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Chapter 3

//P.O.V. Hailey//

"Hey little bitch, did you enjoy today without me?" Immediately I regret I didn't wait for Camdon... "Actually... Braydon. Yes, I really did enjoy it. So thank you for not being a dick for once." "No problem." He grinned. He started to get closer, almost his bike against mine. "But what was that at your locker this morning? You almost started crying when I mentioned the words Christmas gift." "Forget it Braydon, that's not going to happen." "What?" He said with a cheeky grin. "Well, if I tell you about it, you're going to make fun of me in front of the whole school. That's not funny Braydon, so I'm not telling you because I don't trust you." I sighed. "Well okay then. Hey by the way. You told your brother about what's happening between us didn't you?" "Yes, I did. I don't want him getting hurt. I don't want him getting brainwashed by you. I don't want him to turn into one of your little guard dogs. If you're touching my brother, I'll make sure me and my friends will make your live one big hell. And I don't care how many times you are going to beat me up then. I just want you to leave Jake alone. These are his last 2 weeks here before he moves to my uncle. He can't come home on Christmas because he's hasn't got his driver’s license yet and my uncle has to work. So, I already have so much on my mind, just please leave me alone..." I said, turning the wheels of my bike a little harder as I turned right. "But Hailey, I won't stop until I know it, figured you might want to know." He shouted at me before I disappeared around the corner and he couldn't see me anymore.

I arrived home and found Jake, wearing his headphones, singing along loudly with the lyrics of Arctic monkeys. "Oh, Hi Hailey, how was school?" "It actually was really good. Braydon wasn't there so I actually enjoyed myself today." I grinned. Felt good to just not be around Braydon the whole day. Until he came along on the ride home... "Really? That's good news." "Yeah, I know right. But then, after school he joined me on the ride home, to ask about Christmas. You know because this morning, he told me today was something like a Christmas gift. I got tears in my eyes, because of you know... What happened 2 years ago... He wanted to know what was wrong so he could go and make fun of me in front of the whole school. So I didn't tell him and threatened him to leave you alone. That was sort of everything happened today." "Wow, sounds like a fun day sis." "What did you do? Why are you already home?" "Because, my dear Hailey, I was really sweet today." He lied really badly. "JAKE!" I shouted. "Okay okay, actually I got in a fight today and got expelled. I'm so sorry but that dude really passed pissed me of." "Jake... Uncle Jeff already doesn't trust me with you, if you want to come back living with me, you have to behave..." "I don't even want to leave!" He shouted at me in a angry voice. "I know Jake, but I already brought you enough in trouble." "NO YOU DIDN'T! YOU KEPT ME OUT OF IT! where the hell does Uncle Jeff get the idea to get himself into this!" "He doesn't like me, and he wants you with him since the first moment after mom and dad died." "I don't want to! I want to stay here, I want to look out for you like you did for me today! He ruins our lives and he sure as hell knows that!" Jake shouted out of anger. He started crying. I took him into my arms and almost killed him in the hug. But he did the same so never mind.

"Jakeyy... I'll come visit you when I have my license, and you can come around whenever you want." "Oh, believe me I will." He said. "SHIT! It's almost Friday." "Actually, tomorrow is Friday." He mumbled on my shoulder. He lets me go and looked me in the eye. "I didn't finish chemistry!" "So?" "So Braydon is going to kill me! I promised him a really good grade." I said panicking. "It's okay. I'll help you." "Okay, I'll go grab the laptop from my room. Be right back."

After 3 hours studying, it's finally done. Jake fell asleep one hour ago. Its 8 pm and we had pizza for dinner. Jake ordered some. "Jake, wake up, I'm in the mood to Netflix and chill." I said, throwing a pillow towards his head. "Well, actually I was really in the mood to sleep, but okay then. Grab me a beer." I nodded, went to the kitchen and thought: fuck it, I want a beer myself to.

"Wait, that one looks like a fun one." I said, pointing at the movie on the left. "Yeah, yeah looks OK, let's watch this one." Jake admitted. He turns on the movie and after this movie we watch another 6 movies. (Well, I have to say we had fun. We watched 7 movies, but.... Then the next thing happened...)

"Hailey, you have to be at school in an hour! You're drunk like ass and you look like shit, believe me, you need hell of a lot more time than one hour to get yourself less messed up." I stood up, rolling my eyes. I immediately felt dizzy and fell. This was my first time drinking alcohol, and it wasn't a good idea, but I wanted to drink my problems away. Apparently didn't work... Jake starts laughing loudly. "Dude, they're not even going to let you in!" "First: IM NO DUDE. Second: You can call school if you want me to stay at home." "Deal, but... Bathroom is mine first!" He shouted, grabbing his phone and running upstairs. I lifted my shoulders and started cleaning the whole mess up. Empty bottles, everywhere.

Text message. Braydon:

If you want the ten I promised you, you have to pick up the assignments, because I'm not coming to school today. H

I heard the door bell. I went to the hall and opened the front door. "Oh hey Cam. I'm sorry but... me and Jake..." "No worries, I heard you, ALL NIGHT LONG. So, don't explain. I just came to check up on you." "Thanks Cam, but I texted Braydon to pick up the chemistry project and Jake called school. Because dude, I'm drunk like ass..." Camdon started laughing. "Could see that." He said with a grin. "But, don't let Braydon ruin your day okay? Just let him be his arrogant self." "We are going to be okay, just handle the drunk thing, before it goes wrong." "I will, see you later Camdon!" "Oh, and I'm not sure if you know it, but you look like shit." He laughed. " Bye Camdon." I laughed, then smashed the door.

Text message form Braydon:

OK. I'm on my way, you better be home. B

I sighed. He is such a jerk and he doesn't even know what love means. He has the best sex storyline in the whole school, but I bet not one girl liked it. He is a lying asshole and someone needs to fix him. He is drawn to the edge of being saved, but seems like he doesn't want to be saved, that he likes being such a jerk.

When I'm done cleaning the whole mess up, I sat down and ate some breakfast. I'm surprised Braydon isn't here yet, but I know he doesn't have first class on Fridays. I walked into the kitchen and filled a glass with water. I drank 3 glasses with the hope it would reduce the alcohol effect.

I heard the door bell, so I went to open the door. Should be Braydon, so grabbed the chemistry project and put it on the closet in the hallway. I opened the door and immediately fell, right into Braydon his arms. Falling is okay, he? Not okay. "So... Guess you looked a little too deep in the glasses last night?" He said with that cheeky grin of his. "Well, yes...." I mumbled. "Everything okay down there?!" Jake shouted from upstairs. "Yeah, yeah Braydon was just leaving." I said, pressing the project in his hands, trying to stop him from coming inside. "No, actually I'm not." He laughed like in a horror movie. He is like the devil. Awful...

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