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Nope, I’m still alive. Figures. Nothing ever goes my way. Or maybe I should say, I can’t ever get anything right. I can’t escape my abusive boyfriend right. I can’t crash my fucking car right. I can’t even die right. Yay me – I just won the Loser Trifecta. I am just an asshole. Instead of being happy I survived that wreck, I feel sorry for myself. My own goddamned parents weren’t so lucky, which is why I was in the foster system in the first place – and yet here I am having myself a great fucking pity party.

Sometimes I really hate myself.

My head threatens to split into two as I open my eyes and try to take in my surroundings. So bright. Definitely a hospital room. No idea how I got here. I remember the crash – the deer. Nothing else. Wait! Yes! Sirens! Lots of sirens! I guess that makes sense, since I’m in a hospital.

I can feel a bandage on my forehead, and as I reach up to touch it a shot of pain shoots through me. Only then do I notice the cast on my wrist. Hmph. Must be broken. So I go to use my other hand but can’t lift it at all, it feels pinned down to the bed. Huh? Am I tied down? Oh Christ, what kind of fucking hospital is this?!

I turn my head slightly and slowly, every inch excruciating. I’m not tied down; my hand is being held down. By two other hands that are joined to a man. A man I have never seen before. What. The. Fuck. My eyes continue to gaze, following up the tattooed arms to the broadest shoulders I have ever seen – like, wow. Crazy wow. This man is massive, and I’m guessing tall too. From what I can see, he’s kneeling on the fucking floor with his head on my bed with room to spare. Holy shit.

He’s gorgeous. Absolutely stunning.

Apparently, I hit the nutjob lottery. An insanely perfect specimen of man is literally kneeling before me – and he’s a complete fucking stranger. And he’s holding my hand! Who does that?! A nutjob – that’s who. Fan-fucking-tastic. Out of one crazy man’s fantasy nightmare into another’s. I must have killed a lot of puppies in a previous life or something to deserve all this shit.

The gorgeous crazy man is sound asleep, unaware that I’m watching him. I need to get out of here. Wherever ‘here’ is. Slowly, I pull my hand from between his two much larger ones. His eyes snap open and are black as night and a loud growl erupts from in his chest. It fucking terrifies me because the sound isn’t human. Who the hell is this guy?!

The man closes his eyes and the growling stops. For several seconds he seems to focus on his breathing before he opens his eyes again – only this time they’re blue. Huh? How is that possible? I know what I saw. Or did I? Shit, I must be stoned on pain meds… really good ones from the looks of things.

“Are you in pain? Do you need anything?” His voice is low, deep, husky and almost harsh. When I look at his eyes again, I can see blackness swirling within the blue but instead of feeling frightened by it something primal in me responds… I don’t know how else to describe it or explain it. None of it makes sense. I somehow know this man is capable of great violence, but I also know I will never be safer than when I’m with him. So dumb. And also impossible. So kudos to the drug company because this shit is awesome.

The longer I look into his eyes, the stronger the tug in my abdomen becomes. What is happening? I can feel my nipples harden, and I’m grateful for the blanket that I hope is hiding them. Between my thighs, an area of my body that has been voluntarily dormant for a long time rapidly reawakens. The delicious throb is so familiar, as is the leaking moisture making its way to the bed surface. It has been a long time since my body has willingly wanted to participate in anything to do with sex, and I’m finding it difficult to control my emotions.

The man raises his nose, as if sniffing the air. The rumble that he makes now is intense, and there is no blue left in his eyes. He is looking at me as if he wants to devour me, and for whatever reason, I want him to. The thought of that is so exciting to me, I spread my legs as wide as the hospital bed will let me, without being conscious I’m doing it.

He is trembling now and growling loudly. What the fuck is happening? I’m turned on and scared all at the same time. None of what I’m feeling makes sense. I want to run away – I need to run away, but I also want to push his face into my pussy until I come. I can hear material tearing and look down to see his fingers tearing right through the mattress. How is that possible?! It is clear he is strong, but that is insane.

Suddenly my hospital room door swings open and several men come rushing in. They all avoid looking at me, and it takes four of them to physically drag the crazy man out of my room. He does not go easily or willingly, and I can hear him causing damage all the way down the hall. One man remains in my room, still avoiding my eyes. He bows his head to me and apologizes for the intrusion. I don’t respond, completely overwhelmed by everything that just happened. Who the fuck are these people? When the man goes to leave my room, his final words give me lots to think about.

“I look forward to seeing you again soon, Luna.” Luna?

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