still alive then." "Yeah, I'm going to make sure you are. Cause I'm not letting you die, you hear me?" "Yes, I hear you, please, don't shout at me..." He said, almost crying from pain. It hurts to see him like this, because after everything he told me yesterday, after the good conversation we had last night, he actually means a lot to me...

"Here, take this and press it on the wound, I'll be right back, I have to get something out of Jake's room." He did what I told him and nodded. I went upstairs and grabbed some of Jake his knives. You never know what they'll do... I ran downstairs and sat next to Braydon. He looked really bad and I was terrified that he would die...

My whole sofa was red instead of white, but a sofa can be replaced, a person can't be replaced. "Braydon, honey come here." I whispered, tears running down my face. I helped him lay down against me and took over the cloth which he pressed on the wound. He cringes when I pressed the wound. "Sure you don't want me to drive you to the hospital?" I asked. "No, Thereby, the nurses will never treat me as good as you do..." He answered. My heart just melted. "But..." "Don't do that... Okay, in the morning you can get me there, and if I die right here, that's fine, at least I died with my best friend next to me. If I was home right now, I'd rather get my head chopped of, and if I survive this, I will seriously tell you everything you want to know. But now just tell me fun things, not things like you're going to die if I don't take you to the hospital." I nodded.

"But, then I guess I have to tell you everything to... don't I?" "You don't have to if you don't want to, we'll talk about that later." "okay. So, what do you like? What is something you really want to talk about?" "Hm, don't know." He said. "Oh, and I'm really sorry about your couch." He said. "Well, you can replace a sofa, but there is no way you can replace a best friend." I started playing with his hair. "That's true..." I nodded. Like a week ago, I couldn't imagine this, being best friends with Braydon. He's been such a jerk to me, but for some reason, I can't let him die... "Braydon?" I said quietly. "What's wrong?" He said. I played with his chocolate brown hair. "I forgive you. For everything that you've done." I said. "Thanks. I appreciate that." He said with a smile.

"I'll take a look outside if they're gone, seriously, you're not able to hold on until morning." "Hailey, don't. Please I don't want you to get hurt." "Oh, don't worry about that. Jake used to teach me some skills with this knives he once bought. I can even catch a bullet with it. Practiced with a BB-gun." I said laughing. I got the knife of the table and stood up. Braydon got his cheeky grin back, have to see I didn't see that one quite a while. "Be careful, please?" He said. I nodded and went to the hall. I slowly opened the door and grabbed the keys of the shelf. "I'll take a look around, just make sure you live when I come back." I closed the door behind me and slowly got to the sidewalk. I saw no one. I took a look at my watch. They wouldn't search on the same place for almost 3 full hours, would they? I carefully grabbed the knife and looked around. I searched the whole street but no one is out here. Good, he needs to see a doctor. I carefully turned around and saw my neighbour, Mr. Brown, looking at me like I was a ghost. Of course, I'm the kind little girl who lost her parents and I'm walking around the streets with a knife in my hand.

"Hello." I said, trying not to laugh. I walked back to Braydon quickly. The lock of the door was smashed and the door was open. I heard voices. NO. THIS IS FUCKING NOT HAPPENING IN MY HOUSE. I remembered that dad used to say: for emergencies you grab the gun out of the secret hatch under the stairs. I carefully and quietly sneaked to the hatch and grabbed the gun. Oh en dude, you better know that this one is real. I took a breath and heard 2 people laughing. "Well, it was a pleasure to be your friend Braydon. Any last words?" I heard. I knew I had to step in right now.

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