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Chapter 6

//p.o.v. Hailey//

I don't know why, but I felt terrible about what I saw. It was like a scene in a horror movie. We walked past Mr. Hamsworth his office and past the bathroom. But in the men's bathroom I saw that the mirror was broken. Pieces of glass all over the floor. Half of the room was covered in blood. I was so shocked by what I saw, I started crying and shaking. Allys and Camdon were confused by what was happening. And actually I was too...

"Hailey? What the hell is wrong?" "The bathroom is wrong! Look at the floor, it's literally covered in blood! You saw Braydon to right? Did you see what happened to him?" They shook their head. "THIS HAPPENED TO HIM!" I started panicking. What the hell did he do? I freaked out completely. "Hailey, calm down! What is wrong with you?" "I think I'm having some panic attack or something." I mumbled. My lungs were burning, I could barely breathe. "I think she needs to see that Braydon is okay before she turns to normal again." Camdon said concerned. Allys nodded and I was just freaking out of all the blood. They took me to the office but no one was there. There was just another puddle of blood in the middle of the room. I heard students screaming outside the office.

I don't know why I started freaking out so badly, I mean I didn't even like Braydon. I hated him. So why am I freaking out so much?

I slowly started to breathe normal again, but they still wanted to take me to Braydon. We took a shortcut and stranded outside. Where I saw an ambulance. They took me there and for some reason I started feeling really bad for everything I said to him. He could be saved, but he needed a girl he could lean on. And that's absolutely not me, we hate each other, that makes no sense.

Braydon did what I asked him to do. He stayed away from me. And in biology class, he is really nice. He doesn't bother me and he only asks me questions about the assignments we have to make. I think he tries to be a better person. But why did he do this? Hurting himself is nothing for him... Then Braydon came out of the school. A sparkle appeared in his eyes when he saw me. But then he collapsed. He just fell on the floor. I was scared and stepped back. Brian was there, I know they were in a fight, but he's still there. Brian lifted him up and helped him into the ambulance. The sirens went on and with high speed the ambulance disappeared. This day so many things happened... I'm glad I only have one class left for today. English.

All the time I felt itchy to go home. I wanted to be alone. Camdon is leaving tomorrow, to his Grandmother in Canada for Christmas. Allys Nate and Rose think I'm at my uncle's with Christmas, but I'm actually just crying all the time. I can't get over it. The accident 2 years ago is haunting me. Jake feels the same every Christmas. And now that he's not here I have no one. I grabbed my bike and went home with Camdon. We talked about today. I hope Braydon is okay, even though I hate him. I said bye to Camdon and wished him the best for Christmas and went inside. I threw my bag in the corner of the hall and got something to eat out of the kitchen. Everything that happened today, is so weird... First Jake moved out, when I arrived at school there was this note from Braydon and then Braydon smashed a mirror in the bathroom. I need to admit that I've never seen him like this before, and this version of him scares me... even more than the normal, jerk version of him.

It seems like he can't control being a good guy, that he has this rage inside him that drives him to the edge. Now that I'm thinking about it, he's trying to be a good guy? Since when does the worst badass you've ever met do good? Nothing for him...

My phone rings. I picked up. "Hailey Mikealson." "I know who my sister is, thank you." I heard Jake laughing. "Oh sorry Jake, didn't notice it was you." I laughed. "Well, how was school today?" "OH, it was HORRIBLE." "Well, tell me. Since I have to get to school after holiday, I think I might better be preparing." He laughed. "Okay, well first... I found a weird note in my locker. I was really confused, didn't know from who, but my name was written on it. So, I opened it and started reading. Turned out it came from Braydon." "And? What was in it?" "Well, I actually don't know. I threw it away as soon as I noticed it was his." "Why?" Jake sounded surprised. "Because I HATE him. Anyway, when I did, Braydon stood there around the corner. He looked very confused and seemed like he didn't know what to do. That might actually be true because what happened during lunch was really weird." I put Jake on speaker since I live alone no one is going to listen anyway. "Tell me." Jake laughed. I grabbed my drink from the table and started telling what happened.

"So, during lunch me, Camdon and Allys went for a walk. Because I thought Braydon was in the canteen, watching me. He sure wasn't but that's not the weird thing. So we went out of the canteen. Then I saw Braydon, going into Mr. Hamsworth's office with what I thought was a little cut in his arm. But when we walked past the guys bathroom, I knew it wasn't. I started panicking and shaking and crying, all the blood that covered the floor made me scared. I had some kind of panic attack and started freaking out. Braydon for some reason had to smash the mirror and that's why he had so much blood, that's why the bathroom was covered in blood. I thought it was really weird because hurting himself is nothing for him. I mean he calls himself, and I'm quoting: I'm the worst badass you've ever met. So why the hell would he just hurt himself instead of anyone else?" "I don't know... Maybe he wants to change? I mean, people can change, those word are all yours remember?" "Yes, but.. I just don't think that will work for him. And especially not on his own." "Then maybe you need to find someone who will help him. Or help him yourself. Just saying you can try to help him be a better person. cause you are one of the kindest persons I know." "I'll think about that." I laughed. "I need to go, uncle Jeff wants to take me to KFC." "Enjoy little brother." "Thanks, I'll call yah later on." "Okay, see yah." I hung up and turned on the television. Time for vacation....

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