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Chapter 12

//p.o.v. Hailey//

"Hailey Mikealson?" A woman asked. "Yeah, that's me." I said. "Braydon is waiting for you in room 222. He is all stitched up, doctor is coming to tell further information." "That's fine, thank you." I walked to the elevator and pressed '2'. The doors closed. The elevator went up and I checked my phone. Didn't miss anything. Good. I searched for room 222 and when I finally found it I stormed in. "I told you I'd be around." "Yeah, you did." He smiled. "So, how do you feel?" "Like I ate a ton of pain killers." He laughed. "Is that a good or a bad thing?" "Good thing." I started laughing. "You got pretty lucky there prince charming." I said laughing. "Wow, what did I miss?" He said smiling. "I called Jake, he is kind of confused after everything I told him and I can't say I don't feel the same." "Yeah, can't agree more." He said awkwardly. "But... Why does that moron of a doctor think he can be late?" I said laughing. "Wow, since when are you in such a hurry?" "Well, I want to tell you some things. Because I know you ask the question to yourself a lot." "Hm, Kay. I'm curious." "I'm sorry it took so long. Emergency." "That's okay." Braydon said.

"Are you his sister, or maybe his girlfriend?" "Nah, just leave it with best friends." I said. "Okay, I have news about your situation Braydon. The knife didn't go that deep, so no fatal organs were hit. If I'm right they stitched you and you have a bandage on the wound." Braydon nodded and lifted his bloody shirt to show it. I never noticed, but he has a six-pack and quite good muscles. Not bad.. "I'm giving you a couple more of these, and some more pain killers, but you have to promise me you'll use them." "Does that mean he can go home?" "Yes." The doctor smiles. "I promise." Braydon said. "Good, I'll get you the pain killers and the bandages, so you and you good friend can leave." "Thanks doctor." Braydon said laughing.

"Are you coming with me or should I take you home? Your parents will be devastated." I said. "I don't care, I'll come with you, Thereby I promised you a story." "Hm, same for me. Good, grab that stuff from doctor handsome and we'll get out of here." I said. He started laughing and got up. He already looked much better. "I'll let you borrow some of Jake's clothing." "Thanks." The doctor came in and gave him all the stuff he needed to take care of himself at home. "Well, I'll see you in about 2 weeks, but we already made an appointment didn't we?" "Yes, see you then doctor." "Bye"

We got in my car, but when Braydon sat down he cringes for a moment. "Are you okay?" "Yeah, don't worry, I'm okay. Just when I sit down and stand up is a little thing." "Ah, yeah. You got stabbed, I remember." I laughed. He started laughing to and then there was this awesome song on the radio. I turned the volume up and started acting really weird. "Yes, yes now you have one crazy ass best friend. Take it or leave it." I said laughing really loud. "I'll take it." He laughed back. "Nice." I smiled. When the song was over I turned volume of. "What I'm going to tell you, stays between you and me, okay?" "Sure, what's so important?" "I'll tell you in a bit, we're almost there." "There?" "Yeah. Want to show you something is that okay?" "Of course." He said carefully, not sure what he had to say.

I stopped and got out of the car. "A graveyard?" He asked. "Come with me, I want to show you so there's nothing much left to say." "I understand." I walked towards mum and dad. My eyes started tearing up. My hands started shaking. It's almost like a ritual. Always happens when I come here. "These are your parents?" I nodded. "Yes, they are. And they are the reason I don't celebrate Christmas. You told me you wanted to know it, and now that I trust you, I'm going to tell you. My parents died on Christmas Eve. In a car accident where a deer ran off the road and his head bashed into the window. I saw it happen Braydon, I saw EVERYTHING. I could lay here to. I was in the backseat together with Jake." "Shhht. Calm down Hailey. It's okay. I'm here, hey." He lifted my head and looked me right in the eye. I gave him a hug. "Braydon, please don't ever leave me, you are the only one I have left. You are the only one besides Jake who knows this." "I won't. I'll always be here for you, I promise." He hugged me a little harder and then he lets me go. I smiled at him and saw that he had tears in his eyes to.

"I want to show you something to." He said. He took my hand and led the way to another grave. "This is my little brother." He said. "What happened?" I asked careful. "He died suffering from cancer. He was the only one I ever trusted with my darkest secrets. When he died my parents were devastated. They planned so much work that they're never home, and that's still the way it is. He died 3 years ago. There is no family living close, so I have no one left just like you. My parents just don't even care about me, they might be rich and everything, but I still hate them for not being there for me. I just want them to know that I'm still here. They don't seem to want to know..." "well, I guess you have me now, so if you feel lonely, call me, because I'm probably feeling the same." He smiled trough the tears. "Come, let's go. I think we've talked enough for today..." I said. "Yes, I totally agree."

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