Saving Each Other

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Each with a secret that neither wants to get out. They end up in many situations, the more situations the more feelings that arise. Will they accept these feelings?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

My alarm started beeping at about 7am, I rolled over and turned it off. I laid back down and groaned while scrubbing at my eyes. Eventually throwing off my blankets I stumbled to my bathroom, starting the shower I undressed. Stepping into the shower I let the hot water beat on my sore muscles, a few minutes later after washing up I stepped out and wrapped myself up in a fluffy towel. Going straight to my closet I was looking for my skinny jeans and sweaters.

Ugh, my mother must have been in here recently and moved my jeans and sweaters to the back of my closet. Which means that my parents are home. Sighing I moved to the back of my closet picking my ripped jeans up and a large grey wool sweater off my shelf. As I dressed, I tried to remember were my black lace up booties were. I wore them yesterday, so I must have taken them off by my desk.

Exiting my closet, I made a beeline to my desk. I put my booties on, then grabbed all my school stuff putting it into my bag. Doing one last check of my desk and grabbing my cellphone and keys I headed downstairs to grab some toast.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs I heard voices, I slowly made my way to the kitchen taking a deep breath I stepped into the kitchen. My parents immediately stopped talking to smile at me.

“Good Morning Sweetie” Dad said

“Morning Mom, Dad” I said as I pulled the bread from the cupboard and putting a slice in the toaster.

“How are classes so far?” Dad asked

“They’re fine, so how long are you guys going to be home?”

“A week then we are going to England for a few meetings and to visit your sister.” Mom said.

“Oh, of course sounds great.” I mumbled as a buttered my toast. Putting the knife in the sink, I turned around and finally looked at my parents. Mom looked away, she always felt guilty about leaving me here while they traveled.

Taking the last bite of my toast I grabbed my keys and bag off the counter, “I have to leave now or I’m going to be late for school.”

“Have a good day Sweetie.” Dad said

Leaving the house, I got into my car, turned on the ignition and the radio. Backing out of my driveway I made my way towards the school. School had only been in for a week and I was already done with it. Fifteen minutes later I was pulling into the parking lot, after parking I slowly made my way to my locker where I knew Cassie would be waiting.

“Good Morning!” Cassie beamed

“Morning” I mumbled, Cassie was always way to energetic in the mornings.

“And how are you on this lovely morning?”

“My parents are back for the week” I grumbled, “Why are you so excited? I know you are a morning person but seriously?”

“I ran into this really nice guy last night after my shift, we sat and talked, it was really great. We are going out Friday.” She gushed.

“Cassie, we go through this all the time. Don’t get too invested too quickly.” I said sighing. Cassie had been my best friend for years. She is a gorgeous girl, long blonde hair and green eyes, she was naturally beautiful, and she was an athlete.

“Such a pessimist” Cassie laughed rolling her eyes. Just then the bell rang.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” I said. She gave me a thumbs up and bounced off to her class.

Closing my locker, I turned made eye contact with Colt Micheals. I just stared, I felt like I was paralyzed. I blinked twice before turning away and headed to my AP Calculus class, I could feel his eyes on me until I turned the corner. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and quickened my pace to make it to class.

Something tells me that won’t be the last time I’m going to interact with Colt.

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