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Everything happened at once, like the grand finale of the greatest fireworks show ever. Her orgasm, my orgasm and Harou’s claiming were simultaneous and I swear I lost control of every aspect of my body. My brain no longer knew where it needed to direct my attention so instead focussed on this incredible moment in my life. Our. Our lives. Claiming our mate. Our soulmate for life. Jesus Christ, we found her.

So while having the most amazing orgasm of my life - where I swear I pour more of my cum in one go than I ever have before, my heart is fucking soaring with joy that I know is as much her as me. My soul, along with Harou’s, recognizes our third and we both open wide to make room for her. There is no going back now, we’re a new whole. And it’s the best fucking feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life.

If she were a werewolf, she would bite me back to claim me as hers. Then as bonded mates we would share a private mindlink in addition to the one she would share with my pack, as a new member. But Emery is human so things will not be the same, there will be limitations. She will be able to hear me when I want her to, and I will hear her. I will have to teach her to control her thoughts, so she’ll have privacy when she wants it. But she will not be able to hear or speak to any members of my pack unless they’re in human form, she’ll have no mindlink to any of them. It is a barrier that other packs have learned to make allowances for by using walkie-talkies, radios and cellular phones. There are few occasions in these modern times that this disability has proven to be a hindrance. Thankfully, the days of raping and pillaging one another’s packs are behind us, so verbal communication usually works just fine. Thank Christ assholes like Stephen are few and fucking far between – or at least werewolf interactions with them are.

But my pack will be able to sense and feel her emotion unless she chooses to hide it – once I teach her how. Our bodies reveal so much, and our wolves are experts at reading signals. Another blessing is that as her mate, I’m the only one who can smell her arousal. Otherwise Harou would feel compelled to kill every male ever privileged to catch her scent. As a species, werewolves would likely kill themselves to extinction so strong is our need to protect what is ours. Harou looks forward to showing off his Luna to our pack, but her taste and scent are for us only. Ours! My wolf is attempting to look ferocious but is so content after claiming our mate, is unable to even stand on all four legs yet.

“Are you okay, Emery?” I whisper as I lay down beside her. Harou is proud to see his mark on her neck, but the whine of anxiety that escapes me shows how worried he is that we were too rough with her. Fuck. Everything she’s sending me is confusing… my guess is she is as overwhelmed as I am. There is pain though, goddamnit. But she’s happy and that seems to be the overriding feeling. She turns on her side, so she is facing me. Ours. Us. Her beautiful green eyes staring deep into mine, both of us quiet while she is lost in thought.

“I love you, Nathaniel.” Her voice is a whisper, but firm. She wants to ensure I hear her. Harou howls with glee, and I couldn’t stop the smile on my face if I wanted to.

“I love you Emery Us! and so does Harou, today and always my love,” I hold her gaze for another heartbeat before my lips meet hers. When my tongue pokes at her lips she opens her mouth and welcomes me in, her tongue rubbing against mine. She reaches down between us and takes my already hardening cock in her hands and starts rubbing me in rhythm with our tongues. It isn’t long before I know I need to change directions or I’m going to be done before I get started. Dumb. The bastard even has the nerve to roll his fucking eyes at me, as if he’d be embarrassed at such a poor performance. I’ll show him.

With a groan, I pull myself from her grasp and slide down her body. I stop at each breast and don’t leave her nipples until they’re rock hard, working them with my lips and tongue. Her fingers and tangled in my hair, and the noises she’s making are making me desperate to bury myself inside of her – soon. I give her nipple one last gentle bite and she arches against me violently, almost knocking me right off the fucking bed as she orgasms. Her nails are digging into my scalp and Harou is growling his pleasure, loving how we’re making our mate feel.

Moving quickly, I kneel between her now spread wide legs to watch the beautiful show taking place there. Vaginal muscles clench down on emptiness, as if begging for my cock. Her folds are an angry red and glistening with the moisture from our last round of sex. Seeing my cum mixed with hers dripping out of her is too much to resist, and with the flat of my tongue I lick her from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit. I’m not sure who growls louder, Harou or me.

I lift my eyes to find her watching me, hers heavy with desire. I suckle her nub gently and she moans but maintains my gaze. Christ, so fucking hot. When I thrust three fingers into her and use my tongue against her clit, her eyes roll back in her head and she falls to the pillow. I have to hold her down as I pump my fingers in and out of her, her hips rising to meet me thrust for thrust. Her movements are making it hard for me to keep my mouth where I want to, so I double my efforts and curl all three fingers with each thrust. She screams my name loudly when she comes again, squeezing down tightly on my fingers. I feel Harou step forward and every single drop she releases, we eagerly lick up. Our groan of delight is far louder than her groan of pleasure.

“Nathaniel… please…” Not able to resist any request our mate makes – and not wanting to, I climb back up her and position my cock above her entrance. She thrusts her hips up and takes me in before I even have the chance to make sure she’s ready, my beautiful mate eagerly showing me what she needs from me. Harou is impatient, and the pace he sets is frantic and difficult for me to maintain. But I try because Emery is fucking squealing with delight as I pound into her, no longer able to take it slow.

Not leaving her, I flip her onto her stomach then pull her ass up against me so she’s on her hands and knees. She grabs the headboard one hand at a time, which allows my hands better access to her body. I grab her breasts with one hand, easily caressing both nipples with my finger and thumb. My other hand reaches down and caresses her clit, alternating with pinches and rubs. I can feel sweat dripping down my back, but we need Emery to come first, I will hold on as long as I fucking can until then. Luuuuuv.

A wave of emotion flows through me as Emery’s muscles grab my cock tight, her orgasm so overpowering she isn’t able to shout. I continue to pump into her as long as I can to extend it for her until I can’t hold back anymore and I shoot my cum into her, shuddery wave after shuddery wave. Jesus Christ.

And this is just day one.

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