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Chapter 4

//p.o.v. Hailey//

"Braydon get out!" "Fine, I hope you have some aspirins. Believe me, I don't need to torture you, what's coming for you is even worse." He laughed, walking out. I sighed and slammed the door in his face when he turned around. "Good, now can you throw a towel please?" Jake asked. "Sure." I threw the towel and went to the living room. I found another empty bottle under the table. I threw it away and went upstairs as soon as I heard Jake walking the stairs. I need a shower.

2 weeks later, tomorrow Jake is leaving and also the last day in school is tomorrow. Hailey is going through a rough time...

//p.o.v. Braydon//

I am standing at the door. First Class starts in about 10 minutes and Hailey is nowhere to be seen. I found out Hailey doesn't celebrate Christmas, but I really want to know why. I think I actually started to have feelings for her. I still annoy her, still hurt her, because the anger suits her. It makes her sexy. There she is. Stepping of her bike and placing it in the racks. Camdon and her are walking together, but then there is a feeling that hurts so bad, it makes me sick. Hailey has tears in her eyes. Since one week ago, I started to annoy her in different ways. She was so confused at first, but she's getting used to it quite fast. Instead of being a dick, I'm kind to her, but... really sarcastic. It doesn't feel right this time. I feel like I need to grab her and close her into my arms. Cheer her up when she's feeling down. I know she's been through a lot, she isn't telling anyone, not even her friends, who she would risk her life for.

I know she tells everyone that she's spending Christmas at her uncle’s but I know it isn't true. Her brother, Jake, is moving in at his uncles, and she isn't going with him. I wonder why she doesn't celebrates Christmas.

"Something wrong?" I asked as Hailey and her friend walked by. "None of your business." She growled at me. "Well someone's cranky." I mumbled, following them to their lockers. "Braydon just go away you fucking dork!" She shouted at me. ouch, that actually hurt me. "Okay, but.. first." "No first Braydon, you heard her, BACK OFF." Her lovely friend Camdon tells me. "OK, I just want to know something, you need to back off yourself, or I'm going to hurt you." I said really like angry. Inhale, Exhale. "Okay, a couple of days ago, you told me you let me beat you up, because you thought I could actually be saved. But that you gave up on me that day. You think no person in this entire world is able to safe me from being such an asshole. I just want to know..." "Yes." "What?" I asked surprised. "Yes. It's true. I still think about you that way and that's not going to change. You fell over the edge long, long ago. There is no going back. No loving soul on earth can fix you. No one but you can. Since you seem to enjoy being a dork, being such a jerk, that's never going to happen. I don't know what you've been through that made you like... turn the switch to bad, but I personally think that everything I've been through, is compatible to it. And now, LEAVE. ME. ALONE." I heard her. Loud and clear. I nodded, turned around and walked away.

The whole day I couldn't concentrate on anything. I kept thinking about the things Hailey said about me. I've had 4 classes today, and I had 4 teachers asking me: Hey Braydon are you okay? You look a little absent. And I answered all 4 with: Yeah, I'm fine. Now I'm in chemistry class and we had to pick partners again today. Hailey seemed quite surprised when I took place next to Samantha, some hoe who likes me. She will do anything I say. All day I've been thinking how she technically called me a lost cause. Hailey is sitting right in front of me, and she drives me crazy without even knowing. And Mr. Harris comes up to me to ask the same damn question. "Hey Braydon, are you okay?" "Yes, I'm fine." I sighed cranky. He lifted his eyebrows and turned around. When he walked back to his desk I shook my head. "Actually no. I'm not." I said. "Absolutely not. I'm a lost cause, I am nothing, I am such an asshole." "Braydon, calm down. Just... Just sit down." "NO I'M NOT SITTING DOWN!" I shouted. I grabbed my bag and ran out. I biked home and went straight to bed. "GET OUT OF MY FREAKIN HEAD HAILEY!!!!" I screamed.

After a couple of hours I woke up with a terrible headache. "Is this what love is? If it is, then I fucking hate it. Love sucks." I said out loud. Who cares? I'm always home alone. My parents are never at home, they're always travelling for work. And even when they are, they are on their room screwing each other.

I really hate my life. Mom and Dad are never home, my brother died, suffering from cancer and I have no family living close.

But then there it is once again. The whole Hailey speech comes into my mind. She said she had been through something compatible. Maybe that's why she doesn't really celebrate Christmas. Her brother Jake moves out tomorrow I heard, so that means she is going to spend the most beautiful time of the year all alone. Her parents seem to never be there, so I guess that's what we have in common. This is literally one of the worst moments of my live.

I went downstairs and grabbed a coke. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. "Braydon." I said. "Braydon where the hell have you been?" "Hey Brian, I kind of felt sick so I went home. Why? what's wrong?" "Ugh, I bet it has something to do with that girl you like? How is she called again? Hailey Mikealson?" "No, Yes, what the hell, why am I telling you? It's none of your business." I said. I hung up and went to bed again. I lay down and didn't feel like standing up EVER again. I crawled under the sheets and tried to sleep again. After hours I finally went into a dreamless sleep...

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