Just Don't Say Love

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Chapter 20

As I exited the bathroom, the curtains blowing in the wind out of my open bedroom window caught my eye. My hands drop slowly from the ponytail I was tying up. My hearing was on high alert as I scanned the room. My gun tucked behind my back in my belt grazed my skin. I froze when the lights in the house went out. My eyes open uncomfortably wide trying to adjust them to the darkness. I planted my feet firmly and heard movement coming up the stairs. I reached for my gun and held it firmly, pointed towards the door. Never aim it at something you don’t intend to shoot. The steps stopped right in front of my room. My heartbeat almost made me believe I couldn’t hear the footsteps anymore. I held my breath and steadied my chest. After a few moments that felt like hours, they slowly moved on. My shoulders slowly relaxed and I took a step to the door and held my ear against the crack. Those footfalls were nearly down the hall. My gun was still steady in front of me. I wrapped my hand around the brass knob and slowly turned it. As my eyes focused down the long dark hall I saw a shadow turn the corner and disappear. Temporary relief washes over me, head to toe.

I kept quiet and tucked against the wall as I made my way towards the shadow. To my right was Shamus’ office and I had a feeling that I should check in. The door was opened and as I approached. I side stepped in slowly and quietly closed the door. As the latch caught the door frame I let out a breath. My breath shook and I wiped my face with my hand.

I turned to see a figure standing in the dim moonlight that flooded in from the window. I was about to call out but a voice found my ears first.

“Lass?” It was short and sharp. I could see the shine from his weapon. I needed to answer fast before he mistook me for someone else.

“Yes… it’s me.” I saw his shoulders fall without an audible sigh and he tucked the silver weapon into the hulster on his hip.

“Come here.” I walked closer and he pulled me into a hug. I made it short and sweet.

“He is here. He is in the house.” Shamus cursed under his breath and turned to walk out of the room.

His eyes locked on the door as we heard someone fumble with the handle. He pushed me hard to his desk, I spun the chair and hid under the desk with the chair covering me. I held a hand tightly over my mouth as I listened closely.

“Old man! Where is she?!” I could see Shamus’ shadow raise his hands in a submissive action.

“The Italian men took her from the house, I- I haven’t seen her son.” I shook my head fighting tears as I could hear Johnathan’s steps circle the room. He stopped right in front of me and slammed his fists on the desktop. I jumped as my grip grew tight and sure, finger on the trigger.

“I WILL FIND HER.” I let my hand down from my lips as he walked away from the desk. One single shot rang through the air and I saw Shamus’ shadow slump down to the floor. It killed me to wait but I had to be sure that Johnathan moved on first.

As I rolled away the desk chair and emerged, my eyes met his. Pain and annoyance. Did he just roll his eyes? He wrapped his teeth around a bottle of whiskey, his favorite no doubt. He took a long draw from the bottle before gasping for a breath as he poured some into his shoulder wound.

“Shamus! No please, let me help you.” I crawled over and he let out a chuckle as he put pressure on his shoulder.

“Oh please lass. I’m alright.” I nodded and tears filled my eyes. “Don’t call a fucking ambulance, hear me?” He removed his weapon and laid it in my hands. The Smith and Wesson five hundred was a large heavy weapon and held a ton of power. It would knock me on my ass on a good day.

“No please, I can’t. I can’t just leave you.” My hand that held his found my cheek.

“Go.” I held his hand to my face for a moment longer, soaking in his warmth before I stood and walked out.

I made my way down the hall and I could see Howie go into the kitchen after clearing the long hallway from the second floor. I wanted to call out to him, but I couldn’t. I sighed and looked around trying to find a way to get downstairs to him. Without skipping a beat, Johnathan rounded the corner as I ducked down and hid behind a potted plant. He must be frantic now, he was doubling back on his search for me. He was inches from me as he jogged down the stairs, not minding to be quiet.

My heart sank as I heard Howie and Johnathan shouting. I fumbled with getting the huge snub nose revolver to fit into my waistband so I could retrieve my gun.

Three large men came walking my way. I had the element of surprise on my side. So I waited til they were checking rooms to hop up and give all three men a timely death. The devil himself came looking for a fight and Damn it I was ready. Blood rushed to my feet and my hands went numb with furry. As I turned back to the stairs, Matthew came running down the hall also. He froze when he saw I had handled the men just fine. He hugged me tightly and kissed my cheek quickly before crushing his body against mine, his muscles tense as he held up his weapon and shot someone behind me. I heard the body thud to the floor and he pulled away and told me to hide. Which I promised to do and then promptly did not. The guys shouting was escalating. Even above the gun fire that filled the cabin, I had to get down there.

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