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“Emery, are you sure?” He stays outside, unsure. I don’t know what to expect, but in a way I do. The gunshots terrified the shit out of me, Christ – there were so many! And then the screaming started… that was… awful to listen to. I heard Stephen. I recognized his voice out of everyone else’s. I also heard when it stopped. I know it’s over. It. Is. Finally. Over.

Thanks to Nathaniel and Harou.

“Please Nathaniel,” I reply. He takes a few more seconds to decide, but then the door slowly opens. Shit. His beautiful naked body is covered in droplets of blood from head to toe! Oh my God! I race to him, my hands rapidly exploring his body looking for injuries. I’m soon covered in blood too, but I don’t care. I couldn’t live a single day after this if Nathaniel died protecting me from Stephen. Listening to the battle outside, everything became crystal clear for me.

“Oh my God Nathaniel! Oh no! Please tell me where you’re hurt! Oh my God! No! I can’t lose you! No! Oh God!” I don’t know how or when I ended up back inside the cabin, but I am except now I’m in Nathaniel’s embrace. My hands don’t stop moving, exploring him everywhere to ensure he’s alright. His arms are around my waist, and his grip tightens when Harou’s growl tells me of his excitement, in case the huge erection wasn’t clear enough. Oh God… so huge.

“Emery, you need to stop sweetheart…” Nathaniel growls at me. I know he’s warning me of his threshold, but I don’t care. I don’t want to stop. Stephen is gone. I’m finally free to make choices and decisions for myself and my future. And my first choice is that I want Nathaniel and Harou, in all ways for all the rest of my days. Starting right fucking now. He inhales deeply and I know he can smell how aroused I am, and his next growl is far more guttural. Desperate.

I pull my shirt up over my head, and undo my bra, letting it slip down and off. For someone my size, I have large breasts and Nathaniel’s eyes eagerly soak them in. A pearl of precum forms on the end of his cock and I’m desperate to take him in my mouth, but the blood stops me. Taking my hand, Nathaniel guides me to the bathroom. He drops to his knees in front of me, undoing my shorts and pulling them down along with my panties. He buries his face in my ‘v’ and inhales deeply, growling loudly. He stands quickly and hops into the shower first since he needs it the most.

I step in behind him, my eyes enjoying the incredible sight before me. Holy shit. He’s fucking beautiful. And he’s mine. All mine. As the last of his soap rinses, I drop to my knees in front of him and take him greedily into my mouth. Nathaniel roars in shock and approval, his hips thrusting his cock all the way down my throat. I adjust so I can take him as easily as I can – I want to do this for him and for me, not because I feel like I have to. Christ, he tastes amazing.

He tries to pull himself away, but I won’t let him go. No. I want this so badly. My one hand is working his balls while the other squeezes his ass and in no time, he is shooting down my throat. When he shouts my name, I swear if Harou was able to speak – it is his voice I hear. Standing again, he leans down to kiss me, and I know he’ll be able to taste himself in my mouth. Harou’s growl is one of approval and I can feel him already rising between my legs.

Nathaniel turns the water off and sits me on the edge of the vanity. He opens my towel, exposing me before him. He first kisses me on my lips, deeply and thoroughly. He makes his way down my neck, to my breasts and aching nipples. Whichever nipple isn’t in his mouth is tortured by his finger and thumb languorously flicking and tweaking. As much as I love what he’s doing, it isn’t enough. I need more. Now. There is an ache inside me that I’ve never experienced before, and it isn’t just the need to feel his dick inside me. Oh God, what is this!?

I can hear Nathaniel chuckling as he kneels again, but this time when his face goes between my legs his tongue wastes no time finding my clit. He is aggressive with his lips and tongue, growling and eating me like I’m the best thing he’s ever tasted. At times he reminds me of a dog chewing a bone with the sounds of satisfaction he and Harou keep making, which only turns me on more. The wetter I get, the louder he gets. God he’s good. When he plunges his tongue into me, he needs to put his hands on my hips to keep me upright as my legs give out. Oh God… so good.

Need more.

With a snarl Nathaniel stands up and crushes my lips with his. Now I can taste myself in his mouth, and it only makes me more ready for him. He lifts me by my ass, and I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me to his bed and lays me on my back and lays over top of me.

“Emery, tell me what you want.” I can see Harou silently begging me to say the words he desperately wants to hear, the black swirling heavily in the blue of Nathaniel’s eyes. After our talks, I know that if I let them claim me – it is for life. The only way out is death – there are no divorces for werewolves.

“Claim me and make me yours,” I tell Nathaniel, knowing Harou is hearing everything. The blue disappears entirely, and Nathaniel’s breathing accelerates. He told me what to expect, in the event I decided to go forward with it. His kiss is ferocious, bruising. Harou needs Nathaniel’s form to mate with me, but it is Harou who will actually claim me.

His mouth moves back down to my breasts, only now his tongue and lips are joined by his teeth. Kisses and sucks don’t leave marks, but the nips and bites do, ranging from hickies to actual bite marks. With another loud growl, he buries his face in my pussy and drives me to orgasm in minutes. Even though I need him to relent from my hypersensitive clit after my climax, Harou has no intention of doing anything of the sort. Nathaniel’s mouth never stops working me the entire time, and soon I’m desperate for another release.

Pushing my legs wide apart, Nathaniel positions his cock over my opening. I know it is Nathaniel pausing to ask for permission, but it is Harou who plunges into me in one motion when I give it. Jesus. Big. Thick. So full. My scream of pain turns to one of pleasure as Nathaniel’s pumping in and out of me takes on a frantic pace I’ve never experienced before. My breasts are swinging around all over the place in the violence of his thrusting, and I can feel blood under my fingers as my nails dig into his back.

Nathaniel buries his face between my neck and shoulder, kissing and licking. Christ, goosebumps cover my body in anticipation. Harou growls and the shot of pain that tears through my body is paralyzing as his canine teeth sink into me. As his teeth withdraw, my orgasm hits me like a train and I’m overwhelmed by both sensations. It takes me a few minutes to settle down again and return to reality to realize he is licking the wound he inflicted on me. Every lick soothes me more and more, the pain quickly receding. I don’t even know if he orgasmed.

“Mine.” Mine.

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