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Chapter 14

//p.o.v. Hailey//

I woke up and watched the time. Already 11 am. I stood up and walked to my closet. "What to wear today?" I whispered to myself. I scanned the clothes and pulled out a sweatpants and a Arctic monkeys t-shirt. I put on my black vans and brushed my teeth. I did my hair and make-up before I went to wake up Braydon. But when I opened the door he wasn't there. He was probably hungry and went to eat breakfast. I lifted my shoulders and when I walked the stairs, I saw an Christmas wreath hanging on the door. I'm totally confused. Whatever. I shook my head and walked into the living room.

My eyes popped open when I saw the huge Christmas tree with beautiful coloured Christmas lights. "Good morning sunshine, slept well?" Braydon said, handing over a hot chocolate. "What the hell? Braydon, why, what, huh?" I was confused about all the Christmas stuff. "This wasn't here when we got to bed..." "No, it wasn't. I put it here when you were sleeping. It's like a Christmas present. And the gifts under the tree are to catch up with the years you missed." Without even thinking about it I gave Braydon a big hug. "You didn't have to do this, you know that right?" "Yes, but you mean a lot more to me then you think. And Without you I wouldn't know if I would still even be alive, so this is my way to tell you a huge thank you, and to wish you a merry Christmas. So, merry Christmas Hailey." He said with a big smile on his face. "Merry Christmas Braydon. Thank you, but... I have something for you to, it's not as huge as this, but I bought it because I knew you did celebrate Christmas. Wait, I'll go get it." I went to the kitchen and grabbed his gift from the highest shelf.

"I'll open it together with your last one, okay?" "Good." "Go on, open up." There were like 15 gift for me under the tree, I only have one for him... I sat down next to the tree and started opening up the presents. I wanted to get the biggest one, but he stopped me. I already have some bracelets, books and he got me 2 tickets for the cinema, for a movie to choose. "Please, keep that one for last." He said with a cheeky grin. "Fine, then only this one left." I picked up the little box without wrapping paper, it looked like a jewellery box. I slowly opened it and saw a beautiful ring. I looked at the lid of the box and saw there was written: promise ring. "Oh my god, Braydon, thank you so much!" "You know, after what you did, The ring represents that I promise to always be there for you, I'll get you through the hardest times, I thought you should know that." "I already did, but thanks. Now, I'm not opening that one until you opened yours." "Okay, okay." He laughed. He picked up his gift and smiled at me before he opened the box. "Oh, these are awesome, thanks Hailey!!" He said as he lifted the leather set of bracelets I got him out of the box. "Glad you like them, searched like 5 stores for it." I laughed. He put them on and smiled at me. "Your turn, little tip, don't lift it, it's kind of heavy." I walked to the box and sat down next to it. "It's no joke right?" I asked. "No, no not really. Open it."

I took a breath and opened the box. I started shaking when I saw what was inside. Tears came up and I lifted the little golden retriever puppy out of the box. It was wearing a cute red bow around his neck. "OH GOD! Braydon! It's so cute!" I screamed. I hugged the little white puppy and it started licking me. "It's a boy, and his name is Jesse, I got him out of the shelter. He's your new buddy to keep you company when you're feeling lonely..." "Thank you! I literally love you for this!" "Really? Not just because the dog?" He grinned.

I set the dog on the floor and it started discovering the house. "I think I should give it some water." I said awkwardly. Yes, I liked Braydon, and yes, I would like to be more then friends, but now he thinks it's just because he gave me dog. Okay, I admit I literally said I love you for this, but I love him because of who he is, and not because of the dog. I grabbed a bowl and filled it with water. But Braydon his hand interrupted the crane running its water into it. "Hailey, please... Answer me. Do you love me, and would you love me if I didn't give you a dog." He sounded serious, and I was kind of scared to tell him. "Yeah." I mumbled so quiet no one but me could hear it. I looked up, slowly seeking his eyes. Then I saw him looking at my lips. Slowly our heads came closer. He slowly placed his lips on mine. His lips slide over mine and he carefully asks for permission which I gave him without a doubt. He bites my lip and I placed my left hand behind his head, intertwining my fingers with his hair. My right hand goes on his cheek. He placed his hands on my hips. When we finally stopped kissing, I quietly said: "yeah, I love you." "Good, because I love you too..." He smiled back.

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