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I had finally made it back to a normal life and I wanted to celebrate our victory and dance the stress of today away. I wanted Vegas bombs and an endless supply of beer. A pair of hands made their way to my hips as I swayed my body back and forth. My arms stretched up to allow him. It had been awhile since I had danced with a total stranger. But he was great. He could keep up with me, it’s like we had danced a thousand songs before. When the song ended he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I miss you…” the throaty, dry chuckle that followed snapped me back and made my heart race faster than this EDM club’s song selections. It was Johnathan. I knew it without a doubt. I jerked my body away from the lurking figure and spun around to see nothing. Just an empty section of the dance floor and the crowd of people dancing and jumping. Don't forget to read and leave a review! Thanks loves!

Romance / Drama
With Love, Carrie.
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Chapter 1

I slammed my fists on the concrete again and again. I bruised my pinkie finger and wrists. Three. Four. Salty tears met my cheeks. Five. Six. Now crimson mixed with the dirt on the rough textured floor.

I was trapped. Again. The darkroom came into focus for me. A doorway with a dim light sat in the farthest corner from me. It was then I noticed the bars. Thick and black. Cast iron. The ground under me was damp and smelled of mold and earth.

I wiped away my tears with my sore hands and crawled to the corner farthest from the door. I leaned back against the wall and prayed. My silent plea slowly allowed me to drift off to sleep. Not for long. Through a small metal door, now open, came a sinister laugh. I shivered. Johnathan. My ex-fiancé. He was controlling and terrifying. He hadn’t always been that way but it didn’t mean that monster did not live within him.

He took a few steps in the door just enough to close it behind him. I swallowed a thick gulp of air as the sweat began to form on my forehead and behind my ears. It trickled down my neck as he took three long strides. He met my gaze at the door of the cage I was trapped in.

“Hello Loreina.” my name on his lips sent a whimper to my lips before I could stop it. I cursed under my breath as his smile grew.

“Why?” my whisper was hardly audible over the sound of my heart banging against my chest, threatening to tear its way out if I was just going to sit here and ask stupid questions.

“I’ve missed you.” I felt the blood rush to my still throbbing heart and the sweat now dripped down my chest and back soaking my shirt.

He didn’t waste any time before taking off his belt and slapping it across my thighs that were exposed from shorts.

“AH! JOHNATHAN! Please…” the sobs finished my sentence for me. My hands shook as they hovered over the growing welt left behind, I didn’t have the courage to actually touch it just yet. His smile grew at my begging, he stood watching my pain flourish. As he stepped closer and wrapped his left hand around my wrist, yanking me up to stand to look into those black soulless eyes. I slammed mine shut thinking it would protect me from whatever fate met me next. I could feel his breathing in my ear and his teeth graze my lobe.

“Strip.” It was a command, not a question. I wanted to find something in my vocabulary to make him stop. I had nothing. Not a single word escaped my dry lips. He grew impatient and used the belt to add another welt, this time on my back. He pulled me to my feet to pull my shirt off over my head. His rough calloused hands trailed my skin to my bra and tore it from my breasts.

My body hit the ground when he suddenly let go of my arm to unbutton his jeans, my head finding the corner of the cage causing a sharp pain to meet the backs of my eyes. I heard the belt buckle rattle as he drew it up in his hands for another lashing, but I held up my hands. My hands fell to my shorts button to undo the closure and pulled them down to my knees. I heard his breathing hitch.

“As slutty as ever…” he paced back and forth like a wolf cornering his kill. I was left bare and shivering from anticipation. “On the mattress. Now.” I frantically looked around me and noticed a small, thin mattress on the floor in the corner opposite me. I stood to walk but the belt slapped the back of my thigh. His long sigh made me realize he wanted me to crawl on my knees and hands. I’ve looked at this wolf dead in his eyes before and today was no different. I dropped to the degrading stance that he loved so much and made my way across the floor.

I looked around at the changes that had been made. The mattress for instance, I didn’t remember that. I’ve been down here before. In this very cage. One too many times he went beyond his limit and built this cage to scare me. Well, any time he got angry he threatened to lock me away. He made good on that promise once. Only once. I was down here for a week before anyone came for me. He only came down to throw water bottles at me after he finished using me.

