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Chapter 2

//P.O.V. Hailey//

I turned the television on and zapped through all channels. Nothing interesting… I switched it off and turned the radio on. I got up and went to the dining table, where I had three books and six notebooks. Three are mine, the other three are Braydon’s. I hate this boy so much, he’s like some kind of disease. Follows you everywhere you go, infects and hurts you every day except for the weekends and in Holidays. In three weeks, it’s Christmas holiday. Everyone is excited about Christmas already, the gifts they get, all their family is in town, while half of my family dies in an accident. We only have our grandmother, grandfather and uncle left. My uncle doesn’t like me, and grandma and grandpa are living a thousand miles away. I don’t like Christmas, for me, it’s the most horrible time of the year. Almo0st four years ago, my parents died in a car accident. A deer crossed the road and his head bashed into the window. The deer died, together with my thirty-seven year old mom and my thirty-eight year old dad. Me and my brother Jake were perfectly fine in the backseats.

When I finally finished my homework for me and Braydon, it was already ten thirty pm. I sighed and switched the light of. I wrote a note for Jake, if he comes back ever again. And then I went to bed. I hopped into my PJ’s and laid down. Within five minutes I fell asleep…


Six am.

My alarm goes off. Time to get up. I grabbed a skinny ripped jean out of my closet and put it on. A black top and a checkered blouse with my low checkered vans. I grabbed my hairbrush from the shelf an put my hair in a high ponytail. I went downstairs and found Jake, sleeping on the sofa. ‘’Jake, where have you been?!’’ I asked a little rude while I threw a pillow to his head. ‘’I was out with Braydon. You know that he actually is really awesome?’’ ‘’No, he’s not. He had me beaten up yesterday again.’’ Oh no… I didn’t ever tell him about me, getting beaten up by Braydon. ‘’He did what?!’’ Jake shouted. I turned around and walked into the kitchen to make breakfast. ‘’HAILEY!’’ He shouted. He came after me and made me stop by grabbing my arm. ‘’He really did?’’ ‘’Yes he did… several times…’’ ‘’Why didn’t you tell me? You know I’m here for you right?’’ ‘’I didn’t tell you because I don’t want you to get hurt.’’ ‘’Well that’s something we have in common then, cause I don’t want you to get hurt either.’’ ‘’Please, don’t get involved. I mean, it’s last year he’s in high school. And I’m also in the last year so after the exams he doesn’t bother me ever again. I’ve gone through hell for two years already. This year I will survive it just, like the past two years. Trust me it’s okay.’’ ‘’But… promise me you won’t keep things like this from me ever again.’’ ‘’Promised.’’ I smiled. I decided to not have breakfast, if I do I’ll be late for chemistry class. Braydon will kill me if I’m late.

Me and Camdon were cycling to school again for twenty minutes, and arrived at school 10 minutes before class. When I headed over to my locker and opened it, Braydon appeared and smashed it right back up. ‘’Hey partner, how is our chemistry project going?’’ ‘’I’m almost halfway through, but it would be going much faster if you would get your lazy hands out of your sleeves.’’ I growled. ‘’Oh honey, you know me, so you know that’s never going to happen. Good to hear you worked on it. It has to be done at Friday, so make sure you have it Friday. I have an appointment at the moment, but you can just do your work. I’m not there today. Today, see it as a Christmas gift, from me. No punishment for today. Today I’m not around. Have fun and enjoy your little Christmas gift honey.’’ He said with a cheeky grin. I was fighting the tears. Christmas. Mom. Dad. I hated it. But I loved my parents. I suddenly felt sick. Braydon lifted his eyebrows and for a tiny little moment I thought there was some humanity left in him. But that faded away when he rolled his eyes and left, leaving his puppies free for today. I went to chemistry class, but Braydon really wasn’t there… I also just did my math’s, and my biology, but he was nowhere to be seen. Even his little puppies were lost. In lunch break I went to Camdon, in the canteen and sat down with him. If Braydon isn’t here, I don’t have to worry that I’m going to get beaten up by him. His little puppies sat on the same table as always, but without him they seem to like… don’t know what they’re doing. It’s a little sad. He almost brainwashed them. But yeah, then don’t believe he’s a good guy…

‘’Did Braydon bother you today?’’ ‘’No, actually he surprised me today. At my locker. I don’t have to listen to him today because he isn’t here. He said he had an appointment and that he wouldn’t be here. I didn’t have to get punished today and he called it a ‘Christmas gift’.’’ I lifted my shoulders and took a bite from my apple. ‘’But if he’s not here, then where is he?’’ ‘’I don’t know and I don’t care. The further away he is, the better.’’ I said laughing. ‘’Yeah, that’s probably true.’’ He said laughing.

Then Nate and Allys rushed in. ‘’Camdon, Hailey, please. Braydon isn’t gone. I know he told you that but he’s about to kick Rose her ass outside!’’ Allys shouted in panic. ‘’Jesus Allys! Calm down, he isn’t going to hurt her, Hailey has all his schoolwork. He isn’t going to get it when he does’’ ‘’Oh sure as hell he does.’’ I said. I shook my head and grabbed my backpack. I threw it over my shoulder. I ran outside and saw Rose and Braydon in the corner of the schoolyard, Braydon shouting at her. Making her feel bad and scared before he starts beating her up and leaves her for dead. I started to feel really angry. ‘’Braydon you stupid bitch!’’ I said loudly. I walked to him and grabbed a lighter from Nate. Yes, Nate does smoke. I grabbed his biology homework, his math’s homework and our chemistry assignment. I held the lighter underneath the notebooks and looked at him ‘’If you want it, let her walk to Nate.’’ ‘’Oh do you really think I believe you are going to burn all of that? Including our grade for chemistry? Yeah sure.’’ He said. I lifted my shoulders and first got our Chemistry project out. I turned on the lighter and burned it. I grabbed his notebooks. ‘’Are they next or do you believe me right now?’’ ‘’You know that you have to start all over again with chemistry right now huh?’’ He said laughing out loud. He makes fun of me, okay then. ‘’Braydon. I didn’t burn all of it. But now there’s a piece missing, and I don’t think mister Harris would be so happy with that’’ I laughed. ‘’Fine. Go you’re no fun anyway.’’ He mumbled to Rose. I handed over his homework and walked inside with Nate, Allys, Rose and Camdon. ‘’Thank you so much Hailey.’’ Rose said quietly. ‘’No problem. He’s such an ass and he knows that. For fucks sake.’’ I smiled at her and then the bell rung. Last class of the day. English.

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