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Chapter 3

Getting to the hotel room, which wasn’t cheap, but fuck it, I had money to blow, we raced inside continuing our kiss from the cab. I had to get her out of this dreadful button-up shirt, it literally covered her up to her neck. Ripping it open, I feel the need to taste her beautiful, delicate neck.

Beautiful, delicate neck? Who the fuck am I right now?

“This room should work, yeah?” I ask, literally not knowing what else to say. Plain Jane has me tongue-tied for the first time in my life.

“Yeah, it’s like, really nice...” she says softly.

Go figure, I’ve impressed her.

I couldn’t help but admit I’d been watching her tonight, and felt somewhat surprised when she told me she’d been watching me too. She truly wasn’t like anyone I’d been with before. The girls I usually had were dolled up barbies, usually with fake bits here and there, pieced together for perfection, thrown at me to play with. But this one here...she made my dick hard in a whole new way.

“I said, I’m just dying to fuck you already,” she repeats, and I love the way that I’ve won her over already.

Confidence boost. That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but then again, I was voted most eligible bachelor.

I dip down and slip my hands up under her mini skirt, feeling her full ass in the palms of my hands. I brush past her clit, only to notice she’s dripping wet. Pulling her underwear to the side, I dive in. It's not like myself to just do this. Mind you, most women have their mouths on my dick before I can even ask their name, hardly listening to their mumbled responses into my junk. But, I couldn’t even control myself, for some reason I just needed a taste, and she tasted so fucking good, so I continued my assault. Suddenly, her hands fist my hair, pulling me back, looking up to her with juices dripping down my chin.

Man, I kind of feel like a bitch. Fuck it.

“The bed...let’s go,” she breathes out.

Yep. We’re doing this. I carry her over to the bed, placing her down, removing the rest of her clothing as she assists in removing the sexiest black lace bra.

Holy fucking hell. Those tits.

My mouth dropped open as I immediately cup the most perfectly formed, real, full breasts I think I’ve ever seen in my life.

Why the fuck is she hiding these!?

She asks if I have a condom and it’s like asking a dog if he licks his junk. Obviously. Cheesing like a kid on Christmas to get one, I get back on the bed, rolling it on my massive hard-on and spit on it, lubing it up. I’m pretty well-endowed and know from previous experience that a little lube goes a long way.

She gets up, straddling my lap and eases herself down on my dick. I almost lose it immediately at the wet warmth surrounding me. She’s wet as hell and fuck if it doesn’t feel like heaven. Forgetting the perfection in front of me, I grab for her tits again, which are perfectly placed in front of me, and take one into my mouth, loving what it appears to be doing to her. I find myself needing to please her, which isn’t normal for me. I usually need to focus on getting myself off with all the other women I’ve been with. I never worry about them finding their own pleasure, who has time for that? But with her, it feels like I’m actually accomplishing something if I can get her to orgasm.

We pick up the pace, working our tongues in sync, when I just instinctually need to take over.

“Bend over,” I command.

“Yes sir,” she replies, making my dick twitch.

Would you look at that, I actually got her under my spell. Damn, I’m good.

She gets into position, popping her perfectly round ass up at me like a fucking lollipop in the candy store. I can’t believe all this was hiding under that shitty attitude of hers.

“You’re ridiculously attractive.” I accidentally speak my thoughts, mentally slapping myself across the face for sounding like a pussy.

I get closer, drooling like a fucking virgin at her natural body, and find my way back to her dripping center. Groaning out in pleasure, I push back into her, quickly picking up the pace as she gladly takes every stroke, every hard thrust I’m giving her.

She begs me to come for her and I know I won’t last long. A few more hard pumps and I feel her pussy tighten around my cock. She orgasms and her moans are like music to my ears. With that, it’s over with. I come harder than I have since I was a horny teenager, finishing, then collapsing on top of her.

Lost for words, I try to regain some consciousness, dick still tingling inside of her. I mumble something, who knows what, as I’m currently incoherent and in heavenly bliss.

“That was if you wouldn’t mind, get the fuck out.”

Hold on, I’m sure I misheard her.

“Wh-what?” I ask.

“You’re not staying, I said get the fuck out,” she says calmly, like this is normal.

This has to be a joke, she has to be joking.

I hear her call me a little bitch asking me to leave again and I’m completely lost for words. No one’s ever talked to me like this, especially not women I’ve just slept with.

Getting up and putting my pants back on, she lays back in the bed, sheet just over those perfect tits, arms raised above her head, smiling with the most satisfying grin.

What the fuck is this?

“Bye, bye.” She waves me off, as I stand there by the door, in utter shock.

Hold up, what just happened?

I exit the room at her command, slightly pissed off, totally confused, and stand there for a minute, looking around, wanting clarification. Is this a joke? Where’s the camera crew? This has to be a set up, I need an explanation!

What the fuck just happened!?

This bitch just played me.

Walking out of the hotel, I do a double take, looking back up at the windows of the front of the place. My mouth still hanging open, brow furrowed in confusion.

What the fuck...she just kicked me out. Out of my own room. She fucking used me. Used me for sex.

