Love in the air

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Lilo has had a crush on Adrian ever since 3rd grade when he was the new kid in class. Now in 8th grade she has her chance when they get paired up for a class project.

Romance / Drama
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A Big Bust

Waking up from my alarm after it going off for the third time in a row. It was time to get up. I stepped out of bed and walked to the bathroom. "Ew, I look horrible!" I said to myself after looking in the mirror. "Hunny, You're gonna be late!" My mom calls from the kitchen. I just woke up, maybe I shouldn't have snoozed the first 2 alarms. I put my messy hair in a bun after brushing my teeth. Then I put on a sweatshirt over my bra.

"Morning Hunny" My dad says while he walks out the door. I wonder where he's heading. He doesn't have a job, some maybe it's an interview. But he's in comfortable clothing, like he's heading home, or to someone house. He has his on his backpack which holds a bunch of stuff inside. The only thing is, I dont know what was in it. Mom walks back into the kitchen.

After eating my waffles and grabbing my backpack, I kiss my mom on the cheek and start walking to school. See I never really put effort into what I wear. It's very rare for me to dress nicely to school.

When I get to school I saw the one and only Layla, she's been my bestie since 5th grade but now she's only using me for my dating advice. "Lilo, I have big news!" She said as she approached me. "So I know you love Adrian and all but I thought he was hot so I asked him out. Anyway he agreed to go on a date, but I need you to help me!" I wanted to cry! She knew how much he meant to me and now she just comes in and takes him away!

"Hellloooo Earth to Lilo!" I heard her loud and clear, but instead of saying something like, "HOW DARE YOU! YOU KNEW HOW MUCH HE MEANT TO ME! I HATE YOU!". I just said, "Of couse! I love you and I want you to be happy!" She just smiled and skipped happily away, probably going to find Adrian.

The bell rang and I headed to my locker. While getting my books I couldn't help but notice Layla and Adrian across the hall. She had him wrapped around her finger and at any moment, she could keep him forever. Layla was beautiful with light green eyes and silky long black hair. She was tall but not too tall and had luscious pink lips. She never wore makeup and would call herself ugly just for compliments.

Adrian was talking to her while she stroked his hair. He had his back on his locker and stared in her eyes. It wasn't hard to see he liked her. They switched sides and now Layla was pinned to the lockers. Then they kissed. I tried to look away but my eyes were locked. He opened his locker to where I couldn't see so I looked away. I grabbed my books and intended to start walking to class. But something made me walk to the other side of the locker instead. I was shocked. It wasn't at all Adrian that was with Layla. Had Layla been talking to someone else the whole time?

"Layla?" I said, She looked at me. Then she started pushing the guy away. She grabbed her stuff and speed walked down the hall. "LAYLA!" I followed after her not looking at who I bumped into on my way. She faded down the hallway and when I finally caught up to her I infact did see her infront of Adrian this time. She was crying saying that I made a guy come on her. ME! I! SHE LIED ON ME. She didn't know I heard her, but I did. The bell rang again, I walked straight to class.

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