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Chapter 5

/p.o.v. Hailey//

"Jake! Uncle Jeff is here to pick you up!!" I had tears in my eyes, I started crying the moment I woke up. I called school that I'll be there in fourth class, because I had to say goodbye to Jake. "I'm coming!" I heard him saying. He had the same feeling. Uncle Jeff is ruining our life. But as soon as he is 18, he can move out. He can live on his own, with his girlfriend or he can move in with me again. "Hailey... I'm going to miss you so much. Promise me you'll be okay without me." "I promise." He smiled at me and gave me a hug. "I'll call you tonight, okay?" "Promised?" "Promised. I'll see you little big sis." "Bye Jake." I smiled at him. He nodded and walked through the front door, to uncle Jeff his car and stepped on the front seat. He waved as the car started driving. I closed the door.

I'm totally not in the mood for school today. I'm totally not in the mood to pretend I'm happy while I'm absolutely not. I got my bicycle and got to school. Fourth class is biology. And I'm sitting next to Braydon. He is so annoying... especially the last couple of days. What happened yesterday... I can't really tell. After I told him that he is technically just a lost cause, it seemed like it really got to him. When he ran out on chemistry it was kind of weird...

I walked onto the schoolyard and followed my way to my locker, expecting Braydon to be there. But he isn't there. I don't know, but for some reason I started to worry. I got my biology books out of my locker and closed it. A little note fell out of it. surprised I picked it up and saw my name written on it. I looked around, but saw no one. I sighed and read it.


You basically told me I'm a lost cause yesterday, and that I hurt you really bad and stuff.

I stopped reading. This is from Braydon. I shook my head and threw it in the trashcan. I don't want to get involved in his life. I'm still really afraid of him, of what he can do. I held my breath for a moment, when I saw him standing just around the corner. I swallow the lump in my throat and walked away. He seemed heartbroken and it actually did hurt. I slowly found my way to Camdon and Allys, who were waiting for me, Nate and Rose to show up. I didn't say anything. I was just thinking about what happened 5 minutes ago...

//p.o.v. Braydon//

Ouch... That hurts really bad... She didn't even read it, she just threw it in the bin immediately. My WHOLE story was in that letter. I wrote almost like my heart on it. Biology is going to be hell. I have to sit next to her, and she doesn't want to see me, like at all. I lower my eyes and kicked my feet at nothing. I think I need to leave her alone and turn back into my old self. Beating people up to feel adrenaline. If she doesn't want to help me, then no one can save me. No one can pull me back. I went to my locker and got my schoolbag out. "Hey, your showing up again. Why were you so angry at me yesterday?" Brian asked as he appears in the hallway. "Because I was mad at everyone." I answered really annoyed by his presence. "And you still are... I get it. So... Heard anything from Hailey lately?" He asked. "Dude she better be worth it because you're acting like a jerk." He said. Immediately my eyes popped open. "I'm acting like a jerk? Right now? Don't think so mate! I think I've always been a incredible jerk just like you! I've beaten up so many girls over the past 2 years! No I haven't heard from Hailey lately, because she HATES me for what I've done, so just leave me. If I want your opinion then I'll ask for it!" I said angry, slamming my locker and walking away. I got to the bathroom and threw some water in my face. I'm so confused by all of this...

I got late at biology class but the teacher told me it was okay, since he heard about what happened in chemistry. I sat down next to Hailey and suddenly there was an awkward silence. I started to read in my biology textbook. After I read the text, I went working on the assignments in the book.

"Okay class, I want you to make this as you homework, for the first time we see each other again after holiday. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!" The teacher said. I packed up my stuff and got to the canteen. I went to the group of boys waiting for me at the middle table. I sat down and ate my lunch. The whole time I ignored everything they said to me. Every single thing they said to me was about my fight with Brian. But I meant what I said. I'm an awful person just like the rest of everyone here. The worst thing is, I made them this way. I'm the one who threw them over the edge... Now they want to keep me this way. And I understand because some of them are just turned into a asshole, but the others, the one I've been with since first grade. I don't get it. They never liked me because the whole school always was more afraid of me then them. Now they want me to stay worse than them? What are they planning on doing?

I stood up, I was done with all the shouting voices around me, telling me what to do. I was angry and walked straight to the bathroom. I wanted to go home, but my parents called to tell me I can't go home again. I can't skip school again. They thought I was skipping for fun? I'm going out of my mind and they can't even notice because they're never there! there is a voice inside my head that keeps repeating what Hailey said to me. Then there comes another voice, repeating what the boys said to me like 30 seconds ago. I'm so sick of it. They make me so angry.

I looked into the mirror. I got angry on the person I saw there. Out of anger, I smashed the mirror with my fist. So hard, it broke. My whole hand started bleeding. There were splinters of glass in my hand and I started pulling some of them out. But the biggest one was stuck. I swing my bag over my shoulder and went looking for a teacher. Didn't less long before I found one. "Braydon what happened?" Mr. Hamsworth said. "I got angry and smashed the mirror in the bathroom to pieces. I have most of them out but this one is stuck in my arm and I can't get it out myself." I explained. I froze as I saw how Hailey walked into the hall and looked me right in the eye before she saw my hand. The teacher took me into his office. I could just see that Hailey was shocked and scared at the same time and walked with her friends with big eyes. I regret everything I did over the last 2 or 3 years. Especially what I did to her... My mind exploded again, while Mr. Hamsworth started to call 911, because he didn't know what to do either. My arm was bleeding like hell and it looked like I was bleeding to death if I didn't get to the hospital in time. But I didn't really care... I wouldn't mind dying, I mean, I have nothing to live for after all so.... No one will miss me when I'm gone.

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