Hopeless at love

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Her love life has never gone to plan, can she feel love? Will she ever settle down?

Romance / Fantasy
Louise Huscroft
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My first boyfriend

I was sixteen when I decided to try online dating (stupid idea!) no lads at school ever liked me I was too shy, too ugly and was always the girl who was bullied... But that was fine because I was used to all that!

Online dating was a minefield, what were my interests? What was I looking for? Well all I really wanted was someone to love me like my dad loved my mum, they had a pretty good marriage always looked after each other and me and my sister! Was it so hard to find someone like that for myself?

The answer was Yes! It's very hard to find lads who want nothing more than to be in your pants they don't want feelings or even to talk half the time.... Noooo just wham bam thank you mam.

But I stuck with it and I came across a man who was a lot older than me, but he was nice and seemed to care he asked alot about me and my family and the fact I hadn't finished school yet didn't put him off.

After a few weeks of talking we agreed to meet, I was shopping with my family when he came to meet me so not only was he greeted by me but half my family too! I was really scared what if he tried to murder me? Of course they were just stupid thoughts he wasn't out to hurt me.

We dated for quite some time and the following October I moved in with him, things went really well... We decided the year after to get married I mean he was the first guy to show me attention and love me so we would be together forever wouldnt we?

Maybe not... After being married a year he changed he treat me like a slave because he worked and I didn't I slaved away at home and he sat at his laptop after work, it made me very miserable I sunk into depression and eventually left after our one year wedding anniversary and I've resented him ever since!

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