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Chapter 13

christmas eve*

//p.o.v. Hailey//

I invited Braydon over for dinner tonight, since he told me that his parents were leaving tomorrow and he really didn't feel like doing an emotional moment with them. So, I decided to cook dinner tonight for both of us, so he didn't have to end up in a fight with his parents.

For tonight I'm making:


Warm bread made up like a pizza

Main course:

Tomato soup


Chocolate cake with whipped cream and strawberry

I hope he likes it because I spent all day in the kitchen making this. I turned the gas with the soup on it down, put the chocolate cake in the fridge and put the bread in the oven. I love the smell of all of this. Okay. This is the first Christmas eve since my parents died that I'm actually out of my bed, so this is a really big step. I turned around. The table, right. Christmas, that's with candles and white and red stuff. I grabbed a candlestick and some candles out of the closet in the kitchen. I put them on the table and searched for the red napkins. When I found them I lay 2 on the table.

I went to the closet with cd's and grabbed a Christmas cd. I put it in the radio and turned it on low volume. I grabbed a picture of mum and dad and placed it on the table. I placed a candle next to it and put it on. "I love you mum, I love you dad." I whispered. Almost 6 pm. He could be here any moment. The oven beeped, bread is ready. I grabbed a oven glove and got it out of the oven. I lay them on a plate and set the plate on the table. I got 2 coasters out and lay those on the middle of the table. I turned off the gas and got the pan with soup on the coasters. Looks good.

Since my sofa is red instead of white, I threw some blankets over it, and next week I'll buy a new one. I sighed and waited for Braydon. I checked my phone. Text message from Braydon. Hm. I opened it and it said:

Hey, my parents are making a scene, I have to go through the window, Be there in 10 x Braydon.

I looked at the clock. Then I take a look at the time that I got this message. 6 minutes ago.

After a little while the bell rang. "Coming!!" I said. I stood up and went to open the front door. "Hey, don't tell me I'm late?" A smile appeared on my face and I let him in. "No, well I already have the food out on the table but I think it's still warm, so, come in." He laughed and came in. He hung up his jacket and together we went inside. "So. How are you doing today? With... you know." "Fine actually. Since I have someone beside Jake to talk about it, I'm doing much better. And don't get me wrong, but I been really in some kind of a dip whole day. Now since I invited you to come over, it's going way better. I have something to do you know. Cooking, stuff like that. Now don't say you don't like it cause I spent like 3 hours to make this." "What's on the table for today?" He said with a smile. "Bread, but more like mini pizza's, and tomato soup. And, we have a delicious Desert." "Hmm, tell me." "Nahh... You'll see." He started laughing. "Bon appetite." I smiled. "And your week? Tell me all about it." I said. "Well. I recognized my parents. Every 5 minutes. Checking up on me, reminding me I have to replace the bandages and take the pain killers. Treating me like I'm 3 years old. And, I saw Brian like 2 days ago, but I stood behind Rose so he thought you were there to. He looked like he was about to shit his pants. So funny you know."

"Seriously? He's scared of me?" "Hm, yeah you can say that. You really looked like you wanted to shoot him. Even I was a little scared." "Seriously? It scared the shit out of me and I had to try really hard to not let my hands shake. If my hands were shaking, you would be dead right now." "But that didn't happen. And, this, is delicious." "Thanks. Oh, how rude. Do you want something to drink? I have champagne beer and some fizzy drinks, so, tell me..." "What if we just keep the champagne as an option for later tonight?" "Good, beer, or coke or what do you want?" "Grab me a beer, I'm in for some alcohol." "Great, I feel totally the same." "Oh you bad girl." Braydon laughed. I stood up and got 2 beers out of the fridge. I opened them and got them on the table. "On our miserable lives." I said. "Hm cheers." He groaned. I took a big sip of my beer and ate my pizza bread and tomato soup.

"Time for Desert!" I shouted out of the kitchen as I put some strawberries on the slices of cake. "Looks good." He said as I walked into the living room. "Hope it tastes as good as it looks." I smiled. He took a bite and nodded. "This is perfect!" He said. I started laughing. "That's great. But hey, got to admit that chocolate is always perfect." I laughed. He nodded.

After a really awesome Christmas eve, I was really sleepy. "Uh, Hailey can I stay for the night? My parents probably are really mad at me, and that's not really what I'm hoping for when I come home." "Yeah, sure. You can sleep in the spare bedroom. But I hope you don't mind, I'm kind of tired, so I'm going to bed." "Okay, then I guess I'm going to bed to. Thanks for letting me stay, I appreciate." "No problem. Thanks for coming over tonight." "Thanks for inviting me." I smiled at him. "You know why we became friends?" I asked. "Because you were the most crazy person in the entire world to help me change." "Yeah, and look at you now. You are already so different. I always knew that someday the good side of Braydon would come out. And I was right. You are such a better person now. I'm proud of you." "Thanks. Means a lot to me." He smiled. I showed him the spare bedroom. "Goodnight Braydon." I said, making my way to my own room. "Goodnight Hailey." He said closing the door.

//P.o.v. Braydon//

Now it's only waiting until she sleeps... I thought she might like it when I help her like she helps me. I'm going to help her celebrate Christmas again. I have such a big surprise for her.

After 2 hours I texted my cousin Jarred to bring in the Christmas tree I bought. With light and all stuff that goes with Christmas. Time, for my surprise...

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