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Chapter 11

"You better step away from him you know." I said. They immediately turned around angry but as soon as they say the gun they were shitting their pants. "Didn't you hear me?! STEP. AWAY. FROM. HIM." "I have to call you a bluff, I'm sorry little Hailey." I fired a shot right next to his feet. "Am I still bluffing?" "Hailey what the hell, you hate him why the hell are you protecting him?!" "BECAUSE HE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND I DON'T HATE HIM! So, one last time, go away. And make sure I'll never see you again." "Fine, but first..." I saw how he pointed the knife at Braydon.

I focused the gun on the knife and fired another shot. I hit the knife and the knife fell on the floor. Brian his eyes popped open, and he started shaking, so did his friends. He still tried to pick up the knife. "If you pick that up, the next bullet goes into your heart." I said really angry. "Okay, ehh. We'll go." He and his friends were so scared, I tried really hard not to laugh. I followed them, pointing my gun at them. "GO!" I shouted. They ran off. I closed the door and saw that the sun started rising. I got back to Braydon and saw him getting up already. "My part of the deal, take me to the hospital." He said, a little overwhelmed by what just happened. "Great, you survived. Let's go." He started laughing and shook his head. I helped him up and he departs from pain. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you." "Hailey, it's okay. It isn't your fault, I got stabbed, remember?" He smiled. "Yeah, yeah I remember, because my hands are covered in blood, so are my clothes." He started laughing.

"Are you sure you don't want me to call an ambulance? I mean you can barely walk!" "Well, you know what? You can choose." "Definitely an ambulance." I said. He carefully sat down again and I grabbed a new cloth for his wound and threw the other one in the trashcan. "Keep pressing the wound, I'm calling 911." I grabbed my phone and dialled 911. In the meanwhile I put the gun away. "Hello? I need an ambulance. My friend got stabbed tonight and it looks very, very bad." "Ambulance is coming your way, keep pressure on the wound." "Alright thanks." "It's my job." "Well you got one hell of a beautiful job." I laughed. "Have a nice day miss." I said and I hung up.

"Lay down dork." I grinned at Braydon. "Fine, but I'll buy you a new sofa, I promise." "No you won't. I can buy one myself you know. It's almost Christmas, get your family some beautiful gifts." I said. "Well, my parents aren't at home with Christmas. And even if they were I wouldn't. They are never home, so why would I? They don't care about me." "Hm. Yeah right, well keep your stories for later, cause you need some stitches, my friend." I heard sirens. I left the door open for them. 2 men came in and got him on the stretcher and got him in the ambulance. "Are you coming with us or do you want to take your own car and drive behind us?" One of them asked. "Well, I'm going to clean up my house." I said. The man nods, but Braydon looked at me and was confused that I didn't come. "Braydon, I'll be there as soon as you're done. Promise. You don't have to go home to your parents after you got whatever you need. I'll be there to pick you up when you can go home." "Alright then. And thanks for what you did there, with the you know. I could be dead right now." "No problem. Your my best friend, guess you would do the same for me." "No." I lifted my eyebrows. "No I'd kill them." He said with a cheeky grin. I started laughing. "See yah." I smiled. The doors closed and I thanked the men who are driving him away.

I got inside. I whipped the floor to erase the blood spots. I couldn't do that much to the couch, it was totally ruined. I got the knife from the floor and threw it in the trashcan, together with the 2 bullets lying on the floor. I took a picture of the sofa and decided to send that one to Jake when I tell him everything that happened. It's 15 minutes by car to the hospital, and I decided to call Jake. I closed the door and unlocked the car. I got in and started it. Then Jake finally picked up. "Hey Hailey? What's wrong? Don't you know what time it is?" "Well yes I do, but since I'm seriously confused about my adventure of tonight, I'd like to talk to someone else then dying Braydon, who seems to be my best friend now." "Wait, slow down. Tell me everything." I started driving the car and made my way to the hospital while I'm explaining everything to Jake.

"So, if I get it right.... Braydon got stabbed on the left side of his stomach, and he was bleeding out all over the white sofa. He almost died out of blood loss, then you treated him like a... Best friend, so like you would treat Camdon if he got stabbed. Then.... you went outside to look for Brian and his friends while they sneaked in the house and almost killed him, but you saved him with the lessons I gave you with the BB-GUN and now you're driving to the hospital to pick him up after getting some stitches?" "If... He can go home but yeah, that's sort of the story." "Well, sis, I have to admit you have a more adventurous life then me." "Well, I don't really think it's fun and adventurous, cause I was TERRIFIED that Braydon would die." "Terrified, best friends, when did that happen? You didn't tell me that." "Well it was 2 days ago, I called him because I wanted to help him change, and then we walked for a little while. He told me everything about why he wanted to change, and he told me how sorry he was for everything he did. We started walking around 7 pm and he brought me home at around 11.45pm. So we talked like a lot." "Hm sounds good. Been to mum and dad yesterday?" "Yeah, lay some flowers and a birthday card on their grave." "Good. I seriously HATE uncle Jeff, for just being lonely." I laughed. "Hey I got to go, I'm at the hospital about to take a look at Braydon again. Speak to you later brother." "Bye Sister." I laughed and hung up. I got out of the car and went inside.

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