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Emery absolutely refuses to be anywhere else but in the cabin, when we lure Stephen here. Harou and I begged her otherwise for two days. So much for the meeting I had called – everything is in motion now. I’m confident in the plan which means none of that prick’s men are going to get anywhere near her, but I’d still feel better if she were somewhere else, safe. But the ‘compromise’ is she’ll stay in the cabin no matter what she hears going on outside, until I come for her. Some compromise. She’s doing what she wants, and I’m working the plan around it. Harou is not impressed at my inability to hold strong with her; both as an Alpha and as her mate. Fuck you. For someone who only knows a few words Harou, you sure got those ones down pat. Asshole.

Stephen has paid a local kid in town for directions to my place, since we’re ‘old friends’ and I’m going to be so excited to see him. Fucker. The kid is one of us and knows everything that is going on, so we’re well prepared for the son of a bitch’s arrival. When he and his men step out of their vehicles, they’re still several hundred yards from the cabin – you can’t drive any closer. They get out of their cars, completely unaware of the dozens of eyes watching them from the trees.

Walking with the cockiness you get with a fully-loaded gun on your hip, being one of twelve grown men going after one small woman or simply the fact that they’re all just pieces of fucking shit they stroll up my driveway like they own the fucking place.



Tonight is ends for Emery and Stephen. Tonight it begins for Emery and me.

I don’t see the woman, but the reek of her perfume is unmistakable in one of the vehicles. She’s along for the ride but won’t partake in the hands-on portion of tonight’s activities. I wonder if she even knows what Stephen is here to do? Too bad for her regardless because she’s going to be dead in less than fifteen minutes. None of them are leaving here.

Six of my enforcers make a circle around the men who make an easy target of themselves walking tightly together, so stupid in their arrogance. The six wolves easily surround the twelve large men, given our immense size, while dozens more of us tighten the circle around them. The humans all freeze in fear, and I can smell urine as at least two of them piss their pants. Only after my wolves snarl and expose their teeth do the humans start shooting, each of them firing in all directions. The bullets sting but the wounds heal as quickly as they’re inflicted. Not knowing about our existence, they had no idea they need silver bullets to hurt or kill us. They run out of ammo long before any of us are really injured.

Harou steps forward and stops in front of Stephen. He stinks – he is one of the humans who peed. Hate. Kill Kill Kill. Shifting back, he surrenders to me for the moment so I can have my say to Stephen before I let Harou have his. The look on their faces as I go from wolf to man is fucking comical, but none of them are laughing. There is no mistaking the anger on my face, or the hatred in my eyes.

“I know who you are, Stephen Brown. And why you are here.” The voice is mine; the words are mine, but I hear Harou in every syllable despite his limited speech capabilities. We are united one hundred percent right now; there is a threat against our mate, and it must be eliminated.

He will also be punished for hurting her in the first fucking place.

Harou’s growl is fierce and loud and knocks Stephen to his knees. Hearing that sound come out of me while I stand naked in front of him must be fucking terrifying. Good. I want every one of his last minutes on earth to be filled with terror and fear, like Emery’s life has been for far too fucking long.

“You hit our mate,” I mindlink to one of my enforcers careful instructions. I am going to drive home every single point I make with this son of a bitch. My man then picks up one of Stephen’s men in his jaws and carries him screaming so they’re standing beside me, right in front of Stephen. I don’t want him to miss a fucking thing. My enforcer lays him down on the ground, one paw on the fucker’s legs to hold him in place. His bones crunch under the weight causing him to scream even louder, but it doesn’t last long when his upper half is torn from his lower half. The head and torso are tossed to the side and disappear into the trees – everything will be cleaned up after we’re done but for now, that’s good drama. Harou heartily approves. Blood is splattered for yards in all directions including all over Stephen’s face. I’m just getting started, you motherfucker.

“You touched her against her will,” I roar and Harou howls. Dozens of howls are heard throughout the trees as other members of my wolf family mourn with me or are angered further by their Luna’s mistreatment. Two more enforcers bring forward two more of his men, and I give my wolves free reign to kill the bastards how they want. As a pack we don’t normally kill humans but their anger on behalf of their Luna is making this exceptionally easy. Men I know to be devoted fathers are now viciously tearing limbs off Stephen’s men one by one before finally tossing the heads at the ground surrounding Stephen.

