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Chapter 2


I didn’t even want to go out tonight, yet here I was again, at the club, with the boys, doing the same song and dance as every weekend. I have to admit I was starting to get over the whole scene. Something was lacking, I wasn’t getting the same high I used to get from it all and that bothered me.

I’d been successful in my personal life, real estate being my passion. I owned numerous properties and businesses that I kept running under me. I had all the money in the world a 28-year-old bachelor could want, but it wasn’t enough.

“Toren, man, check her out.” My best friend, Tyler, nudges me, pointing at some chick.

“Who, Addison? Been there, done that bro.” I shake my head.

“Jesus, man, who haven’t you fucked in this place.” He laughs.

“Good question...” I look around the club.

“This is ridiculous man, I can’t even find some tail without knowing I’ll be runner up to the best night of their lives, you dick.”

“Get outta here with that shit. You’ve got Vivian anyways, what are you doing out here chasing this weak-ass tail.”

“Nah, Viv doesn’t want me...she’s had enough of my shit, and I don’t blame her,” he replies, taking a drink, hiding the little bit of sadness in his eyes that only a friend since childhood could spot.

“You’ll call her later. You always do.” I smirk at him, punching his arm, making him throw a nasty look at me.

I make my way around the bar, leaving the rest of the guys at our VIP table, when I see my old flame Candice approaching me.

“Hey stranger,” she says seductively, throwing her arm around my waist.

“Candice,” I reply plainly.

“Well, I didn’t wear this dress for nothin'. Whatcha doing later?” she asks, showing off her fake tits with a little shimmy.

I had to give it to her, she was an attractive woman, petite, long blonde hair, perfect smile, just a somewhat lacking personality. Plus, the fact that she was always at my beck and call...I could literally always count on her to do whatever I wanted.

“I don’t know yet, depends,” I reply.

“On what? If you see something better?” She rolls her eyes as I chuckle. “Let me tell you, you’ll be waiting all night baby.” She winks at me and I see Tyler approaching.

“Bro, let’s go,!” he yells to me as I nod back to him.

“You know where to find me,” she whispers, trailing a finger slowly across my chest then walking off.

Heading back to the VIP table, all nine of the boys have their shots raised in the air.

“To good pussy!” Barron shouts out.

“To good pussy!” The rest of the crew collectively yells, causing me to laugh.

I down the shot, easily, then continue sipping on my Jameson, eyeing the crowd, when I spot some commotion near the dance floor. This chick with dark brown hair, average looking at best, has her finger in some guys chest, pushing him back while obviously yelling angrily at him as he backs off hands raised. As he walks away defeated, her eyes connect with mine. Making a rude face at me, she rolls her eyes and turns back around, talking to her friends.

What the hell’s up her ass.

More girls file into our VIP section, trying to score big in the husband department to get their ticket out of their lame lives. Same old story.

Feeling the effects of the alcohol after a few more drinks and a few more shots to “good pussy”, I realize the need to take a leak. Walking towards the bathroom, I turn the corner only to run directly into someone. The Plain Jane, stick up her ass, bitch. We both fall back into the wall, me grabbing onto her, as to not let her fall.

“What the fuck!” she yells out, pushing me off her.

“Jesus, sorry!” I say, giving her a look of surprise and concern.

She eyes me up and down with a look of disgust. I have to say, I’m not used to women looking at me like this, it’s odd.

“Watch where you’re going, dick.” She scoffs.

“Dick? Sounds like something you need in your life.” I retort shamelessly to her, eyeing her legs. She’s got great legs and an even better ass I hadn’t noticed from a distance.

“Beat it pretty boy.” She scowls, turning to head back towards her friends.

Rejection...also not something I’m used to.

I watch her prance back towards her friends, a cute girl and some guy, wondering why the hell she’s gotten under my skin already. Just then, the lights turn on, the DJ announces last call as a scurry of people start heading for the door.

“A-BAR AT TOREN’S!” Tyler shouts out and everyone screams.

“C’mon bro, really? Again?” I ask him with an audible groan.

“Hell yeah! You see these girls coming with us?!” he slurs, eyeing up the women all huddled together, waiting for us to make our move.

“Fuck, fine...get in a cab, I’ll meet you there.” I say reluctantly handing him my key card.

