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One of the first things Emery did once the Stephen mess was handled was get in touch with Nia. Relocating Nia to our home was the least I could do to thank her for helping my mate Our escape that son of a bitch’s grip, and the fact that Emery is even happier only makes it better. I know Samuel was hopeful when he heard she was coming but was terribly disappointed when he learned that he wasn’t her type. Turns out one of the maids at the hotel where Stephen and his men had stayed is Nia’s type, the maid’s wolf sniffing out her mate as soon as Nia arrived and running for miles to come find her.

Having Nia here also helps Emery pass the time once the doctor did confine her to bed rest after her third month, about halfway through. She was relieved to learn her pregnancy would be shorter since she was carrying weres, since it would mean less time being locked down. By then she was already having difficulty walking and keeping her balance due to rapidly increasing size.

In the first few weeks after everything settled down, we had our bonding ceremony in front of the pack, where we said vows to one another, and I bit her again. Harou was unable to resist his howl of pride after the ceremony, and he was joined by hundreds of others, thrilled to welcome their beautiful Luna to our family. The white dress Emery was wearing for the ceremony was soon soiled red with her blood and as the moon shone brighter upon us, I know we got the Moon Goddess’ blessing that night. Emery and I then exchanged rings, to symbolize our commitment to one another in the human world. Her world or mine, everyone will know we belong to one another.

I then introduced her to my pack as my mate officially, and she was welcomed as Luna Emery Douglas of the Erie Waters Pack. The howls and cheers were deafening, but my little mate, now also Luna, stood beside me proudly. We left soon after, Harou and I both needing to be alone with her.

And in this moment, we wish to be alone with her just as desperately, but we can’t. Fuck. Every shot of pain she feels is a knife through our abdomen and the pain is fucking horrific. We know our pain is nothing compared to hers, which only makes Harou more protective. It is tearing me in half and causing Harou to whine aggressively at everyone who touches Emery. The staff are mostly werewolves themselves or have dealt with us long enough to be used to our bullshit but because I We are Alpha it is more difficult for them to resist us.

Harou… Harou…” I hear her voice and I force my eyes to her. “Please let them do their job my love. For our babies.” The words are what he needs to calm enough for me to go to her and stay by her head and out of the way. The medical center staff are prepping for an emergency caesarean, Emery’s water breaking unexpected while leaning up to eat. I keep my eyes focussed on hers, especially when the smell of her blood fills the air. Harou instantly begins whimpering anxiously, despite being told step by step what is taking place and that she is okay. Mate! Luv. I know buddy. Me too.

I watch Emery’s eyes looking into mine, likely watching the black and blue mix. She always seems to enjoy the blending of the two, and I hope it brings her comfort now. We whisper sweet nothings to each other as we try to ignore everything else happening around us; all the people behind masks, the smell of blood, the sounds of her opened body. Christ it is a fucking nightmare in real life. I’m fighting to keep Harou at bay – the longer this goes on the worst his anxiety is getting. I bury my face in her neck and inhale deeply, trying to use her scent to stop everything else threatening to overwhelm me. Us. Yeah. Exactly.

Just when I think I can’t take anymore, a loud cry sets both of our hearts free. Pup! Emery’s eyes fill with tears as we listen to the sounds of our firstborn taking its first breaths. Someone in a mask congratulates us on our son, before handing him off to someone else and he disappears. Harou starts to panic before Emery reassures him the baby needs to be checked out but everything is okay. By now, our second baby Pup! is born, and we’re told we have another healthy boy. Holy shit. I have two sons. Ours. Time will tell if they’re human or were. Ours! Yes. I agree. It won’t matter. We love them with everything we are no matter what.

Another pair of eyes and a mask hold out a third screaming baby and congratulates us on our third son. Holy. Shit. How is she fucking doing this? My beautiful mate is starting to show the wear and tear this is taking on her body. It’s like some kind of fucking carnival show, except instead of scarves out of a hat, the doctors keep pulling babies out of my beautiful soulmate’s body. It’d be funny if it weren’t so fucking scary.

Our last baby is born, far tinier than the first three. Her scream isn’t as loud, but she’s just as determined with her tiny arms and legs flailing angrily. Christ. She’s just like her mother; I see it in her features, and I feel it in my core. If she turns out to be a werewolf, everyone better look the fuck out because she is going to be someone to reckon with. My daughter.

Holy shit. I’m a father. We. We have three sons and a daughter. Holy shit what the actual fuck how is this real? Ours. I’m the luckiest son of a bitch to ever exist. We. Yeah, we. How did we ever get so lucky? Our thoughts are rudely interrupted when Emery starts to hemorrhage, but the decision is easy. The doctors remove her uterus to stop the bleeding, but it also eliminates any chances of future children.

With four children in one go, I think we’re good.

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