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Nathaniel and I spend the next few weeks locked in the cabin, exploring our relationship and one another. I also spend time with Harou which I really enjoy, and Nathaniel assures me is also beneficial. Harou is calming somewhat with me around, but his need to protect me has only grown stronger. Nathaniel figures that’ll likely never change, and possibly only grow worst now that I am pregnant.

Oh ya. That little tidbit. Son of a bitch. Maybe I should have known but I didn’t until after we’d been successful – werewolves are like regular wolves in that they have litters. LitterSSSSS. As in more than one baby at a time! Something like that I consider to be important information… I love you Emery, by the way – when the time comes you’re going to have hairy missiles fly out of your vagina like riders on a tube ride. Yeah… up there with… those aren’t just pimples and he isn’t really my brother/she isn’t really my sister. Fuck. Me.

Nathaniel has been trying to reassure me that since I’m human, the odds of me delivering a large number of multiples are slim. Uh huh. Liar liar your dick should be on fire motherfucker. He fails to mention that as an Alpha, his sperm is as strong as his wolf is. Well, isn’t that just fucking peachy. The fact I have to learn this shit from his Beta instead of my mate pisses me off.

When I go to confront him about it, he is standing on the porch of our cabin. We’re going to have to move to somewhere bigger before the baby – babies arrive. One problem at a time. Today we’re going to deal with my mate’s refusal to communicate with me. It stops now.

“Nathaniel. What the fuck? Why are you keeping secrets from me?” He growls, Harou ferocious with even me at being disrespected. I don’t care – Alpha or not he is still my mate and I want to know what is going on. When he turns to me the black and blue in his eyes are fighting for dominance. I realize now that it is Harou who made the decision to withhold information, thinking he’s protecting me. Fuck. Kind of makes it hard to be pissed at him when he doesn’t fully understand emotions on our level.

“I’m sorry Emery. Harou doesn’t want you upset or scared so he thinks this is the way to keep you happy. I don’t want to keep you in the dark, especially since it is your fucking body we’re talking about,” he snarls, likely more to Harou than me. “We’ve been fighting about this for days.” Nathaniel runs his hands up and down his face, his exhaustion showing. I fight my need to comfort him.

“Tell me now, Nathaniel. What don’t I know?” He’s scaring me more and more. What has his so fucking terrified? Am I in danger? Could I die? As these thoughts swirl through my mind Nathaniel cries, and collapses to his knees. I can hear Harou whimpering from inside Nathaniel’s chest.

“I’m fucking terrified Emery. Humans have delivered werewolf litters for centuries, and you should be no exception,” yet he is still freaking out. What the fuck has rattled him so badly? “But you’re so small my love, and I… Harou and I… there are more than two heartbeats in there, sweetheart. We can hear them.” A small smile escapes his lips, but his eyes betray his fear. He’s worried my body won’t be able to take the babies to term and handle the deliver.

He’s worried I won’t survive.

“Emery, if you die…” I feel his and Harou’s pain in my heart and I know how I would feel if the roles were reversed. It would kill me to lose Nathaniel, no question. Kneeling in front of him, I take his hands in mine.

“Nathaniel, if I have to spend the rest of this pregnancy in bed, I’ll do it. I’ll do whatever I have to so our babies have their best chance at life.” And I will. Anything. Months in bed is going to fucking suck ass but I’ll do it for our children, no question. If the doctor wants me to hang upside down from the ceiling rafters like a goddamn bat, I’ll fucking do it.

Whatever the babies need, I’ll do it.

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