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Nathaniel and I spend the rest of the day and night talking and learning more about one another. Being a product of the foster system, I don’t have much of a history to brag about beyond my friendship with Nia and her I’ll scream about until the end of time. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I know I wouldn’t be here today without her. I can’t wait until everything is settled once and for all with Stephen, so I can contact her. I miss her so fucking much. God, I hate him. Even now, this far away he’s affecting my life and denying me my one source of ‘family’. I can’t wait until this is over.

It never occurred to me that Stephen would die – I always assumed if anyone were killed, it would be me. He’s the strong one, I’m the weak one. He’s the one with scores of men working for him, all of them carrying big guns, sharp knives and no moral code to speak of. Like I have a fighting chance! I have… the best friend I could ever hope for, but she is still just one woman. That’s all I have.

Or… had.

Now I have Nathaniel and Harou, and their support and strength alone already make me feel stronger. Plus there are more like him – many more it would seem, that I haven’t even laid eyes on. All these years and I’ve been living in a world alongside werewolves and had no idea – if the world only knew…. I’m no longer alone – Nia and I are no longer alone in my fight, and for the first time I feel like I may survive.

And that is precisely when everything goes to complete shit.

Did I have too much confidence in my ability to stay untraceable? Or did Stephen have more influence than I give him credit for? I don’t know, but on just my second day with Nathaniel the first report of ‘tourists’ came in.


Which is pack language for persons unknown to the area, and they don’t smell right. Nathaniel explains that his community is very secluded, and not popular with outsiders. While they always get the odd traveller because of the hunting and fishing in the region, the difficulty getting here makes that rare so when there is someone new in town – everyone knows.

And currently there are five males staying at the small hotel along the highway at the very edge of the pack’s territory, the only hotel anywhere in the area. The patrols say they came together, not even attempting to appear discreet. They likely assume I’m alone, or if it is just me and Nathaniel – two of us against five won’t be much of a challenge. Especially if they’re armed. The assholes have no idea they’re in the territory of a pack of werewolves. A pack of werewolves who will kill anyone who tries to hurt Nathaniel or me, their Alpha and someday Luna.

But until Stephen is dead – and he is going to need to be dead for this to truly be over, I know that now, none of us will be safe. Nathaniel’s men can kill these five ‘tourists’, but five more will come. Then five more. Then maybe ten more. Twenty. However many Stephen needs to either kill everyone or get me back – or both. The man is a twisted, sick fuck so trying to understand his motivations at this point is beyond my abilities.

Harou is extremely tightly wound and on edge, causing Nathaniel’s eyes to remain black for the most part. The tension in the cabin is high after we get word of the first five ‘tourists’, but it fucking skyrockets when we hear an additional seven men and a woman have now arrived. Nathaniel confines me to the cabin once it is confirmed that one of the men is Stephen – the son of a bitch is here. The woman is his girlfriend, or at least someone warming his bed at night.

Nathaniel’s outrage at Stephen’s arrogance and disrespect is nothing compared to Harou’s, who is fucking furious. Stephen is here to take me back with him, all the while he’s sinking his cocktail weenie into some bottle-job twit. Awwww, who said romance is dead? Christ what a fucking asshole. Before, I never thought about Stephen dying because I never dreamed it being possible. But now? I know I have no future until he is dead.

So Stephen needs to die. And I’m okay with it.

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