Another after bar at my bachelor pad. I lived on the upper east side of New York in one of the more expensive high rise apartments. The women were always highly impressed so the rest of my boys loved being them there for after bar parties. It was almost a guarantee they’d get laid just knowing they knew me.

“Alright bro, see you soon,” he says as we shake up and he gets in the car with 3 other scantily dressed women.

Sighing to myself, I rake my fingers through my hair. I just needed to take a minute to myself before heading over there with them. Same old song and dance. It was starting to bore me, this lifestyle. Having anything and everything you want at your fingertips all the time sometimes makes things lose their excitement, their edge.

I stand outside the club, when to my left comes Plain Jane and her crew laughing hysterically at something. As if she can feel me there, she instantly stops laughing and looks over to me, lowering her eyebrows, squinting her eyes. Her hatred for me is palpable.

“Bye girl! See you tomorrow, boo!” the guy calls out to her as he and her other friend get into a cab together.

She smiles waving at them as she says goodbye.

Damn, she’s got a great smile.

As if she can hear my thoughts, she slowly glances back over to me with a deep scowl. Crosses her arms over her chest, waiting for another cab, we eye each other for a moment. It's such a strange feeling. She doesn't know me but she hates me.

Just then, Candice appears from the club with some of her clearly intoxicated friends in tow.

“Hey babe, you waiting for me?” she asks, while coming up behind, snaking her arms around my waist.

I can’t help but to notice Plain Jane rolling her eyes at me.

“Are we heading to your place? A-bar?” she asks, as I pull her arms off me, causing her to frown.

“Yeah, I mean, the rest of them are already on their way...” I reply reluctantly, sighing.

“Perfect! We’ll meet you there,” she squeals immediately, clearly not sensing my frustration.

She grabs her girls as they push their way to the curb, grabbing the next cab that pulled up.

Plain Jane looks pissed, as these women have obviously taken the cab right out from under her. She stands with her mouth open in disgust, shaking her head. Deciding to apparently walk, she starts heading down the street in her knee high tights and combat boots, angrily stomping her way through the New York streets.

“Hey!” I yell out, running to catch up with her.

Grabbing her by the arm, I try to stop her when she swings her bag at my head, connecting with my face.

“Fuck!” I scream out, grabbing my cheek that is now searing. "You got rocks in there!?”

“Sorry,” she chuckles, trying not to laugh at my pain she obviously finds humorous.

“Just wait. I’ll hail you a cab,” I say with a stern tone.

As mad as I am she hit me, I still feel bad. I don’t want her walking the streets at night dressed the way she is, looking the way she does. Then again, she’s somewhat scarier than most of these hoodlums in the streets. My guess is she could take on anyone.

“Ugh, I really don’t need your help,” she replies with disgust.

“Would you just shut-up.”

I'm over the attitude. I'm just trying to help her get home, nothing else. I flag another cab and help her into the car. As she’s telling the driver where to go, I climb into the other side.

“Um, what are you doing!?” she asks, annoyed.

“Listen I got places to get to too, ya know, Jesus.”

I tell the driver my address, sitting back into the seat and adjusting my dress pants.

“Surprise, surprise...pretty boy lives in the palace.” She rolls her eyes at me yet again.

“Wanna come be my queen?” I raise my eyebrows playfully at her.

“Ugh, that shit really works for you, huh?” she shakes her head at me, causing me to laugh.

“Doesn’t take much.” I say, winking at her.

“God, you’re all the same. Cocky, arrogant, a dick,” she groans looking out the window.

“Then why couldn’t you keep your eyes off me tonight?” I whisper over to her.

She slowly looks back over to me, softening a little.

“Kinda like how you can’t keep your eyes off me right now.” I say as she looks to my lips, licking her own, then apparently pausing to think.

Jesus, I didn’t think this would actually work on her.

To my surprise, she turns over to me, crashing her lips on mine. Her tongue softly separates my mouth as we explore each other in the presence of our smelly cab driver. She tastes like sweet vanilla and I can already tell the sex will be anything but, especially with the way she’s grinding her body into me. Her lips are like silky pillows that already have me imagining them around my cock. She lets out a soft moan that has me thinking even more dirty thoughts, as I separate from her, both of us breathless.

“The Four Seasons, please,” I yell out to the cab driver, not taking my eyes off this mysterious creature in front of me.

Her wild eyes are giving me everything I need right now. Excitement, lust, a new challenge.

The driver chuckles and makes a turn.

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