Just Don't Say Love

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Chapter 2

It was the beautiful sunrise peeking over the distant horizon that finally stirred me. Hairs stood on my arms and the nape of my neck, footsteps slowly walking down the dock towards me. Fear. It choked me. My neck turned without my permission.

Towering over me was a man, a stranger. His stance wide, arms crossed when he stopped about six feet from where I sat. My eyes traveled up from his black dress shoes to his gray slacks. Meeting his black belt, a flash of the one that struck me just hours ago caused my eyes to fill with warm tears. His white shirt was neatly tucked in and his buttons aligned perfectly with his jaw. A red goatee, brightly hugged his chin. Perfectly matching his neatly combed hair. His arms crossed gently with thousands of light tan freckles scattered up to his elbows where his shirt rolled to perfect almost joining together. His eyes a gray shade of green stared down at my poorly dressed body. I knew it, I was dumped on another family’s turf. I could be killed just for trespassing.

But when his eyes went soft at the sight of blood on my legs, I hung my head in shame. He was looking me over to see if I could be of any profit I bet. I drew up my knees to my chest and tucked them inside the oversized shirt. I tried to hide my body. I hid my face and sniffled. Exhausted and hungry and I just couldn’t hold it back anymore. This stranger would probably sell me to his best sex trade bidder. I would be property.

He stood just observing, maybe waiting for me to speak first. Maybe waiting for my eyes to drift back up to him. That’s just what they did. It was like a magnet, slowly drifting but once close they locked together. He simply held out a hand. I stared at his large palms. Rough and dry, this was a man that wasn’t afraid of work. My tiny hands let go of my shirt and slowly, cautiously reached out for his. He took a knee and helped me stand up.

My eyes studied his face a bit longer and he answered my question before I asked.

“I’m Neil Flynn. What’s your name?” I swallowed. Unsure if I should trust this new person. I saw no harm in taking his hand.

I squared my shoulders and finally exhaled a breath I didn’t know was building in my lungs.

“What’s your name? How did you end up alone on my dock?” I gulped again feeling speechless. Shocked. Scared. I raised my shoulders in a shrug, my tired eyes too tired to cry anymore. I decided to pull myself together like a real Rossi woman and finally answered.

“Loranna Rossi. I don’t even know where I am. I was kidnapped. They brought me here and left me.” his stern expression fell on the sunrise behind my back for a moment.

“I’ll take you home, if that’s what you want. I could call the police for you-” I went doe eyed and shook my head and interrupted him.

“NO! No cops. Please. I can handle this. My family will handle this.” it was then his eyes lit up. He made the connection. Our family’s dynasty and name surely rang all throughout Boston. If he was in the business too then he would definitely know my brothers.

“Rossi, from the North End? Guns trade and money laundering. Now I understand.” I felt a little left out not knowing his name or his family, but from his clothing, his features and his speech he wasn’t exactly walking the straight line of the law either. “Tell me, do you have any relation to Alexander Rossi?” my eyes found more tears as I heard my sweet brother’s name. I just nodded and a smile stretched my face, my dry lips splitting.

“My oldest brother.” I wrapped my arms around my sides as a big gust came rolling off the water and he turned and made his way to a black sedan. His hand held out for me but I was too cold to let go of myself. The car beeped and lights flashed as his hand made his way to a set of keys, unlocking it.

“Come on, let’s get you home then, I haven’t seen the Rossi men in years!” My feet protesting the sharp gravel drive, the tiny rocks between my toes. He opened the passenger door. I winced as I sat on the leather seats, my welts were scabbing and terribly swollen. Before closing it, a gray suit coat covered my legs. “I never asked why you were bleeding but I am gentleman enough to have an idea. We can stop at a Hotel and let you freshen up somewhere along the way if you like?” I pulled the coat off, I didn’t want to ruin it. I tried to hand it back but he halted me with a small shake of his head. He respected my modesty, so I covered myself back up and buckled in.

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