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Chapter 7

//p.o.v. Hailey//

When it seemed to be like nothing interesting was on television, I switched to Netflix and decided to watch expelled. I just had dinner and put on my pyjamas. Didn't feel like doing ANYTHING, today. I sighed and as the movie started I lay back and enjoyed.

After like an hour, I paused the movie to get something to drink out of the kitchen. I grabbed a coke and went back to the living room. When I was about to start the movie, my phone vibrated. I lifted my eyebrows. Who could that be?? It's a text. From... Braydon? What does he want? I thought it was vacation. I thought vacation meant something like: free from all of your problems, no worries. Well, that's not true.

Hi, I heard from Brian that you had a panic attack. I'm really, really, really sorry. I didn't mean to scare you... I just couldn't stop thinking about that panic attack thing, so I thought the least I can do is let you know that I'm okay. If you want explanation about why I smashed the mirror in the bathroom, you can call me. -Braydon

I was really confused about all this. I know that Brian saw me having a panic attack, and it's obvious he told Braydon about it, but why does he care? Actually I kind of want to know what happened, but I don't know if I should call him.

I decided not to call him. I started the movie again and after that, I am going to bed. Tomorrow, is my father's birthday. So I'm going to his grave to give some flowers to my dead parents. I hate uncle Jeff for taking Jake away one day before dad his birthday. Jake deserves to go to his grave to. And If uncle Jeff thinks he doesn't, he's thinking wrong.

I got all angry, I wanted to kill Jeff. I knew someone had to calm me down. Usually that's Jake but since he isn't here that's not going to happen. I can't call Allys or Rose, both of them are out of town. Camdon needs his sleep, so I'm not going to call him... The only one left is Nate. But I didn't. I stood up and went to bed. I was tired and needed to sleep. I turned on the light and got my pyjamas of the chair. I put it on and jumped into bed. I turned out the lights and went to sleep...


I woke up early the next day. I left the curtains open, so the sunlight’s burns in my eyes as I open them. I grabbed the remote of my radio and turned it on. All my friends except for Nate were out of town and my brother is kidnapped away from me. Today is my dad's birthday and he isn't here to celebrate it with us. So I have to go to his grave to give my dead parents a flower, and if that's not enough it's almost Christmas which means I lost them almost 3 years ago. Today is a really depressed day....

After half an hour I finally found a way to get out of bed. I sighed and walked to my closet, where I pulled out a sweatpants and the biggest jumper I can find. I turned off the radio and went downstairs. Made some breakfast and watched some TV before I have to go get some flowers for mum and dad.

"HAILEY!!" I heard together with the door bell. I got up and went to open the door. "Hey Cam! Didn't really expect you at my door?" "Well, I just had to say bye and just had to know you're okay." "Ahw Cammie... Just go and have fun, I'll be okay." I laughed. "I'll miss you Haileyyy. I'll text you as soon as I get there" "I'll miss you to Cam, have fun with your family these days." "That's going to be alright. Are you going to be alright today? I mean I know it's your dad's birthday. I just want you to know I'm here for you." "I know that. I'm going for some flowers later today and bring them to his grave. I just feel terrible for Jake." "I get that, your uncle is just lonely and he saw Jake as an opportunity to have some company. I'm sure sooner or later Jake will return." "Thanks buddy. That's why your my best friend." I gave him a hug and heard him laughing. "See you next week Hailey." "Byee!" I smiled as I waved at him. Sweet Camdon...

Later that day I went to get the most beautiful flowers I could find. I got in my car and now I'm driving my way to my parents. Or... What's left of them. 5 minutes of crying in the car and I arrived. I slowly made my way to my mum and dad. First I start crying so I hard I think I'm dying, then, when I'm calm, I split the flowers and lay them on their grave. Also I lay a little birthday card on dad's grave. "Happy birthday daddy... wish you were here to celebrate it with me." The tears were as always really hard to fight, but after the many times I get here, I managed to do it. "Mum, dad, I hope you guys found peace on the other side. I hope your happy and that I maybe one day might see you again. I miss you guys... Uncle Jeff got Jake away from me, just so you know he's not coming today, and that it's not his fault.... He loves you guys to and he wishes to be here to. I'm sorry he isn't. Hm, and Braydon, the guy I told you about couple weeks ago, started being really nice to me since I shouted at him that he has some serious issues and that he looks like a lost cause. But instead, he starts being rude to himself. He starts hurting himself so he doesn't hurt anyone else. What do you guys think? Should I help him?" I made fun of myself. I just asked my dead parents if I should help Braydon....

"Of course... I'm sure if you'd be here right in front of me, you'd say: of course you should help him. everyone deserves a second change. Because you are good people. I think you'd like me and Jake to be like that to... I'm going to help Braydon. Just because I want to be like you. I'm going to call him tonight." I said confident. "I love you mum, love you dad." I turned around and walked away. To my car. Straight home. I decided. Braydon deserves a second chance, just like everyone else...

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