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Chapter 8

//P.o.v. Hailey.//

As soon as I got home I went inside and looked at the clock. Time for dinner. After dinner I'll call Braydon for explanation of yesterday. Of the mirror incident. That's a good start right? I ordered some pizza because I didn't feel like cooking like at all. So, I ordered a pizza Hawaii. I got on the sofa and got my wallet out of my pocket. How many was it again? 10 dollars. Right. I got 10 dollars out and lay it on the table. Turned the stereo on and the sound of Nickelback - follow you home filled the room.

Half an hour past before the door bell rang. I stood up and took my 10 dollars to the door. "Hello, you ordered Hawaii? Good choice." The girl said friendly. She looks kind. "I know. Hawaii is always good at pizza Hut." I said with a smile. "Hey, can I ask you for some advice?" I asked. "Sure." She said kindly. "If you were bullied 2 years by the same guy, and he beat you up like once a week. But after 2 and a half year, you get angry at him and call him a lost cause, then he starts to be rude to himself and hurts himself instead of other people, would you give him a second chance and help him?" "Wow, this happened to you?" "Yeah..." "Well, eh... I think I would. Maybe the boy has been through something really horrible. I he really wants to change, I would help him." "Thanks." "Oh, but, the pizza is 6.50." I face palmed myself and gave her 10 dollars. "Keep the change, thanks for your advice." "Thanks, and, no problem, I like to help other people. Have a nice evening." "Same to you girl." "Thank you!" And she left. I cleaned it up for myself. I'm no idiot if I help him....

I sat down on the sofa and turned off the radio. I turned on the television and Netflix instead. I strolled down the list of television series while I took a bite of my pizza. I finally found teen wolf. I watched the first 2 episodes of season 3, and when I finished my pizza I threw the pizza box in the bin. Okay... time to call Braydon...

I grabbed my phone from the table and dial his number. I took a deep breath and clicked the green button behind his name. The phone rings and I held my breath. "Braydon speaking." I heard in a cracking voice. "Hey Braydon.... Hailey here." I heard a noise through the phone and I really couldn't tell what it was. "Braydon? Are you okay?" I asked insecure. "Uh yeah, I'm okay. I just didn't expect you to call, you know. Because you didn't call yesterday..." "Yes, and I'm sorry that it took so long for me to call." I said. "No , no that's okay. I've been a total jerk to you and it's okay. But... Why did you call?" "Well, you texted me that you wanted to explain if I called you. I've been quite busy today, but now I'm calling so you can explain why you almost killed yourself yesterday." "Ah, yeah. Yesterday. Well, I hope you have some time for me, because it's quite difficult to explain." "Take your time, I have all night." He started laughing.

"Okay then, let's start at the beginning. I started to annoy you in different ways, being really sarcastic, or just really nice. Because I was so sick of being a dick, just like you told me, I was such an asshole and worst was: I liked it. I liked beating you up until something was bleeding, or so red it looked like a tomato, I liked how I could feel the fear when I walked through the hallways. I was like the smell of pizza, you know that feeling when you smell a pizza? I liked it, I just liked my life when everyone was afraid of me. But then there is you. You let me beat you up. Every time I came to you, you just let me take it all out on you. And you never told anyone except for you best friends. Not even your parents or brother. And I started wondering. Why, why didn't you?" My eyes were tearing up. Parents. If he only knew why I didn't tell my parents... "And then, that conversation where you shouted at me. where you called me a lost cause, you kind of hit me with those words. So... I started thinking. Then, I wrote a letter, with like my whole heart on it, and an apology for everything that I did. You threw it straight in the trash can. That hurt me, but I knew I deserved it, so after that I was in a fight with Brian, because he asked if I heard anything from you lately and he told me I was acting like a jerk and I literally shouted myself away from him. I told him I've always been a jerk and that I would absolutely not be a asshole like him any longer. I was really angry, believe me on my word... So, I went to the canteen and sat with the others, but got in a fight again, so... I kind of left to the bathroom. A voice appeared in my head, and it kept repeating the words you said to me. There got another voice in my head, telling me what the others said to me in our fight, it made me angry, I got sick of it. When I looked up and saw myself... I got angry at the person standing there, in the mirror. I smashed it with my fist. The mirror broke and pieces of glass were everywhere. For something like 2 or 3 minutes, I was just standing there, pulling the pieces of glass out of my arm, but one of them was stuck inside. So that's why the bathroom was covered in blood, I was covered in blood, I almost killed myself. I think I shouldn't get to the details, it was kind of scary..."

I just literally started tearing up. Just... What he tells me right now, I'm sure it's true, no doubt. And now that I know this, it will be much easier to help him out.

"Braydon?" "Hm?" "Do you want to change?" I asked. "Yes, but I'm afraid I can't do it. It's so hard to not fall back in old habits. It's awful and feels like hell." I heard the sadness. "What do you think you need to change?" It stays quiet for a while. "You."

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