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He was intelligent, charismatic, sexy and driven by his passion for having a career, never thinking about finding love or settling down in the future. She was an enigma to him her past making her cynical. Were they destined to meet? Will they have a future together despite the lies and obstacles that they will face? Is it true that everything happens for a reason even if you don't know what the reason is? AUTHORS NOTE: This story occurs in a country where the health system is quite different from the United States. In this particular location there is the Regional Executiver Officer Regional Health Officer, Medical Superintendent, Hospital Administrator and all Head s of Department. I'm not a writer... but this is actually my love story and i wanted to share it. I look forward to comments and reviews.

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Was it all a mistake

Why did you lie to me? How could you tell so many lies? Did i deserve that? Was it all lies? Was any of it real? A tear slipped down her cheek and then it began to pour like the opening of a tap. Her voice was barely a whisper when she said i knew it but i had hoped i was wrong, it was too good to be true only it wasn't anything like the truth.

I trusted you despite my inclinations, i loved you, i risked it all for you and for what? You're not mine you never were. With that she walked right pass him heading for the door.

He grabbed her arm and pulled her back in his arms and hugged her tightly stroking her hair and whispering i'm so sorry love i never mean't to hurt you i wanted to tell you all of it for so long but how could i, i knew the truth would break your heart and cause you to question everything between us i love you of course i do it was all real for me i should have met you first then there would be none of this.

He stepped back and placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face upwards so he could look into those beautiful brown eyes once again except this time they held so much anger and hurt he could only swallow the lump in his throat before whispering forgive me please dont't leave i swear i'll make it right again its you it will always be you i know i've messed up but allow me to fix it to make it right make us right again don't give up on us please.

He was now holding back his tears she was so quiet he couldn't decipher what her reaction would be since she wore a blank emotionless expression.

She blinked inhaled then exhaled and said the words he wished he could stop from leaving those incredibly soft kissable lips.

You've changed me forever all i wanna do now is forget you, my heart is shattered you and i can never be atleast not again, so please if you loved me and any of it was real just let me go now set me free.

Good bye jasper... with that she walked out of the door and out of his life. As he just stood there completely broken and poignant.

Will it be forever? Could he win her back?

Does she want him to win her back?

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