My older brothers came to check on me one day while he was at work and found me down here locked up. Just like I was now. They made sure I got the hell away from him. My eyes burned with another wave of tears thinking of Alex and Howie. My guardians. My best friends. My Brothers.

He threw down the belt and pulled cuffs out of his pocket and locked my hands tightly over my head. Fear welled up inside me as I was trapped yet again. I tried to focus on what he was looking at when my eyes met his gaze between my legs. Red. a huge pool of blood soaked the bed. I flushed. My whole body went pale. My breathing increased. He grabbed a fist full of hair and yanked my face inches from his.

“You know I don’t want you when you’re on your cycle. It’s disgusting.” his whisper almost interrupted by my sobs. I tried to satisfy him other ways when we were together when I was on my cycle. I winced as he let me go. Johnathan held his phone to his ear and after a second he spoke. Spat.

“Hose her off and dump her.” I shivered at his words, his eye contact never leaving mine.

“I will be merciful and let you bleed in peace. But when you return here, I want those pink lips between your legs untainted and ready for me.” he bit my lip and shoved his tongue in my mouth when I gasped from the pain, the kiss too rough and left my mouth sore. He held his eyes locked on mine until someone else entered the cage. His fiery eyes sent a shiver from my soul to my toes.

He turned on his heel and opened the door with a key and left it open as his goon Jeremy came down with a hose snaking its way across the cement floor behind him. I shuddered as the memories hit me hard, he was the one who snatched me from the parking lot of my work. I can still hear my car keys as they hit the pavement while strong hands wrapped around my waste and mouth. His hand tasted metallic as I bit down trying to escape but he didn’t flinch. My folders of paperwork scattering the ground; I couldn’t scream. I fought hard like my brothers taught me but this surprise left me useless, he dragged me to the black SUV waiting in the shadows as if I was some kind of doll.

The sound of water spraying the cell floor snatched back my attention. I wanted to crawl to the corner of the cell but I was still cuffed to the bar.

“Open your legs whore!” I shook my head and pleaded with him as the water pressure stung my thighs and my chest, the ice cold temperature could have taken my breath away. He stopped the stream and took two steps towards me. I hid my face and let my body turn to his direction and he sprayed me down like car wash. By the time the water stopped I was shivering. My muscles ached. He then threw a large black t-shirt at me and old gym shorts. I got the hint and slipped in them. They were Johnathan’s. I could smell him. I must have been truly losing my mind because his smell was comforting? That can’t be right. The familiar feeling amongst the fear was messing with my head big time. It must have been just because I was warm again. Almost dry.

In the SUV I was cuffed to the headrest in front of me. I couldn’t sit back and my short frame made my torso stretch across to keep my butt on the car seat. Fear crept up my spine as I realized I was only being let go to be hunted back down. A true testament to Johnathan being the wolf and I, his prey. He fed off fear and I was his buffet.

We drove for hours. In silence. Not one peep came from my lips. Jeremy was a hot head and trigger happy. He would never shoot me with Johnathan wanting me back but he would gladly do other things to me.

“Get out.” my eyes shot open not even noticing we had stopped and my hands were now free. I slid from the seat and looked around, we were on shipping docks. I turned around to see if there was anyone here. Or anything and it was just the water and me. Looking back to see Jeremy already back in the SUV. He started the car and sped off before I could even open my mouth. I was too tired to try to run after him, I would never catch him barefoot. I swallowed hard and tears filled my eyes again.

Just one hundred feet of wooden dock and the bay. If this had been different circumstances, the view would have been breathtaking. The water lapped quietly against the boards. Behind me, only the dust settling from the escaping SUV and trees beyond that. The breeze brought my gaze back to the waterfront. It felt calming. Seeing no immediate danger, I sat on the dock. The stars were clear in the dark sky and the moon almost gone from sight. I swallowed hard and tears slowly flowed down my cheeks. I leaned my body against one of the tall wooden poles that made up the dock and closed my eyes. For just a minute, I told myself. The icy chill of the winter night numbed my pain and helped me drift off.

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