Shaking my head, I hail a cab and give him the address to my loft. Upon getting up and inside, I see the party is still in full gear. Women are dancing on the kitchen island, the drinks are flowing, some of my boys already passed out on the couch.

“Yo! Where the fuck have you been!?” Tyler slurs to me, clearly more intoxicated than the last time I saw him.

“Ah, got caught up in something...” I say, pinching the bridge of my nose, trying to shake off the incident.

“You good bro?” he asks, apparently noticing my stress.

“Ha, yeah man, I’m good,” I reply, rubbing the back of my neck.

Fuck it, I’m great, what am I doing. I just had the best sex in my life, no strings attached, now I’m back to my place with more beautiful women wanting more sex. I’m fucking great.

“There you are baby...I’ve been waiting for you. Where were you?” Candice says, coming down the hall from the bathroom.

Tyler tilts his head to the side at me, giving me the 'you sure you wanna head down this road again' look, as I shrug back at him.

Eh, why not.

“I’m here now sweetheart, that’s all the matters,” I smile flirtatiously at her, knowing just how easy this will be for me.

"You gangsta, you." Tyler gives me a sly grin.

“Yes you are,” she replies happily, batting her eyes at me.

As the party fizzles out, I head into my bedroom followed by an eager Candice. I shouldn’t do this. I shouldn’t lead her on anymore, as she truly thinks we can make it work in the long run. I know it won’t happen, I definitely don’t want a relationship. I just like fucking her when there’s nothing else to play with. Yeah, maybe I’m a piece of shit for it, but what else am I gonna do. The ass is literally thrown at me.

Candice strips out of her dress immediately and climbs onto my King sized bed, wearing lingerie that must’ve cost at least five grand, yet the only thing I notice is that her fake tits don’t fill the bra the way Plain Jane’s natural ones did.

Fuck me. I didn’t even ask her name.

“You gonna come join me?” she asks seductively, flipping her long blonde hair over her shoulder, bending one of her legs at the knee, keeping them closed as if she’s playing hard to get. Please.

Standing there contemplating my life choices, I decide to go for it. Why not, I’m single and lucky for me, I have plenty of options.

I start unbuttoning my shirt, yet again, Candice’s eyes studying me, and strip down into my birthday suit in front of someone for the second time tonight.

Meh, not the first time that’s happened.

As soon as I hit the bed, Candice has her hands all over my chest. She starts softly kissing my neck then running her tongue up to my ear, wiggling my earlobe with her tongue.

I hear Plain Jane’s voice in my head; “That was if you wouldn’t mind, get the fuck out.”

“That bitch!” I yell out suddenly, scaring the shit out of Candice curled up next to me.

“What!? What did I do?!” she asks, on the verge of tears.

“N-nothing babe, I’m sorry, I just, uhh...sorry, come here,” I say, grabbing for her again.

She reluctantly leans back into me and begins kissing me on my neck again, then moving to my mouth. We make out for a bit as she slowly snakes her hand down to my dick, massaging it gently. She continues to massage my completely flaccid member to no avail as I grind my teeth and mentally try to take myself to a wonderful world of pre-watched porn.

Candice pulls away from our kiss, looking down at the depressing situation, gives me a cute little pity smile and it’s all I can do not to hang myself in the bathroom of embarrassment. I can’t get hard.

“Aww, fuck it!” I yell out, scaring Candice yet again.

That damn woman got into my head! She’s in my fucking head! Stole my whole swag!

Getting up and grabbing some grey sweatpants, I half-ass apologize to Candice, leaving the room abruptly. Walking into the living room, I spot Tyler slumped over on the couch, currently talking on the phone.

“Viv, I said I was sorry, I’m a piece of shit okay? I need you! I fucking need you!” he chokes out, as I watch in disgusted amusement.

Stepping in front of him, his eyes look at me and he readjust, sitting up higher, wiping his tear-stained face.

Too late bro, already heard you.

Just as I was mouthing for him to hang the fuck up, she hung up on him.

“Damn, man, I was just talkin’ to Viv,” he says all cool, like I didn’t just witness him begging for her love like a bitch.

“I knew you’d call her, you always do,” I say, shaking my head in disapproval.

“She called me,” he retorts.

“Nah, she didn’t,” I say calmly, smiling at him.

“Ahhh!!!” he screams out, pulling at the roots of his hair.

“I honestly don’t know why you cheated on her, she was practically perfect for you,” I state as he slowly looks back up to me with a glare that could kill.

“Dude, chill. I’m fucking with you.” I smirk at him. “Besides, I know why you cheated.”

“Why?” he asks, as if I truly have the answer to his ultimate betrayal.

“Because, the thought of one pussy for the rest of your life terrifies you.”

“Me!? You should talk! Speaking of pussy, why aren’t you in your room smashing Candice’s brains out right now?” he asks, confused.

“Because fuck my life...that’s why. Now get up, let’s go...I think I need to vent, or whatever bitches do when they’re depressed.”

Looking at me like I’ve grown a third eye, he squints his eyes in confusion, tilting his head to the side.

“Well this is new.”

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