The only one they don’t touch is Stephen. He is mine Ours. As Nathaniel I watch the bloodshed, feeling the family bond with my pack. With Harou I feel our pride in the strength of our pack, both physically and emotionally. The stronger we are united the harder we are to divide. Pack.

When all of his men are lying in pieces around him, his eyes meet mine again. Gone is the cocky son of a bitch who arrived less than ten minutes ago, to be replaced by this sniveling piece of shit. I stare him down for another minute or so until a shrill scream pierces the night, and I wait for him to recognize it. His girlfriend doesn’t scream for long and he knows that he now is the last member of his group alive.

Harou and I know our time has come. Emery is going to be free once and for all.

“I, Alpha Nathaniel Douglas of the Erie Waters Pack, condemn you Stephen Brown to death for crimes against Emery Carlson, my mate and soon-to-be Luna of the Erie Waters Pack. My wolf Harou has been looking forward to this for a very long-time you son of a bitch,” I growl before letting Harou take over again. There are no more words to be said, only punishments to be dealt out.

Stephen’s eyes grow even larger as Harou looms over him, snarling down into his face ferociously. Drops of drool fall onto his face as he cries in terror. This is the piece of shit that hurt Emery. She was so afraid for her life she got into a dangerous vehicle and just started fucking driving, hoping for the best but fully expecting the worst. Hate Hate Hate. Emery will never be able to stop looking over her shoulder as long as he is alive – especially after tonight. Plus he now knows about werewolves – that alone is enough to warrant his death sentence, even if that part wasn’t his fault. Kill! Kill! Yes Harou, I think you should.

I step back as much as I can, allowing Harou the mental space he needs. He needs this as much if not more than I do – the animal in him being driven to protect his Our mate. And to punish anyone who fucking looks at her funny. And this waste of skin did so much more than that. Kill! Yes goddamnit Harou! Kill him!

Harou sinks his teeth into Stephen’s neck, shoulder and upper chest – deep. Stephen screams in agony, and Harou happily sinks his teeth in even further. The screaming is soon cut short when Harou clenches his jaws shut, effectively cutting Stephen in half lengthwise. Gagging, he spits out as much of Stephen’s blood as he can, doing his best to avoid swallowing any.

Sitting back, completely soaked in blood and surrounded by body parts Harou howls. The howl is one of victory and achievement, joy and love. The pack joins and the sound is deafening for miles but brings everyone together as a family unit despite their distances. The pack successfully fought off a threat, and they have a new Luna joining them. Fucking awesome.

Harou takes off running for the cabin. Emery won’t come out until we come for her and tell her it is safe. Despite the theatrics of body parts flying through the trees for Stephen’s benefit, my pack will gather everything up and burn it all somewhere secretly. Nothing says crime scene more than puddles of blood and heads rolling down your driveway – and we’d rather keep attention away, not draw it here. Before morning there will be no sign Stephen and his men were ever here, in town or anywhere near this part of the state. Gone in the wind like a bad odour. Mate. I shift back but before I enter the cabin, I yell to Emery inside. She quickly unlocks the door but I hold the knob, so she doesn’t open it and sees me covered in blood.

“Nathaniel! Please! I need to see you!” Her struggles on the other side of the door are upsetting Harou, but I don’t want to scare her even more. I have blood everywhere. Top of my head, to the tips of my bare toes. “Oh God! Are you hurt!?” Now she is scrambling at a window, trying to get it open. Dumb! Not liking that we’re upsetting our mate, Harou is getting more and more agitated, which I wouldn’t have believed possible.

“Baby! Please calm down! I’m okay!” I try to reassure her through the door. She’s crying, and now so is Harou.

“What’s wrong Nathaniel? Is it Harou? Please! You’re scaring me!” At the mention of his name, Harou wants nothing more to do with upsetting her and is really fighting against me. Being covered in our enemy’s blood is an achievement he is proud of, and he wants to show off to her. He doesn’t understand that it also might scare the living shit out of her or freak her the fuck out.

“Emery, we’re both fine my love. I promise,” but she isn’t calming down at all. Fuck. “Sweetheart, we’re just…” now she’s quiet. “I’m just very… dirty my love and I’m worried it’ll… freak you out.”

“Dirty? Why would – oh.” Her crying stops and she’s quiet as she thinks about the new information I just gave her. I hear her step away from the door.

“Come inside Nathaniel. I want to see you.”

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