Fire Meets Ice

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When fire and ice mix, there's only one thing that can happen. The most wealthy CEO in Manhattan, Kari Frost forbid himself from ever letting that thing happen, but then Anala Harris enters his life. A strong, stubborn and passionate woman. A woman with a fire burning so bright within her that it starts to melt the Ice cold Mr. Frost. But it won't be an easy task. Enjoy the ride.

Romance / Drama
Jaelyn Moore
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Meeting & Greeting

Love has never really been my thing. The family that I come from never knew the true meaning of the concept. I was always taught that love was a distraction. It was seen as a weakness. My family treats life like a business, and the number one rule to business is to never fall in love.

In the business world my family has a great reputation. Well, I have a great reputation to be more specific. Don't get me wrong, my family has been in the game for a long time but I have a unique reputation for a lack of better words. The Fire Queen is what they call me. I'm known as the strong woman with a blazing passion but even stronger aggression. I set afire to anything and everything in my path, leaving nothing left in my wake. A ruthless woman but somehow I manage to have a good heart at the same time. With all that being said, it left me to no surprise when Mr.Frost the founder of Frost Enterprises asked me to help his son out.
Kari Frost, the wealthiest, most eligible bachelor in all of Manhattan. A play boy would be a compliment compared to how the media depicts him. So cold that rumor has it his glass blue eyes are a result of his icy heart. Which leads to the main reason why Keith Frost called me. Frost Enterprises is the most successful Tech company in all of North America. It's also making international businesses turn their heads. The company's biggest attribute is their inclusiveness when it comes to staff. More importantly all of their COO have always been women. The only downfall is that none of the previous ones could keep their hormones in check. Then there's me. The Ice King is about to meet his match.

It's always a must to perfect a first day outfit. Today I opted for a navy blue and white striped button up blouse. I left a few buttons out to accentuate my cleavage and elongate my chest. I pair that with a pair of navy blue tight fitted slacks with red suspenders that brings out my curvy hips and thin waist. I complete the outfit with a pair of shiny black pumps from Louis Vuitton. I decide to put my long thick hair into a low pony tail that reaches the middle of my back. I use a gold watch and rings to accessorize. I quickly sweep a warm brown skin-tone eyeshadow shade in my crease and use my gold highlighter as a shimmer on my lids. Next I add some natural falsies, concealer under the eye and then powder. Taking my warm terracotta bronzer, I warm up my face a little and then follow with some blush. Lastly I take a warm nude lip liner to line my plump, soft lips before putting on my favorite lip gloss. Before walking out of the door, I grab my favorite black hand bag and the keys to my Porsche.
On the route to work, I stopped by Starbucks to get a cinnamon dulce latte and bagel. Now I don't really know what Khari looks like. I'd never say that out loud, though. It would only prove that my social and dating life is non-existent. I have social media but all my assistants have managed them, and I certainly do not have the time to look up a random stranger just for gossip. I mean how irresistible can a man be?
After what seems like forever, I pull up to a sleek, and shiny, stark white 30 story building. It has all glass floor to ceiling windows with white paneling and huge letters on the roof that spell out F R O S T. I heard that there was a lounge up there but I've never been able to confirm that. Hopefully today will be that day. I hand my keys to the valet, straighten my posture and make sure not a hair or clothing is out of place before strutting into the building like I own the place. You see, confidence is key. Especially being a woman in charge within the business industry. It gains automatic respect. I walk up to the receptionist desk where a thin framed girl with shoulder length hair sat nose deep in some type of gossip magazine.
I clear my throat. The sound makes her face whip up at me and i raise an eyebrow.
"Love, do you mind ringing Mr. Frost and tell him his 7' oclock is here?" I smirk as she fumbles with the phone, hurrying to dial.
"Hi.. Yes Mr. Frost? Yes, well Ms. Harris is here. Right away sir."
She hangs up the phone and gives me a special key before telling me to use the elevator to go all the way up. Stepping into the elevator, I could see that the only way to go all the way to the top floor is to use the electronic key the receptionist gave me. I straighten the blazer that I have on and strut out the elevator. It's nothing new for my to turn heads when I walk buy, so when everyone on this floor (even though there's not many) turns to look at me, I'm not surprised.
I make it to a pair of heavy brass doors and I give it a good knock. I hear some talking and shuffling around on the other side of the door. A few seconds later the door swings open and reveals a tall and slender 6 foot man. His hair has started to grey and his face wasn't absent of wrinkles.
"Mr. Frost what a pleasure to meet you. I'm extremely sorry about having to conduct every strictly via email. I had a family emergency that not only inconvenienced me but my business associates as well." I take his hand and give it and firm shake while making eye contact and giving him a friendly smile.
"Don't even mention it Anala. Please do come in and let me introduce you to my son." He steps aside and hold the door ushering me in.
I step in to the bright and spacious office just to have the wind knocked out of my lunch. I mean the sight of this man feels like all the air has been constricted from my airways. Gorgeous was an understatement. His bright, yet cold blue eyes instantly look up to me mine. Even when he's on the other side of this freakishly spacious office, I could see his hard eyes from here. He stands up in one quick, stiff movement and buttons his suit jacket; his eyes never waver from mine. He steps from behind his desk and starts to cross the room towards me. His long powerful strides matching the taught muscle that obviously lies beneath his perfectly tailored suit. My legs involuntarily clench together, my posture become intense and rigid. It's as if the closer that he gets to me the more my body acts. The worst is I'm not sure which is crazier, the fact that I don't have any control over my body or that I haven't even been in his presence for 5 minutes and I'm already slipping. I snap out of it as he towers over me. Now I'm not super tall, just around 5'7 which is considered average height. I would put Kari Frost at about 6'6. He offers me one of his large sturdy hands. When his surprisingly soft hands touch mine, a spark of electricity courses through my body giving me a shiver. His ice blue eyes bore into mine.
"Welcome Ms. Harris. It's a pleasure to have you join us."
You can tell that he felt it too because his eyes slightly widen in surprise and he quickly retracts it. He backs up a few inches to lessen the suffocating tension building between us. His father looks between the both of us and claps his hands gleefully.
"Great now that Introductions are over, let me show you to your secluded office space on the other side of this floor.
Mr. Frost ushers me out of the office and I feel relieved but also tingly at the same time. What the fuck have I gotten myself into?
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