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Cassandra is a hard worker, she has a past and is reminded every day. Through every thing that happened she never let her smile falter. Angel is an intense man. He runs a very successful company, something he grew from the ground up, and if a father to the sweetest little girl. What happens when when their lives become entangled, will they follow the rules they made or break each one?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1


Groaning, I rolled over and turned off my alarm. Rubbing my eyes as I sat up, sitting in my bed I took in my little apartment. It wasn’t much but it was mine, I worked my ass off to pay for it and school. Swinging my legs over the side of my bed I stretched my arms above my head feeling the popping and cracking of my back and shoulders. Sighing, I got up and shuffled my way into my bathroom for a hot shower.

Stepping out of the shower I wrapped my warm fluffy towel around my body, I tied my hair up as I made my way to my closet. Slipping on a grey pencil skirt, my white blouse I went back into the bathroom to fix my hair and do my make up. Deciding to just blow dry my hair I let it fall naturally down my back. I started on my make up, glancing at my phone I realised I would have time to get a hot chocolate before heading into work. With my final touches, I shrugged on my blazer, slipped on my heels, grabbed my files and purse I headed to the door. With one final check in my purse for my keys and phone, I locked my door and made my way to the elevator.

I was lucky that I lived so close to the office, that way at least when it really started to get cold the trek wasn’t too bad. Late September in the city was always my favourite, the slight chill in the air, the trees changing colours, it was gorgeous. Slipping into the little cafe next to my office building I am greeted by Matt loudly screaming my name.

“Cassie! Baby! How are you this lovely morning?”

“Mattie, will you quiet down? I’m doing good but the whole cafe doesn’t need to know.” I say as he pulls me in for an embrace.

“Oh hush and let me be me.” Matt said, “Soooo... anything new in your life?” He asked as he went back behind the counter to start making my drink. It’s one of the benefits of having your best friend working at your favourite cafe, you can chat while you wait. Also a bonus that his mom owns the cafe so he won’t be fired.

“Since you crashed on my couch two days ago no. I go to work, and then I go home.”

“Girl! We are going out tonight so help me! Ty is gonna freak when he finds out that you are still refusing to get out there.”

“If I agree to go out with you and Ty will you guys both promise to back off and stop with the blind dates?” I asked, “I know you just want me to be as happy as you and Ty are, but you guys are smothering me.”

“Yes I promise, I will not promise on Tys’ behalf though.”

“Thanks for the drink Mattie, but if I don’t head over to the office I will be late.” Standing up I gather my things waving at Matt over my shoulder I head out of the cafe. Crossing the street, I enter the warm lobby, I head directly to the elevator, hitting the top floor I wait for the doors to close.

Reaching my floor I exit the elevator and head to my desk, setting my files down, I make my way to Mr. Anders’ office to let him know I have arrived. I was the personal assistant to the CEO of the company. Mr. Anders is a wonderful man and I owe him and his wife everything. Knocking on the door I waited for the gruff come in before opening the door. “Good Morning Mr Anders, I went over those files last night everything seems to be in order. I will send them off this morning. Also you have a meeting this morning at 10, did you want me to sit in and take notes?”

“Good morning dear, its Kevin remember none of this Mr stuff. If you wouldn’t mind sitting in I would greatly appreciate it. You always pick up something that I miss anyway.”

“With all due respect, I’d prefer to call you Mr. Anders at work. I am going to go out and check voicemail, and emails before the meeting. I’ll see you shortly.” Closing his door behind me, I made my way back to my desk, powering up my computer then opening up my email. Sending a few responses back, booking a few appointments for next week. Moving on to phone calls, that was always the worst part, people loved to argue with me that Mr Anders was available on a specific day at a specific time regardless of what I said.

At quarter to ten I made my way to the kitchenette to brew a pot of coffee and a pot of tea for the meeting. while the tea steeped and the coffee brewed I went into the conference room. Making sure the table was clean, the chairs in order and that there were fresh notepads and pens available, then turned the projector on as it takes some time to warm up. Returning to the kitchenette I grabbed the pot of coffee, and the kettle taking them into the conference room, before returning for mugs, glasses and a pitcher of water.

Walking over to Mr Anders’ door I knocked before opening the door, peeping my head into his office “The conference room is all set. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Your meeting is scheduled for three hours, because Mr. Zarrilli is a new client.”

“Thank you Cassie, I’ll be sure to let you know.”

Making my way to my desk I sat down and continued going through emails and making phone calls. About twenty minutes later Mr Anders calls me into the conference room. Standing up I make my way to the room, knocking on the door I open it and walk in.

“Mr Zarrilli, this is my assistant Miss Cassandra Castello.” Mr Anders started, “Cassie I know this is a bit of an odd request, however would you be able to watch little Isabella while we finish up?”

“Of course not.”

Turning to Mr Zarrilli I was taken back by this tall large man holding a dainty little girl. He seemed so intimidating but holding that little girl, you could tell that he was so gentle and the love he has for that little girl is obvious. I slowly approached him. “Mr. Zarrilli, I can take her. Ill just be in Mr Anders office if you need me.”

Putting Isabellas bag on my shoulder I held out my arms to take her. Mr Zarrilli gently placed her into my arms, cradling her to my chest, I turned around to head out of the conference room.

“Thank you Miss Castello.”

“Of course, has she been fed?” He shook his head, “That’s not a problem I can heat up her milk, and feed her. Is everything in the bag?”

Nodding he smiled, I returned the smile before making my way out of the conference room.

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