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In the years since the children were born, they’ve each revealed themselves to be true individuals. Nathaniel and I have encouraged them each to find their own paths and we supported them the best we could, in whatever way we could. Going to our baby girl’s college graduation today is a great example of letting them reach for their dreams and encouraging them to keep going every time they fall.

None of the boys had any interest in college, only Everly did. Her goal is to be the Gamma for our pack and take over the finances. She has big plans for the future, with expansion and networking with our packs to extend bloodlines and alliances. So she went after a Business degree and stopped at nothing until she got it, with Honours. That’s our girl, as fierce as her wolf Nymph. Nathaniel and I can’t help but notice that there is no room for a mate anywhere in her plans… hopefully that will change when he or she comes along.

Considering Everly is the youngest of the four, she is by far the most powerful. Not in physical strength but in the way she holds court over her brothers. She had them wrapped around her little finger before any of them could crawl. Evie is tiny in size but makes up for it in personality, so it will take a strong mate to win her heart. Many have tried, all have failed. Her beauty draws them in but her sharp tongue sends them home with their tails literally between their legs.

Asher is the youngest of the boys, and the only human in our quadruplets. As a child he would be teased by the other werewolves, but his older brothers would beat the piss out of everyone who dared. I always pretended I didn’t see or hear anything because I wanted them to defend him. As a human we don’t have the strength against werewolves to fight or defend ourselves so the times when Asher needed help, his brothers always stepped up. Their wolves refusing to accept any insult to any member of our family, human or were. I’ve never been so proud to see my boys behave so aggressively. I may not be were but I’m still a mother, and no one fucks with my babies.

He had no interest in college, and as a human will have no part to play in the pack - traditionally. But times and things are changing, slowly. Despite not being able to be a ranking member of the pack he is training to take over all future human interactions. Business deals, travelling, or dealing with law enforcement on the rare occasions it comes up – Asher will be one of the humans who will represent our pack. As a human, he presents as less threatening to other humans which makes everything else easier. He is playing a vital role for the pack; he feels valued and I get to keep him close to home. Now if he would only find a wife, or a werewolf would claim him as a mate, I could stop worrying about him so much. Yeah sure. A mother’s concern never ends.

Killian has been working at Nathaniel’s side for a few years now, already working on his Alpha training. As the oldest, the crown will fall to him when the time comes – hopefully many decades in the future. It is amazing to watch how genetics work in werewolves, as his Alpha genes come forward and his body changes. Despite always being the same size as his brothers for years, even after he stopped growing, he is now being both inches taller and wider than the other two. There is no question who will be taking over the Erie Waters Pack someday in the future. Killian and Rune will continue to build on what Nathaniel and Harou have already started. I’m excited to see what the future will bring.

Killian’s right-hand man and our second-born son Callum will be Beta to his brother when the time comes. These two look the most alike amongst the four of them, their resemblance being almost identical. Their bond also seems to be the closest, and they spend all of their time together. Growing up they played together, and now they work together like the best friends I know they are. The two of them together as Alpha and Beta will make this pack even stronger than Nathaniel and Samuel have already made it, if that’s even possible.

While Callum is similar to Killian in appearance, he is the opposite of him in every other way. Killian is strong and aggressive, as an Alpha should be. Callum is a confident Beta, strong and silent. I also know he has a beautiful sensitive side as well. Callum seems to manage both halves of his personalities better than Killian does, who has never been free with his affection – not even with family. At the same time, Killian doesn’t have she-wolves sneaking out of his bedroom at all hours like Callum does… and has had since he was fifteen. My sensitive son seems to be constantly on the search for love, or perhaps his mate – and until Timber finds her, he’s going to, uh… sniff every raised tail along the way. I hope he finds her soon – the more he ‘looks’, the more despondent he gets.

As I walk to the front door to meet my beautiful family, my heart fills with love as it does every time I see them. How did I get so lucky? To go from the hell I was living in to straightening the tie of my youngest son as we prepare to go to his sister’s college graduation. If I hadn’t taken the chance to run, I’d be dead. I have no doubt about it. Stephen would have fucking killed me. And if those deer hadn’t startled me, I wouldn’t have crashed.

It all happened the way it was meant to.

I had to go through hell to know when I was in Heaven, and that is where I have been since the day Harou claimed me. Love, joy and amazing sex have filled my days ever since, and with three sons looking at me with their father’s amazing blue eyes – what more could I ask for? Nathaniel’s hand slips into mine, and he leads me out to the car. Everly is already at the school waiting for us, and there is a lot of grumbling from the backseat as my three large sons pack themselves shoulder-to-shoulder.

Today is going to be a wonderful day for our family, one more in what has been an amazing, nearly endless series of them. As I turn back in my seat to look at our boys, I wonder what their futures hold for them. I know they’re going to have pain, and heartache but they will also experience joy and love. I hope Nathaniel and I are around to see it all.

I feel like we’re just getting started.


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