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The part of the pack chasing the other two deer got her out of the smashed vehicle and performed CPR. There are enough humans in our pack for everyone to know basic life-saving skills – it is mandatory. Werewolves heal remarkably fast, so unless an injury is catastrophic, we rarely need much in the way of life-saving.

A group of them raced her back to our medical center, where the pack doctor was waiting. He immediately took her into surgery, and all details beyond that are lost to me. It took every ounce of control I had to keep Harou at bay, but in the hours when I grew weary, sleep would require me to surrender to him. Samuel and a rotating crew of warriors kept me at a distance, not trusting either of us to keep it together in her presence.

Hours turn into days, and I pace back and forth along the perimeter they are forcing me to maintain. Harou’s anger at the surface, threatening to boil over and wreak havoc is making me even more irritable than normal. He howls nearly continually, wailing in despair at our mate’s pain. He wants to be at her side more than anything, but I know Samuel is right to keep us away. If I’m having this much difficulty with Harou at this distance without even laying eyes on her, no way it’ll be any better up close and personal.

Our connection with her is superficial at this point, but we’re still easily picking up many emotions and scents off her. Worry, pain – lots of pain, fear… despair. Giving up. When Harou comes to that conclusion, my pack are forced to physically restrain us. His howling screams are of desperation and loss, and many members of my pack cry in unison. If they didn’t know what was happening before, they do now. They feel Harou’s commitment to her and were she to accept – she would become their Luna. Based on that alone, she is already important to them all. When they cry, it isn’t just because of our sorrow but also their own.

We sense her confusion whenever she starts to wake up but she’s never conscious for long, or by very much. Seconds at most, then it feels like she always eagerly goes back into the deep sleep. Giving up! The snarl in my head is full of anger and resentment. We should be at her side, not out here watching from a fucking distance. The more enraged Harou becomes, the harder it is for me to stay in control.

At some point, someone hands me her wallet. Samuel has all of her things retrieved from the vehicle, and then ensures it is thoroughly destroyed. We need to keep our society secret, and having a long, drawn out police investigation would work against that. This will help the police come to a simple conclusion that will close the case quickly and have them moving on sooner than later.

For the first time, I see what she looks like as I gaze at her driver’s license photo. Despite the fact that no one looks good in these things – she takes my breath away. Her colouring is similar to mine; her hair is blonde and looks long and straight. I wonder how long it is? Her ID says her eyes are green. Five feet, five inches – Christ, she’s tiny. I’m six four, so that makes damn near a foot shorter than me. I’m going to be able to envelope her entirely when I sink my cock into her… Harou growls in approval at the way my thoughts are going. Ignoring him, I notice that the weight listed on her ID is less than I can lift in the gym. Harou starts frantically pacing in my mind, desperate to be close to her. She is hurt, we now know she is also tiny which is clearly bringing out the protector in my wolf – and the longer we’re kept apart the more vicious Harou is going to become.

Fuck it. Determined that we’re going to be at her side, I start walking toward the medical center. Two warriors try to physically hold me back but using my wolf’s strength I easily throw them both to the side. Enough. We will not be denied any longer. We need her, and she needs us – even if she doesn’t know it yet. I sense Samuel following me, but he doesn’t intercede. Smart man.

I don’t need to be told which room she’s in, I can easily pick up her scent over all the other awful smells that permeate this place. Antiseptic. Alcohol. Urine. Blood. Death. All of it terrible, except one that immediately soothes Harou’s aching spirit. Oranges and chocolate.


Everyone who works here is a werewolf, and they all know who I am. Heads bow as we walk past – Harou will tolerate nothing less, even now. They don’t know why I’m here though, but no one dares approach me to ask.

I open the door to her room and the smell overpowers my senses. My heart soars with joy, and every hair on Harou’s body is standing straight with excitement. Mate. The door closes softly behind me, and Samuel stays outside. No one will disturb us unless she needs something – Harou and I still won’t risk her care at any cost.

We have no difficulty seeing beyond the tubes and bandages to see the stunning creature laying below. Jesus. Instantly I know there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her, including die or kill. Harou agrees entirely but is so focussed on his need to claim her that I am forced to block him for a short while. I’m already desperate to touch her, to taste her – I don’t need his horny ass making it worst.

Her blonde hair is darker than mine but feels like silk to my rough fingers. There is so much of it spread over the pillow, I would guess it reaches at least her ass; it is so long. Harou breaks through for a moment, long enough to share with me the image of my hands tangled in that beautiful hair while her lips are wrapped around my cock… Goddamnit! I don’t need your help you son of a bitch!

My desire for her is already in every cell of my body, as is my need to protect her – as is our love for her. When a werewolf finds his mate, there is no one else for them. Ever. It is a rare and incredible gift that is given to us by the Moon Goddess, or so the legend goes. Legend or not, I cannot deny the feelings tearing through me as I look down at her. She’s pale, except for the multitudes of bruises and scratches on her face and any exposed skin I can see. My stomach flips as I take in the extent of her injuries, all the while Harou whimpers his worry for our mate.

Her head got knocked around a lot on the way down, which is why she’s still unconscious. The doctor says it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since it gives her body time to heal while she doesn’t have to be awake for all of the pain. Pain, my wolf whines, much pain. Except for a broken wrist, her injuries for the most part were minor – except for the branch that stabbed into her abdomen while she was crashing. Thankfully, it didn’t damage any major organs, but she lost a lot of blood… She would have bled out in minutes… Thoughts of losing her knock me to my knees, and that is where I stay. I take her unbroken hand in both of mine and rest my forehead against them.


She sighs deeply in her sleep, and her hand squeezes ours. Harou’s excitement has him jumping in circles, unable to contain himself. We need her to come back. To us. We need her. Tell. Luv. Tell. Claim! Mark! Mark! I struggle to shut Harou off, wanting to focus entirely on her. The beautiful human who hasn’t even opened her eyes yet but has already stolen my heart. Us, he reminds me. Our hearts I correct myself. How is it even possible to fall in love with someone I’ve never even spoken to?

The ID also had her name and address, of course. She is a long way from her home in California, which explains the shit tires she was driving on. Why is she this far away and alone? Based on the few things that came out of the car, she’s been living in it and she is travelling light. What the hell is going on with her? She was carrying cash, but just a few thousand. It isn’t going to last long, so what is her plan? Where is she going? Harou whines again, this time in concern. We both agree that something feels wrong, and we’re worried.

Are you on the run, Emery Carlson?

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